AT&T sees boost in wireless subscribers

AT&T has posted its 2009 Q4 numbers and is experiencing a healthy boost in wireless subscribers. For the quarter, AT&T's wireless subscribers grew 2.7 million bringing the total subscribers in service to 85.1 million.

Wireless data services generated $3.9 billion in revenue, a 26.3% increase from last year's fourth quarter. However, consolidated revenues totaled $30.9 billion which is slightly down from last years Q4 earnings ($31.1 billion) but up from the 2009 Q3 earnings. This is the third consecutive quarter with a increase in consolidated revenues for AT&T.

You can find the full release over at AT&T's website (opens in new tab) along with spreadsheets and very large numbers detailing AT&T's good news.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Why? I can't wait till my contract is due in December and I'm moving to T Mobile for the HD2 or an Android device. Shitty 3g and poor coverage everywhere in LA, CA. I guess as long as imbeciles are buying the iPhone, At&t will be fine.
  • I use an iPod Touch at home and in WiFi hotspots because I will not get r#p#d by AT&T via a forced data plan required for the iPhone. The 3G networks are not even all that great yet they charge, after additional data usage runs you, near what cable companies charge for 10+ Mbps Internet service. Cellular pricing is delusional. I like my insurance company better than I like my cell carrier.