AT&T to Move their HQ to Dallas, TX

Like cell phone companies? Consider moving to Dallas, TX, then. AT&T is moving their headquarters there for “easier access to customers and operations around the world.” For those worried about jobs in San Antionio, it does look like the big beast is leaving quite a few of their employees behind... and it's not like AT&T is getting any smaller anyway. The whole move should take about a year.

That's business-speak for “The drive from the Dallas Airport to San Antonio sucks.”

It's also business-speak for “Nokia, Nortel, and RIM also have all kinds of crazy big offices there, so we'll be able to pretend we're going out to business lunches with other hotshots more often while instead we're trying to catch the practice sessions of the fabulous Dallas Cheerleaders.” And so on.

...It might also be business-speak for “Dallas is much closer to Texas' Eastern Court District, home of the world famous rocket docket, which will allow us to pursue all kinds of crazy fun patent litigation more easily.” Heck, RIM and Motorola are doing it, why shouldn't AT&T get in on the action?

WC Staff