Samsung i907 passes FCC, is AT&T-bound

Looks like another goodie from Samsung has made its way through the feds, and it appears headed for AT&T.

We should be able to expect at least 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth, but that's pretty much a given these days, right?

Another pic from the FCC is after the break. But my Korean's a little lacking. Feel free to translate in the comments.

Thanks to Marco for the tip (opens in new tab).

WC Staff
  • That looks more like a blackjack than an Omnia.
  • Based on the number ending with 7, we can be confident that this is the Omnia for the US. History has shown that some US based Windows Mobile devices end with 7. For example: Samsung 607 and Samsung 617 (Blackjack I and Blackjack II). If you have seen the Omnia reviews, you will see that this resembles the back very closely.
  • I found a picture of the Omnia back sans battery cover. Still not much resemblance.