AT&T sells towers; earnings down for Q4

AT&T unloaded 235 if its cell towers last week to Florida-based Global Tower Partners. [via]

Don't worry, Sunshine State. You're not going to lose your coverage anytime soon. It's not that uncommon a practice for a carrier to sell towers, then lease them back. We reported last summer that Sprint did the same thing, albeit in a much larger deal. In that sale, 3,300 towers were sold to TowerCo LLC for $670 million. So, towers don't come cheap.

And hot on the heels of the tower sale comes AT&T's fourth-qarter earnings report (opens in new tab). [via] The bad news: earnings per share fell 10 cents compared to the fourth quarter of last year. The good news: The first three quarters of the year made up for that, with the full year EPS up from $1.97 to $2.16. And, yes, we have the iPhone 3G to thank for much of that.

George Ponder

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  • AT&T down, VZW up in same quarter, year / crappy economy...The secret? CALL RELIABILITY FOLKS! Those I know on AT&T can't even reliably send/receive text messages on those precious iPhones! Much less be able to rely on the phone (iPhone or not, AT&T in general) to keep a call connected! This of course is the ONLY thing I like about VZW but sheesh, isn't it the most important thing, you know, making calls? I WISH AT&T could surpass VZW on this day...
  • i wish vzw could start getting new phones without the coming out on other carriers first.....epix, treo pro, treo 800w, touch pro...why are they always last?
  • I've never had issues with AT&T, and neither has my wife or family since we've been with them since 1999. I personally would never consider going to VZW simply because of the backwards CDMA tech.