AT&T teams up with Microsoft – to deliver enterprise cloud solution in 2014

Microsoft and AT&T have announced that they will be working together to deliver a more secure and reliable cloud solution to enterprise customers. The new solution will connect clients to a Windows Azure based cloud platform through virtual private networking, to deliver a new level of security to businesses around the world.

In addition to enterprise-grade security, Microsoft claims that customers will be able to access the cloud platform with “as much as 50 percent lower latency than the public internet”.

While many of us at home feel secure enough using SkyDrive, Dropbox, or one of the many other cloud services available today, enterprises and corporations with large amounts of confidential data are looking elsewhere.

Microsoft and AT&T claim to have that answer with their new partnership that will address existing “concerns about security and reliable performance.” The two companies will work together to enable “enterprise customers to quickly and reliably connect applications and services from their own datacenters to the Windows Azure cloud service.”

The new service will use “protective confines and high transmission speeds of a highly-secure virtual private network” to deliver an experience unlike consumer services.

Andy Geisse, CEO of AT&T Business Solutions made a statement about the future of business computing in the cloud:

“This is a game changer for businesses that have been seeking a more secure way to reap the benefits of cloud services, by bringing the security and performance of our virtual private network to Windows Azure; we expect to energize enterprise demand for cloud solutions.”

AT&T states that they plan to use their cloud technology, NetBond, to allow network and compute resources “to flex in tandem to support the fluctuating demands on systems.” The result is a high-speed network that can adapt to changes and provide top-notch service.

Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise for Microsoft, Satya Nadella, also made a statement in regards to the company’s new partnership with AT&T:

“There’s no question that the time for cloud computing is now, and it’s critical we help enterprises embrace the cloud on their terms. “Through this strategic alliance with AT&T, we can reduce the barriers to entry for cloud computing by providing a more secure and reliable connectivity option for enterprise customers, accelerating the growth of cloud computing and the rapid adoption of Windows Azure.”

While Microsoft has yet to comment on how exactly they will provide a more secure experience to enterprise customers, AT&T is very open on their approach to delivering high-speed connections to those who need it. Microsoft’s secure Azure platform coupled with virtual private networking is the first step towards a more secure computer cloud experience, but we expect more details about how the company plans to keep their service “enterprise-grade secure” in the upcoming future.

The new cloud service is aimed to launch in the first half of 2014. There is no word yet on pricing or when the service will be available to all and not just a select few corporations.

What do you think about Microsoft teaming up with AT&T – what do you think they will name the new cloud service?

Source: Microsoft

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