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AT&T LG Quantum no longer available

We've had word, which we're confirmed, that you can no longer purchase the LG Quantum from AT&T, via their online store or on the phone. This ties in with our secret AT&T tipster who took a screenshot of the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum being discontinued. AT&T has just recently halted the HTC Surround too.

Second generation handsets have a plot to move into, so it'll be interesting to see the Samsung Focus S come to stores soon, not to mention possibly the Focus Flash or a Nokia handset.

Thanks, @toenies, for the heads up

AT&T tags Focus and Quantum with EOL status?

Shouldn't be a shocker if this is true but we've received word from our AT&T double-naught spy that the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum's status has changed to "End of Life". A status reserved for devices no longer carried by the wireless provider or in production by the manufacturer.

We've already seen signs that the HTC Surround is on it's last leg and our tipster notes the HD7S is slated to drift into the sunset as well.

This is likely being caused by the manufacturers shifting production efforts on the new Windows Phone models and AT&T wanting to make room for the new models.  It's likely the case where AT&T will continue to offer these models, they just won't be replenishing the stock room. 

So, how will AT&T's Windows Phone line-up look in a month?  The HTC Titan would replace the HD7S.  The Focus S would replace the Focus.  But what would replace the LG Quantum?  Maybe the Focus Flash or Nokia Sea Ray?  Or is there a new sliding keyboard Windows Phone hiding in the shadows?

Hopefully whatever happens with AT&T's Windows Phone line-up occurs sooner than later and we start seeing the second generation Windows Phones on the shelves soon.

Thanks goes out to our tipster on this!

LG Quantum for a penny at AT&T [Update: Surround too]

No telling if this is a permanent deal or just temporary, but AT&T is now heavily discounting the LG Quantum, dropping $399.99 from the retail price making it basically free. Of course you still need that 2-year contract thing to get that price and it looks to be online only (though we're sure you could talk a store into matching it). We've seen third-party retailers offer WP devices for a cent, but not often has AT&T done so directly. (AT&T last dropped prices in early January to $99)

While the Quantum is not the favorite Windows Phone on the market, with some considering its design...less than exciting, the keyboard is pretty top notch and the build quality is just fantastic. Combined with LG's offering of free software in their store, plus great OEM apps (see here, here and here), it's actually a great phone for the text-heavy messenger. (Confession: my Quantum is my default device, there's just something about it that I dig).

Update: Reader RayWP7 lets us know that HTC Surround is also going for $0.01, right here.

Source: AT&T; via Pocketnow

LG Quantum conveniently appears on "Human Target"

We haven't seen any Windows Phone product placements in awhile, so it was nice to see it play a tiny, but humorous role the other night on "Human Target (Ep 11 of Season 2).

Not much else to say really except keep it up Microsoft, you need the exposure.

You can watch the video clip here on YouTube as Warner Bros ain't letting us embed it (the nerve!).

Quantum not making leap outside of America

Word has it that the LG Quantum (aka Optimus 7Q) will not be heading across the pond to Europe.  According to Pocket-Lint, James Choi, marketing strategy and planning team director for LG Electronics Global, told them, “Unfortunately, the Quantum will not make it to Europe. It’s an exclusive handset for AT&T in America."  He did not elaborate much, simply attributing the move an "internal issue."

With the further delay of Dell's Venue Pro, It leaves our European WP7 counterparts QWERTY-less, with nothing more than hopes that the HTC 7 Pro manages to find its way over there in the near future.

Source: Pocket-Lint

LG offering free apps over at the Marketplace

If you own a LG Quantum, LG has updated it's Marketplace offerings with a handful of new, free, apps.  There are ten apps in all and they include:

  • Cocktail Flow - A cocktail recipe app
  • Doodle God - A civilization creation game
  • Color Sprouts -A drawing/coloring app
  • Envision for Basecamp - Project management tool
  • Krashlander - A gaming app pitting you against robots
  • Colorize - An image manipulation tool
  • Weave - A very good RSS reader(here's our review)
  • Talking Ragdoll - Novelty app to transform your pictures into talking rag dolls
  • Mobile Sommelier - A wine and food pairing app
  • Mr. Hat and the Magic Cube - An interesting looking puzzle game

LG is also offering a network setup app to help users configure their network settings (similar to what Samsung did a while ago).

What's interesting about this offer is that these apps (save the network setup) are all openly available on the Marketplace.  All totaled, these apps would run you about $30 but if you access them through your LG Quantum, they are free.  I guess it is LG's way to say thanks for choosing our phone.

To take advantage of these free apps, simply go to your Marketplace App on your LG Windows Phone and they'll be listed in the LG App Store.

Source: PocketNow Thanks to Mike and Just Visiting for sending in this tip!

HTC Surround, LG Quantum: $0.01 till Monday on Amazon Wireless

Title says it all. Till Monday, you can grab yourself a new HTC Surround or LG Quantum (no Focus, sorry) for a low one-cent with a new contract. You'll have to "add to cart" to see the price:  LG Quantum, HTC Surround.  Of note is that the Surround is the #2 best selling phone, followed by the LG.

Part of Amazon's running deals, including a few other phones like the LG eXpo. Seems like a great deal to us.

Source: Amazon Wireless; via Phone Arena, Mobile Crunch; Thanks, @mearsfan25

LG Quantum (WP7) appears in CW's The Vampire Diaries

Evidently, the other night on 'The Vampire Diaries' showing on the CW network, the LG Quantum with full Bing glory made a cameo appearance when Jeremy was looking for some bad guys. While it is not uncommon to see product placement in shows these days, we're pretty sure this is the first for Windows Phone 7.

Not a bad nod to the great functionality of Windows Phone 7 and Bing either, as it targets the young adult...vampire...market. Or something.

Thanks, Ben Luke, for the tip!

And thank me for the screen caps as I had to sit through that show to get 'em. The things I do for you folks...yeesh.

LG Quantum: AT&T for $199

The LG Quantum sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 16gb of storage, and a 5mp camera with 720p video capture. Naturally it also sports DLNA for wireless video sharing. The screen comes in at 3.8 inches with WVGA resolution.

The standout feature for the Quantum is that slide-out keyboard with a full four rows of buttons and we hope/expect that the hands-on we'll have later today will confirm our hunch - the keyboard looks fantastic.

It should be available in the next few weeks on AT&T for $199