AT&T Fuze briefly makes an appearance online

We were pretty darn sure that the HTC Touch Pro was going to be birthed by AT&T as the Fuze (opens in new tab), but it's nice to get a little confirmation.

An Engadget tipster (opens in new tab) spied the device listing on an AT&T business page, and it has since disappeared, a pretty good sign that a release is fairly imminent.

Check out the cached version of the page, and the page as it currently stands (opens in new tab), with the Blackjack II as the lead device.

WC Staff
  • Awesome!!! I am suffering with a 5 dollar java phone because I switched to att but didnt want to waste my new subscriber discount. Im glad it wont be long till the Fuze is launched.
  • After seeing the differences between the Kaiser and the AT&T Tilt I am leaning towards waiting to see if an unlocked unsubsidized version will be available in the USA. After the AT&T customizations there is always something left to be desired.