AT&T updates their FamilyMap app for Windows Phone 8, allows you to track your kids

So AT&T has a service called FamilyMap. It’s available for Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry (and for the iPhone through the web browser). FamilyMap is a service basically aimed at parents to monitor their kids, the app/service allows parents to see where other members are on an interactive map. It’s been out on Windows Phone since launch in late 2010, but it’s finally moved to version 2. Let’s see what’s new.

I went through the Windows Phone Central archives and found a post about FamilyMap from back in April, 2009 when it first launched. Back then we were called Windows Mobile Experts and FamilyMap was brand new.

The service offered a 30-day free trial, after that it costs $9.99 per month to track two phones or $14.99 per month to track and locate up to five phones. That pricing, unfortunately, hasn’t changed. But the Windows Phone version of the app has just been bumped to version 2.0 and seems to offer a new UI. Other than that, it looks the same to us.

The app has an abysmal rating in the Store, but the latest version might appeal to some folks wanting to keep a tab on their kids.

Either way, you can grab AT&T FamilyMap for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. The app itself is free, but it does have a monthly subscription tied to your AT&T account. Pricing above. Head to the Store to get it, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip Joseph H!

Sam Sabri