AT&T Pure is real, live and in the flesh

Well, guess that settles that. Somebody around here was questioning whether the AT&T Pure was indeed legit, and lo and behold, here it is, seen in an AT&T store, no less. Does that mean it's destined for the Oct. 6 Super Duper Windows Mobile 6.5 launch day? Dunno for sure. But we'll definitely find out in a few days.

Via Tilt Mobility (and thanks, Tim!)

Phil Nickinson

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  • So much for AT&T never having WinMo phones without keyboards ;) I knew HTC would turn them from that dumb idea.
  • that's the ATT version of the Touch Diamond2 right what was code named Warhawk?
  • @jfa1 Yes it is the Warhawk and also Touch Diamond 2 and also HTC code name Topaz. iphone killer??? ...thoughts anyone???
  • Not sure any WinMo phone will be an iPhone killer until we see 7 Mobile... and that's assuming that Apple doesn't make any changes or progress between now and then. Here's why: The iPhone is geared towards the majority of non-tech savvy users. It works straight out of the box and is a very pretty, fairly simple/straightforward, reliable (enough) device for the average user. Windows Mobile devices on the other hand REQUIRE a skin or tweaking to get that visual "WOW!" factor. They OFTEN require some technical knowledge to get them set up and running they way the individual user wants/needs... and theres a certain learning curve involved in keeping them working properly. WinMo is (and unless somthing drasticlly chages) will always be geared towards business users and techie gadget geeks (of which, I am one - geek, that is).
  • Exactly... The iPhone is an excellent half way mark between a true smartphone, and a dumbphone... I just hope MS doesn't reach too far trying to chase the iPhone and lose the functionality and flexibility.
  • It will give the iPod some competition but I'd look to the Tilt2 to be more dangerous to the iPod's success. The TD2/Pure is smaller than the iPod and might be a good alternative if you're prefer a smaller form factor.
  • 3.5 headphone jack?
  • Of course whoever took these pictures didn't take a picture of the bottom or top to see if there is a 3.5mm jack.
  • @David Nope.
  • It was rumored that the AT&T versions did have a headphone jack. Not a hard thing to change considering all the wiring is already going to the bottom of the device. All they have to do is move the USB port a little to the side and reroute the audio output from the USB port to a 3.5mm jack.
  • Yuck... The unlocked version is very sleek looking, AT&T is going for the fugly effect.
  • Will the Tilt2 have 3.5 headset jack?