AT&T revamps unlimited voice/data plans

Hot on the heals of Verizon's recent rate changes, AT&T has announced matching rate changes. Effective Jan. 18, smartphone users can enjoy a new $99.99 unlimited voice and data plan. The new plan doesn't include texting, which will still cost an additional $20 a month for unlimited SMS.

A Family Unlimited Talk plan will also be available for $179.99 (for the first two phones) per month with unlimited voice and data. The cost of additional phones was not mentioned and we can only assume it will stay at $9.99 per line. Adding unlimited texting will run you $30 per month on the Family plan.

AT&T will also offer unlimited talk plans for Feature Phones ($69.99 individual/$119.99 family) and Quick Messaging Devices ($89.99 individual/$149.99 family). As with smartphones, texting plans will run $20 for unlimited individual plans and $30 for unlimited family plans.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Somehow, I don't see Luke Wilson spinning it that way in the commercials that are sure to follow this announcement.

Via The iPhone Blog

Phil Nickinson

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  • Nice, but Sprint still beats them both in price. Sending texts costs the carrier little in bandwidth, so to charge what AT&T and Verizon do for unlimited texting is a crime, in my opinion.
  • As i posted elsewhere, i don't have enough time during the day to burn through my piddly 450 anytime minutes, especially with a bank of rollover minutes. On the other hand, i burn a good ~10GB a month in data. Of course i don't see data prices going anywhere but up.
  • WOW the BALLS on at&t 4 not giving unlimited text on a $99 plan! at least give them 200 texts. wtf r they thinking!
  • AT&T. Leading the charge once again. I wonder if this will put a damper into their $200 billion dollar ad campaign? I say $200 billion because I just assume that's how much it's cost them for this current overreaction campaign after Verizon (correctly) called them out for having horrible 3G coverage. You can't watch ANY major programming now without seeing one of those spots in EVERY single commercial break. I'll be curious to know if it's actually fooling anyone. Even average joes know what 3G is now. Being slightly 'faster' is no good if you can't get a connection. And you know they're desperate when they're down to having a whole series of spots touting a feature like being able to talk and surf at the same time as a major differentiator. I have little doubt AT&T will sell their soul to Apple in order to keep their iPhone exclusivity. Because without it they'd be hemmoraging customers at a rate that would make Sprint blush.
  • 2 Years in a row, I was at CES. 2009 and 2010.
    Both visits, I had to use a PAY PHONE because I couldn't get a damn call out on AT&T! CES of all places!
    I wasn't the only one. Everyone was complaining. And the calls that did go thru had awful reception, and I couldn't hear a thing, and half of them got cut off in the middle.
    3G, EDGE, GPRS, it didn't matter, they barely worked.
    It always showed a decent signla (lot of bars), but it was useless.
    I met an AT&T employee at CES, and he told me he was embarassed to work for AT&T as bad as their service is in Las Vegas, and expecially at CES of all places.
    The day that Verizon begins using GSM, I will say good bye to AT&T forever!
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  • hi,
    AT&T said it would lower its own prices for unlimited plans for all devices, including the iPhone....