AT&T Samsung Epix unboxing

Remember the Blackjack III/Mirage/Samsung i788/AT&T Epix? The Boy Genius has gone and gotten his hands on one.

His first thought? This thing is fat. Not phat, not pfat, FAT. "Probably the thickest phone in their lineup," he says.

What else do we get?

  • An actual model name. i907, which a launch sheet originally leaked to BGR called the Mirage and said was is to be released Oct. 23. (Will it and the AT&T Fuze make it on time?)
  • Windows 6.1 Professional with haptic feedback.
  • That optical mouse Dieter cough loves so much.
  • GSM bands of 850, 1900 and 2100Mhz represented.
  • GPS.

BGR says the screen leaves much to be desired. Head on over, check out his gallery, and see for yourself. Well played, sir.

Edit: Fixed Fuze release date to Oct. 23 sted Oct. 2. What? You were squinting, too.

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  • Phil... the leaked release date was Oct. 25th. Hard to read on the picture (and it may be the 23rd) that leaked several weeks ago.
    Hopefully, this is a good sign that the Fuze is on schedule. I'll be interested to see how the Epix stacks up against the Fuze. Especially if the screen is less than stellar on the Epix.
  • Curse my eyes! (And brain). Sure ain't Oct. 2. But the original BGR post sure looks like the 23rd. Post edited.