AT&T unboxes its own Pure and Tilt 2

We've seen the official announcement for the AT&T Pure and Tilt 2, now we have an official AT&T unboxing video for the two new Windows Phones. While the Pure is available now, still no word when the Tilt2 will be available, just in "coming weeks."

A couple of notes from the video on the Tilt 2, it appears not to have a 3.5mm jack and while Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon dropped that pesky Push-to-talk button, AT&T has chosen to keep it around.  Fortunately, it does look like it's been reduced in size.

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  • I don't like how they moved the number keys on the keyboard. Looks like you have to use an Alt or Fn button to get them to work in that "keypad" area. I like how the Verizon and Sprint versions have a dedicated number row at the top. Also the lack of 3.5mm jack sucks a bit. But I guess I could try a set of bluetooth stereo headphones. I just hate having one more thing to worry about charging. I do like how it is easier to get to the Windows Mobile interface on this one. It is like a maze trying to get there on the Verizon Version. I have a Treo 750 and an iPhone that I switch between, almost on a daily basis. I was hoping the Touch Pro 2 would be a good in between.
  • I was partial to this layout on my Fuze as well until I found out that I could just hold the fn key to type multiple numbers. After the discovery, at&t's layout made a lot of sense, since numbers are closer to each other, and that in the familiar phone keypad layout. Since you hold the keyboard with two hands anyway, it's really not a major inconvenience, if not a convenience. And regarding the "pesky ptt" button comment from the article, this can only be an advantage since you can just remap it to something else in this button-dearth device.
  • You don't need 3.5 audio jack to listen to stereo music .. use the headset that probably comes with it, or get a usb to 3.5 adapter for 2 dollars.
  • well that was an interesting video co nfirmation neither device have a 3.5 audio jack. I guess we need stereo bluetooth to listen to music. Good thing I dont use my phone much for that. 149.00 for the pure is a pretty good price I am going to go play with one as soon as I have time.
  • I like the PTT button as I remap it to Voice Command...
  • So which one to get? I am surprised at myself, after I saw the video I really now dig the Pure even if it does not have a keyboard. It has a better camera, 3.5mm jack, it's skinnier, and it is $150 cheaper than the Pro 2 ... I mean, the Tilt 2. I'll play with both of them at the store and see what happens. I am not due for a new set until end of year so who knows, maybe I can get them for cheaper...
  • umm...As far as I can tell/heard, there is no 3.5mm Jack on the Pure either.
  • Remember the PTT hasn't always been mappable. If the Tilt2 allows for the PTT to be mapped, I agree it may have its usefulness. If it can't be mapped and you don't subscribe to the PTT service, then it's back to being pesky.