Verizon rate changes headed this way

It looks like Verizon is preparing to make some significant rate and feature changes to their wireless services effective January 18th. The Boy Genius Report has learned that Verizon is dropping the all-inclusive Premium Plan and re-branding the current Basic Plan to Nationwide Talk and the Select Plan to Nationwide Text and Talk. A 30% drop in pricing on the unlimited minutes options for each of these plans is expected as well.

Unlimited voice plans with Verizon will run $69.99 with a $89.99 option to include unlimited texting. Family plans will run $119.99 a month for the first two lines and $49.99 per additional line.

There will also be some changes to Verizon's data packages. A new $9.99 plan will be available with 25mb of data and mobile email. Overcharges for this plan will drop from $.50 to $.20 per MB. You will also have a $29.99 unlimited data plan with mobile email. All of Verizon's 3G multimedia phones will require at least the $9.99 data plan. Verizon's smartphones will require at minimum the $29.99 data plan.

According to slides obtained by BGR, Verizon states, "These new plans are designed to attract and retain high value customers in the marketplace and recognize the growing popularity of devices with more capabilities than ever before."  We've seen claims of who has the biggest map, fastest coverage and most reliable networks.  One has to wonder if Verizon's pricing changes will spark a pricing battle as well.

Follow the break for graphics comparing the new Verizon rates with the competition.

Read: BGR

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