AT&T dissin' Verizon and gets sued

Verizon has filed suit against AT&T asking a U.S. District Court in Manhattan to rule that Verizon's claims to be "America's Most Reliable 3G Network", "America's Best 3G Network" and "America's Most Reliable Wireless Network" are truthful.  As if our Court System doesn't have enough to sort out.

Verizon took offense when AT&T called the claim "misleading", "false" and could not be supported. According to Verizon, "AT&T's challenge relies on the premise that speed is an essential element of the standard for measuring network reliability."  As if we don't need speed on out networks?

Mark Siegel, an AT&T spokesman stated that "Verizon's claim that speed is not a relevant factor to a reliable 3G network is preposterous. Data network speed is an essential factor to consumers when it comes to data transmission on their wireless devices. The 3G reliability claims made in ads by Verizon Wireless are false and misleading."

As silly as it sounds, if Verizon should win this suit, they will have Court affirmation that they have "America's Most Reliable 3G Network".  I wonder what Sprint will have to say about that?

This reminds us of Apple's latest battle with Microsoft over the "Laptop Hunter" ads Microsoft is currently running.  The original ad named Apple specifically with statements such as "This Mac is $2000 and that's before adding anything.".  After complaints from Apple, Microsoft voluntarily changed the wording to "It seems your paying a lot for the brand."  All this makes you wonder how other competitors have survived the "ad war" without suing one another.

For those sitting on the edge of their seats on this one, the case cite is Verizon Wireless v. AT&T Mobility LLC filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, case number 2009-6656.  Personally, I think this might be better suited for Judge Joe Brown instead.


Phil Nickinson

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  • I with Verizon on this one, I don't go around saying my car is reliable becuase it is fast, my car is reliable becuase it starts up and gets me to point A to B. In Verizon case be able to make a phone call.
  • I wonder how either of these companies can make those claims or anything even close to those claims. So much is dependent on the location in which the phone is being used. Even with the coverage maps that cell phone companies provide, I find that these although somewhat acurate aren't perfect. In my opinion both these companies while offering various phone choices have offered poor plans that aren't competitive in what they have to offer.
  • While I think this is a complete was of the court's time - AT&T has no leg to stand on in the argument anyway. Their data network (Denver) is extremely slow most times and even with 5 bars I'm only getting 448kbps down / 203 kbps up. Calls drop very often, and their little claim to more bars in more places must be referring to actual drinking bars, because they sure as heck aren't signal bars.
  • I have had ATT&T before switching to Verizon.
    I find that Verizon has over better coverage and data network. ATT&T has less coverage but the call is able to be kept. If i had to choose between no coverage area and having dropped calls i would choose coverage every time This is my own opinion and thoughts but I think Verizon has the evidence but what does ATT&T have to back it up?
  • It's amazing that AT&T would pick this fight. "Data network speed is an essential factor to consumers when it comes to data transmission on their wireless devices. The 3G reliability claims made in ads by Verizon Wireless are false and misleading." AT&T's 3g speeds are horrible and their shoddy network coverage even in major cities like NY is well documented.
    To call out a competitor on the issue of speed as a benchmark is the height of chutzpah.
  • As was pointed out, speed and reliability aren't the same. I suppose a slow network could get clogged up and become unreliable in those circumstances, but that would be part of the reliability measuring. However, speed certainly would be a factor in claiming your network was "the best". I think this should be handled by the Federal Trade Commission, not a court. Issues of reliability, while varying locally, can be averaged out over a large area. I would think the FTC would be better equipped to handle those claims than any court would. Steve
  • Sprint is the most reliable and fastest 3G Network with the most coverage. I drove my MDX from NYC to California to Florida and back to NYC, and I was using my laptop with sprint broadband and it was freaking sweet.....speedyyyyyy.oh yeah my fried was using his at&t and that thing was like dialup 1400bps lol or slower I swear. Check out PC World 3G comparison test and they are a few others, and all see sprint as the winner.
  • shouldn't at&t be thankful that they haven't went bankrupt in this horrible economy. Verizon is way more reliable in my opinion. with at&t i couldn't even get 3g in certain parts of my house. with verizon i get signal in my basement =) Verizon ftw!!
  • Verizon makes most reliable claim best on Test Men driving over 1 Million miles a year. They drive vans equiped with all carrier devices that automatically make and log calls/receive data. Results are validated by 3rd party. at&t stands no chance in this suit. On another note, someone should take at&t to court for claiming they have "the best coverage worldwide." Verizon has just as many voice and data locations as at&t now. So what makes at&t, the "best coverage." If I were at&t,I would not be bringing attention to false advertising claims (like when they were forced to drop their "fewest dropped calls" campaign)
  • I hope the judge in this suits moves the case from the courthouse to my living room. Oh yeah, thats right, neither A t & T nor Verizon work in my house.