The AT&T Pure start menu

Want another look at the AT&T Pure? Pocketnow was slipped a pic of the upcoming device with its Start menu on display. Nothing earth-shattering there, though the PN folks note the "App Center" icon in addition to Microsoft's Marketplace app. They're opining that the App Center points to AT&T own Java-based apps. We'll wait while you compose yourselves.

Phil Nickinson

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  • nice but no 3.5 jack thats a tough sell for me.
  • Just get some bluetooth headphones and don't worry about the 3.5" jack!
  • With battery life always being a concern on these devices a 3.5mm jack would be better.
  • That doesn't really solve the problem for a lot of people, espcially those who are alternating between dedicated PMPs, like iPods, and a smartphone. Since PMPs almost never support A2DP, users would either have to get yet another BT adapter (hard-to-impossible on non-iPods), carry two headsets and/or carry a cumbersome ExtUSB adapter. Until PMPs start including A2DP (which isn't even being offered on the Zune HD), wireless audio will remain yesterday's future. I use A2DP about 85% of the time, since my car stereo suppports it and my phone remains cradled at work, making wired connections difficult (though cradles do exist to facilitate this). The bottom line, though, is that the much more convenient option than designing workarounds is to just use a phone with a 3.5mm headset jack. There's a reason HTC finally had to cave in.
  • Great way to confuse consumers, at&t. Put 2 app stores with similar icons and nomenclatures on the start menu.
  • So, did AT&T jettison the TouchFlo UI entirely in favor of the native WM 6.5 UI? That would be very interesting since TouchFlo and it's close cousin Sense are big selling points on HTC phones.
  • Nah. TouchFLO's on there.
  • I'm surprised no one else seems to see the brilliant move by ATT here in not demanding a 3.5mm on this device (and probably some others). Why would they? If the fact that it's not there keeps some audiophile phone customers from getting it in favor of an iPhone, then job well done. If I were ATT, I'd make it awfully hard to not get an iPhone for my customers interested in using their phone as a nice music player using 3.5 headphones, too. They'll make a ton more money off people getting iPhones instead (or not leaving iPhone for another device). Am I wrong in this assumption? (iPhoners being ATT's cash cows) dtreo
  • i would not buy a phone with no 3.5mm jack
    BLUETOOTH? how bout if i want to come to a friends and play some of my mp3s on the stereo? which i do all the time.