AT&T Lumia 900 gets a guest spot on CBS’s new show ‘Elementary’

The Nokia Lumia 900 as seen on Elementary (CBS, 2012)

We haven’t had too many reports sent in from readers on Windows Phone TV sightings, so it’s refreshing to see one for the Lumia 900.

CBS is set to launch their new show called ‘Elementary’, which evidently is a modern US-based take on Sherlock Holmes. Starring Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson, the pilot airs on September 27th though you can watch some clips online now (we haven’t checked Hulu yet).

Reader Hethler D. sent in the above screenshot showing the matte-black Lumia 900 being used briefly in the show, evidently showing off the Picture hub.  As always, it’s great to see any Windows Phone exposure in pop-culture. Though we do wonder if the 900 would work with gloves? The 920 with PureMotion HD+ may be a better choice...

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Daniel Rubino

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