AT&T throws its support behind Windows Phone 8

HTC isn't the only Windows Phone partner throwing their support behind Windows Phone 8. AT&T released a brief statement that leaves no doubt that the wireless carrier will maintain a strong Windows Phone presence in their smartphone lineup. The statement reads,

AT&T plans to carry a new line of Windows Phone 8 smartphones launching later this year. The unmatched leader in Windows Phone –offering the very first 4G LTE Windows Phone smartphones in the U.S. – AT&T is home to the most robust Windows Phone portfolio of any carrier.

AT&T has backed Windows Phones from the start with the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum and HTC Surround.   While this isn't much of a surprise, it is nice to see the wireless provider voicing their continued support for Windows Phones. AT&T currently has five Windows Phone 7 devices in their line up including the Samsung Focus 2, HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900. It will be interesting to see what new devices are in store for AT&T later this year.

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  • Guess i'll be staying then. :)
  • I'm on Sprint, however, I applaud AT&T on the bang up job they are doing to support Windows Phone. I'm quite jealous that they seem to be getting all of the great new models while both Sprint and Verizon are really dropping the ball on a great OS. Well done AT&T!
  • Verizon has publicly said that they will be supporting Windows Phone 8. Sprint said they wont..
  • AT&T is not doing a "bang up job" to support Windows Phone, quite the opposite.  AT&T has refused to push out critical updates to existing Windows Phone users.  They, instead want you to sign a new 2 year commitment to purchase a new phone.
  • Agreed. Still running a Focus with a defective keyboard and AT&T hasn't done sh*t about it.
  • *meant to say disappearing keyboard, not "defective."
  • Im sure this people will make me wanna add one to my family account
  • Yup. Screw you, Sprint. Switching this year.
  • Right behind you, voting with my wallet.
  • I switched when the L900 was released and couldn't be happier. Sprint's speed was deplorable and I started having connectivity issues about a month after the iPhone was launched.
  • ...No Surprise here uh? Wow! how Shocking!
  • ...No Surprise here uh? Wow! how Shocking!
  • The Carriers were understood to be rather displeased at the prospect of VOIP (Skype) integration into the OS. 
    So given that Microsoft not only integrated Skype, but gave the integration lots of features that were trumpeted in today's announcement... I think it's good that AT&T is making nice noises.  I suppose they haven't much choice, but still...
  • Carriers hit you up on the data so they still make $ on Skype.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if there was some kind of premium, unlimited data plan with no voice for Windows 8 phones?  With Skype integrated into the OS, maybe we could finally make a transition to VOIP service for all of our calls.  I know it will be a cold day in Hell before any carriers even think seriously about this, but I think it could be an interesting idea.  
    I remember someone talking about something like this back when EVDO launched when I worked at Sprint.  They said something about towers handling data better and more efficiently than voice anyway, so why not just go all data and run voice on it too?  This was also when Sprint was starting to do walkie talkie on the Sprint devices as well as on the Nextel iDEN phones.  
    Like I said, probably will never happen, but it would be an insteresting idea with todays tech.
  • They are limiting data plans to discourage VOIP and force you to use their anytime minutes. ATT is probably using something similar VOIP to handle your regular calls now anyway!!!
  • Fortunately my family has been with AT&T for years, so it is very nice to see my carrier be so vocal about Windows Phone and their continued and dedicated support.
  • If AT&T wants to show their dedicated support they need to push the Tango update out soon. I saw some rumors that T-Mobile will be pushing it this week. Also, there needs to be a similar commitment to 7.8.
  • T-Mobile started pushing out Tango updates today.
  • Yes.  The majority of WP owners on AT&T still have the vanishing keyboard problem.  We can't forgive them for that.
  • Yep...It's BS!!!!!
  • currently on att due for an upgrade but i am just waiting for the right wp8 device. microsoft certaintly garnered alot of buzz the last couple days. good to see a lot of people interested in wp8
  • The end of Android is not far off. 2-3 years if I was to bet someone
  • Unmatched leader in windows phone yet they haven't even done all the updates that T-mobile has done awhile ago.
  • Support windows phone my foot!!! Where are the updated for my vanishing keyboard titan and the outlook fix????
  • As upset as I am that my Lumia 900 won't/can't get WP8, I'm happy my carrier is behind this 100%!!!
  • Yea I want update support! At current rate we will get tango after wp8 launch. /s
  • Come on AT&T has the most windows phones now thats support!
  • They refuse to release updates until we start annoying them by filing complaints with the BBB and threaten to sue them. How is that support?
  • Compare with Verizon, sprint, and tmobile.
  • Where is Verizon? Piss poor, big red
  • They said when WP8 comes out they would be all over it,and today not a word from them.Big red big fail.No surprise they are in love with Android.
  • Verizon (along with T-Mobile) have also pledged to carry WP8 devices - in an article from today. Relax.,2817,2406088,00.asp
  • That article from pc mag doesn't confirm anything.
  • Ok. Feel free to assume nobody is getting anything except for AT&T :)
  • You joking right?Did I say that AT@T was going to be the only one carrying WP8 don't think so.
  • Dont forget about T-Mobile

  • As others have stated, nice to see AT&T show their support for the devices, but why don't they start supporting their customers and push the damn updates out already! I had to trick my phone to get the 8107 update and hoping I don't have to again just to get 8773 (Tango). Let alone what will happen when WP7.8 rolls out.
  • I believe Microsoft is bypassing the carriers for 7.8 and future updates
  • Source?
  • Did you watch the 2 and 1/2 hour press statement on WP8 ? You would know..
  • Um, I'll believe it when I see it.  If you recall, Microsoft originally told us that carriers could only bypass ONE update.  We all know that is false since AT&T has currently bypassed at least THREE updates for existing users.  Don't believe everything you hear from Microsoft.
  • Left Verizon a year ago, everything is better with AT&T in my experience so far. I don't understand why people hate on Ma Bell. There is no perfect provider out there but they continue to make me happy.
  • Hoping ATT gets a wp8 pureview at launch time.
  • A preview windows phone will rock the market, nok should pushing to get this out asap
  • Moved 5 Phones from Verizon to AT&T due to the fact they supported Windows all the way. Not going back either.
  • I moves 4 back in November when the HTC Titans were a penny. I just wish they would push the updates out. Disappearing keyboard and muffled calls!! Driving me crazy already AT&T!!!
  • This means we'll put it on store selves, but that's as far as we'll go. Pretty obvious with their "bigger than iPhone" launch of the Lumia. Where's all the advertising now? Back on store reps selling iPhones.
  • Yes at&t are great but tmobile is as well Microsoft need to get tmobile a prime A plus phone @ launch
  • Awesome news. AT&T please buy Bell out.
  • Support those who support Windows Phone!
  • While I agree with what a lot of people are saying about AT&T and the updates, I take a LOT of comfort in knowing that Microsoft is finally changing this policy. From now on with 7.8 and later, ALL phones get ALL updates for 18 months after a device launch. Also, you can sign up to get the updates early. Sounds like a good exchange to me. :)
  • You're the second person to say this, but I can't find a source to confirm it.
  • Likely got it from Paul Thurrott:
    "Windows Phone 8, finally, will support over the air software updates for all updates, regardless of carrier. So there will be no more tethering for updates—unless of course you want to for some reason—and Microsoft will supply updates to all devices for at least the first 18 months of any device’s life cycle."

  • That doesn't mean 7.8 will be delivered without carrier approval. In fact, I don't believe to be the case with 8 either. MS only said that the updates for 8 would be delivered wirelessly and not over USB.
  • I'm referring to the "18 months of updates" comment in that link, I should have been more clear. Being delivered OTA is pretty awesome as well :)
    Here's a link where he talks about 7.8 bypassing the carriers:
    There is no way that carriers would allow/be comfortable with updates being sent without their approval (pre-approval must have been pre-authorized by carriers ahead of time or something in regards to 7.8 if true). I've seen a comment recently on a phone carrier blog where a guy was complaining that he expects the carrier to be held accountable for updates to the device he purchased at a subsidized price and ensuring his phone works 100% perfectly for the time that he owns it - including after each update. That right there is why carriers don't want to be bypassed, because of their customers line of thinking, even if those customers choose to download the update from the manufacturer themselves
  • I've been with at&t since day one and their service is outstanding. They keep getting better and better. O yea, I love my titan ll, its fast and flawless
  • AT&T stated awhile ago that they were waiting for the next big update and bypassing 8107. Everyone was assuming they meant Tango but just a wild guess, maybe they were waiting for 7.8
  • You know, I wouldn't be surprised, nor would I put it past them to pull some crap like that.  I'm just glad the Quantum is so easy to trick into getting updates.  Can't wait til WP8 devices hit, right around time for my upgrade too.  =D
  • my question is if At&t will throw some loyal customers a lil loving when the new phones come out..... like say maybe a discount?? That would be thrilling, since a lot of us will want to upgrade soon with the new realease so that we're not left in the dust asking ourselves why!! Someone should find out!!!
  • Here is what ATT can do to show support to windows phones...
    Offer any one that bought a windows phone in 2012 the chance to upgrade to a W8 phone at the same price as someone who is signing a new 2 year contract. Just extend the 2 year contract. I'll be happy with that.  I'm buying a W8, no matter what, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people would rather have a 2 year contract to a W8 phone than to a W7 phone that was just released a few months ago.  Based on previous deals from MS and Nokia, I'm pretty sure some type of deal will be available.  Maybe free phone with Surface purchase! :)
  • Its no wonder AT&T has more costumers than Sprint.  They have no problems supporting different hardware, unlike Sprint.  Hey Sprint next time you want to complain about a merger try supporting some new hardware.  It seems like you are the ones restricting competition.
  • You must not be paying attention. AT&T does NOT support Windows Phones.  They have refused to push out all updates since Mango.  Only the Nokia phones are getting updates right now.
  • I hope T-Mobile isn't left out!
  • Ok give us a play/rebate on WP8 devices even while we are on contract if we have WP7.5 deviceson contract
  • All future Windows Phones updates will be live over the air by Microsoft, just like Apple. Joe B announced this yesterday. End of debate.