AT&T video tutorials revealed for the Nokia Lumia 1020; shows upcoming accessories, costs $659

In just two weeks’ time, consumers in the US will be given the opportunity to buy the most advanced camera and smartphone combo in the world. Fetching for $299 on contract ($659 off), the game changing Nokia Lumia 1020 is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Now, three internal videos from AT&T have managed to find their way to our YouTube channel, which detail various aspects of the 1020, including Pro Camera, AT&T Locker and accessories. The videos appear to be meant for training of AT&T employees, to familiarize them with the new product and thus are not listed on AT&T’s public site. Such videos may be released later during the official release to help consumers as well.

AT&T Locker and what’s special about the AT&T Lumia 1020

We’ve reported on the new AT&T Locker app, which was recently released for Windows Phone devices that sport an AT&T SIM card. The cloud storage service is akin to SkyDrive but some users have managed to get past the 5GB offer and get bumped to 50GB.

On the Lumia 1020, there are two images taken at once: the 38MP full image and the oversampled 5MP one for sharing.  But here’s the catch: you can only backup to SkyDrive the 5MP one, including any edited versions.

AT&T's full pricing on the Nokia Lumia 1020: $659.99

If you want to save those massive 38MP images, you can’t do that over-the-air as it is basically disabled on the Lumia 1020. Instead, you’ll have to dig for that micro-USB cable and sync up to your PC. It’s kind of smart, if you think about it. After all, uploading a dozen 38MP images may potentially choke your phone during regular usage.

But not for those on AT&T.

The AT&T version will allow you to backup the full images to your AT&T Locker, which we see as a move by AT&T to allow users to go ahead and use a lot of their data—after all, it’s more money for AT&T in the long run. Still, it’s nice to know for once those in the US won’t be completely hindered by that restriction.


Lumia 1020 accessories

We know that Nokia will be selling two camera accessories, including the Camera Grip (PD-95G) and the wireless charging cover (CC-3066) but it looks like Nokia also gave some hardware information to some third party manufactures as well.

In one of the videos at the very end we can see some Lumia 1020 cases from Speck, Incipio, iFrogz and Ballistic that will presumably be available on launch day. Each case and manufacture will have their selling points, including “super tough” cases for those of you prone to dropping things. That's good news as we're hoping that third-parties (software and accessory makers) jump on the Lumia 1020 to greatly enhance what is sure to be this year's "must have" device.

Watch the rest of the AT&T videos below.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Any advantages to getting this off contract? Will it work on T-mobile for example? Thanks,
  • Work? Maybe. You'd have to unlock it and that wouldn't be easy via AT&T. Even if you did, it would be far from ideal as your data connection would be subpar by 2013's standards. Best to wait for Rogers (Canada) to start selling them and go that route.
  • So the Rogers one would work fine on tmo?
  • Yes... maybe. I'm currently using a rogers lumia 920 on TMo. It works but... I've had issues with MY LUMIA (emphasis on MY LUMIA cause others may not have my issues, I may have a dud). I can't get or send picture messages consistently and more annoyingly, my internet goes out All The Time. I could be surfing a website and a minute later, no service, though it will show full bars with 4g next to them.
  • If u buy it unlocked, u prob can't return/exchange it for another one right? Since you're using it on another network?
  • If you can prove it's a hardware issue Nokia will honor the manufacturer warranty.
  • Have you tried to reset your phone?
  • Same problem as mine, and alot of others on the internet, the 920 has connectivity issues
  • My Rogers 920 is also having some weird MMS issues where it'll work sometimes and not work others. Thankfully my mobile internet is working fine. *knocks on wood*
  • I also have a Roger L920 on tmo network. That also happens to me. That's been happening alot since the LTE change started. It happens to mostly unlocked devices. For the mms settings I would suggest the network+ section in the settings. It found the settings automatically for me when I was having the same issue.
  • Wonder if the AT&T unlocked international version currrently on pre-order in Canada will work on T-Mobile is the US?
  • It would "work", but you'd get pretty slow speeds since T-Mobile uses the weird bands. Or you could just use it for a camera + second phone if you purchase off contract. Too bad its an at&t exclusive. :/
  • Even if you get this off contract, it will still be locked to AT&T. You can try to unlock it, but I highly, highly doubt an unlock would be released because right now unlocking phones in US is basically illegal as voted by the Senate.
  • They'll eventually hand out unlock codes, but definitely not before 6 month mark.
  • *sigh* no, unlocking can be performed with the carrier's permission, usually involves getting a code to input to the device.
    Unlocking can be done, usually the carrier doesn't release the unlock coded until the device is six months old per-device, unless the purchaser buys it full price to begin with or pays the ETF.
    As for using on T-Mobile, I am using an AT&T Lumia 900, and I don't get 3G, but I do get 2G EDGE and 4G HSPA+, but not LTE (yet?) thanks to the spectrum refarm. 4G is spotty but spreading farther.
  • Hmmm... I believe it was an interpretation by the Library of Congress... The Senate can't pass laws on its own.
  • Thanks everyone for the replies, that helped.
  • I think its stupid in a way. If someone buys a phone at full price it should be automatically unlocked. I can see it being locked if the carrier subsidies it. But full price they aren't in any way. Besides like mentioned already it has certain bandwidths so its not like someone will be getting top performance out of it unless there on identical bandwidths or on att already.
  • The correct answet here is depends on where you live. If you live in one of those refarmed areas like me(Baltimore), you will likely get 4g coverage all over with no problem. If you don't Edge is about the best you will get. If you rely heavily on wi-fi at home or at work, this would not be an issue for you. My unlocked HTC Titan is 4g connected almost everywhere I go now.
  • Omg I'm going to pass on the master piece, just got off the phone with over priced At&t I'll stick with my unlocked 920 on t-mobile I pay $62 bucks compared to $115 on at&t
  • I think I'm gonna be selling my Nokia Lumia 920 and getting this phone.
  • While everyone focuses in on the camera, I have to say the AMOLED display is also drool worthy and a nice step up from the 920's. 
  • What's better about the 1020 screen compared to 928? I have 928 so I'm curious. :-)
  • Not too much. The 928 does have a great display already (AMOLED), though I think the 925 and 1020 use a slightly different process for mounting the display, including making it thinner, etc. But I'll need more hands on to say for sure. L920 is LCD, which while not worse than AMOLED, gives a very different feel to the look.
  • its exactly the same ... :)
  • Gorilla glass 3?
  • Good move. 1020 camera seems to be miles better. Lighter and thinner frame should also be a joy.
  • How big are the uncompressed pictures? Using this on T-Mobile's unlimited plans wont be a problem data wise but some posters in the forums have said the 808's full res pictures are around 10-15MB so not really that huge.
  • Well from the samples, they look to be 8-12. That's from the samples though.
  • you want be able to access full res images without the app , sharing will only be for oversampled images (at least until blue straights shit out).
    But yes , it has been said that Full res images are stored in the Pro Camera folder and can only be accessed via PC , (not sure about Pocket file manager being able to go there or not).
    but there won't be any worries that those files will auto upload any time soon.
  • They should be about same size. They are JPGs and not RAW pictures so 32Gb is a lot of space already.
  • Wait for international version. Guarantee some 62gb will start popping up. I'm not getting this with 32 no way in hell.
  • What if it was half the price?
  • So instead of thousands of pictures, you want to be able to save ten thousand pictures on local storage. Makes sense...
  • The problem is 32GB doesn't cut it at all if you are a photography feind, like to shoot videos, like to watch movies you put on your device, have a music libarary you listen to (as your phone acts as your media player as well), and have a bunch of different apps installed.
    I've got an 810 with 8GB internal storage and 32GB SD card storage and I'm basically max'd out on my internals (and I don't have any huge games installed or anything), and have about 6GB free on my SD card which has all my music, movies, pictures and videos on it. 
    If I had the 1020, I'd take a crap ton more pictures, so it really isn't good considering all the above (it would be PERFECT though if they just included SD card support!!). It's really a huge ding against the 1020 that it doesn't support SD cards or at least have 64GB of memory.
  • Lumia 920 ratio (contract:no contract) was 100:450. And this is 300:660. Odd.
  • And this also has a much more advanced camera that is not found on any current smartphone and the most ram of any windows phone....not so odd. You're comparing a 1020 to a 920. That's like comparing a galaxy note to a galaxy s device. Similar but nowhere the same.
  • It's not odd at all. Subsidies are not based on ratios. It's a matter of how much the carrier (AT&T) thinks they will recoup over the live of the contract based on what upgrades they can get you to do or just the average monthly plans.
    Both those phones are subsidized the same amount which seems normal to me.
    For instance, if the phone required you to have some new contract option that they charge an extra $10/month for then they could subsidize the phone an additional $100 (even tho they will make $200 off the life of the contract, they wouldn't pass that all to you).
  • Includes cost of cloud, I would think, as they are calling that free.
  • I couldn't tell in the videos, but are the capacitive buttons still off-white on the 1020? or are they actually white?
  • Still cheaper PRICE then other high end smartphones which really aren't even high end lol
  • With the exception of the camera, what else is high end about the 1020?
  • The lag free performance.
  • LOL Gold :')
  • Mine has it too, the lag-free performance, though it's just only 512MB RAM.
  • Is this a serious question? How about 2GB RAM, Super sensitive touch, 32GB storage, Rich Audio stereo recording, non-plastic industrial design and YES that 41MP camera.
  • 2gb of ram is par for course..has been that way for close to a year now.
    Super sensitive touch came out with the 920. A good feature, but nothing new.
    Rich stereo recording is not really that huge a selling point.
    I don't think you're getting my point. The average consumer is a whore for specs. Like it or not, WP is playing a serious game of catch up here. With the app situation and the OS still lagging in some areas, that price tag will be a barrier.
  • The average consumer doesn't know shit about specs, just you.
  • Even though you're trying to be a smartass in your response, you did stumble onto a truth. They don't *know* about specs, but they are also easily impressed and swayed by specs such as quad core, 1080p screens, and 2500-3000 mah batteries.
  • Please then, elaborate as to what you consider high end. Do you consider the iPhone 5 32GB which is exactly the same price as this phone high end? Because that's the most popular phone in the world. If you do, then you are full of it, if you don't you're still full of it. My point is slice and dice it anyway, this phone is high end. Period.
  • I don't consider the iPhone 5 high end and if you care to recall, most tech savvy folks stated that the hardware increase was a minor bump. The iPhone sells because of its image,marketing and the OS.
    Your point is just that...your opinion. Adding 'period' to the end of your statement in a tantrum does not make your opinion more or less valid than mine.
  • Which also goes for you, your point is just that... your point. What one finds low-end, another may find high-end. :P
  • Kudos to your great point, particularly the first one!
  • I have to disagree slightly.  Sales reps can toss out terms like "Full 1080p" and "Quad Core" but the layman consumer doesn't even know what it means.  So on one hand they don't know or care but on the other they do respond to big flashy tech speak.
    The 1020 is going to have one major selling point and it's pretty obvious.  All other specs will be irrelevant if the rep says "Most advanced smart phone camera in the world at 41mp with lossless zoom, stabilization and full manual control".  Then again, at that price, it's going to need all the flashy tech speak it can get for average Joe consumer. So yes and no as to whether specs matter. :P
  • WORD
  • Unfortunately, the average consumer never, ever, buys a Windows Phone.
    I don't care how many times we hear about ATT supporting the platform, Verizon's exclusive on Halo, I have never seen, ever, a salesperson at an ATT or Verizon store do anything but steer people away from Windows Phone.
  • Why the need for 38MP? Especially since HDTV doesn't display past 2.1MP and the upcoming 4k TVs won't display past 8.2MP. It's good for marketing though
  • haven't read anything we wrote in the last 2 days nor anything from Nokia on how their camera technology works. I can tell. Hint: read this
  • i was about to reply and say lossless zoom, but your reponse was better lol.
    Wonder if clove will get the 64gb version, i usually get my phones from them.
    Also wondering if to wait, daniel do you think their would be a quad/1080p version this year? Maybe in metal like the 925?
  • It is not for marketing, it is useful for zoom and for better image processing.
  • Same can be said for 1080P and Quadcore processors on phones.
    Is just progress man. Look how Apple make a selling point of retina displays while they zoom in to levels our eyes can't even see anyway. Is just salesmanship. It'd be funny though if some sites start declaring camera and picture quality not being important key points when reviewing phones from here on out. If you look around you can see already posts about 41mp being overkill. The only thing that to me makes this phone a hard buy is the price. Don't get me wrong, the technology is well worth the 300 and then some, but if it were 150 everyone on the fence about whether to get an IP5, GS4 or this would have been all over this in a sec. Not to mention the media would have also been all over this as well (free advertisement).
  • Hmm good points. I wonder how 2MP images would look with that camera, I'm already fascinated by the 2MP images I take with my 8X.
  • Did you say cuadcore and mean it?
  • Lol, damn coronas!
  • It's "overkill" when your competitor has it and you don't. If it is the reverse, then it is "cutting edge" and "innovative" and "brilliant".
  • You know what would have been great for those 38mp pictures? A fricken 64gb microSD card.
  • so true, shame Nokia's head was up their designers ass
  • You mean the fact that they crammed so much inside the case they didn't have room for a MicroSD card, just like the 92x series? Hmm.
  • The camera is amazing, but nothing else about this phone justifies that price tag for me personally. Also, it doesn't help that the windows phone OS needs some overdue upgrades...and that doesn't seem to be coming until 2014. Since photography is not high on my list, I can't justify an upgrade to the 1020.
  • This is the beauty of living in a free world. Not every phone was designed with you in mind. You don't have to buy this particular one.
  • And I'm not going to purchase it. What exactly is the point of your response besides snark and thinly veiled condescension?
  • Good, then be quiet.
  •, I won't. But feel free to continue your juvenile behavior.
  • +1. Every phone has its specialities designed for those who need for something.
  • " Since photography is not high on my list, I can't justify an upgrade to the 1020."
    Which is a 100% valid and reasonable position. In that case, waiting for the true "920 successor" or 8.1 devices is your best bet. But yeah, the 1020 is for a niche/specific audience. Hell, as much as I love the 1020, I'm also really excited for the T-Mobile Lumia 925. 
  • If I buy this phone, I'll definitely be storing my photos on my unlimited storage Flickr account. Even the free Flickr accounts are 1TB. As much as I like AT&T as my carrier, it's no way I'll support their Locker.
  • "’ll have to dig for that micro-USB cable and sync up to your PC. It’s kind of smart, if you think about it."
    Hahaha... Ok, that is a little fanboy defensive. But, ok! (Giggle)..."smart"...tihi:)
  • Ya know what's even smarter? WiFi synch with Zune. I enjoy that daily. It's a pity WP8 is a step backwards in synching.
  • I wouldn't say "fanboy defensive" just the realities of the world. Data usage outside of the US is a lot more expensive and if people had 8-10MP photos uploading over cellular, it would cost an arm and a leg. Fact is, it's a rare instance, even over Wi-Fi that sending multiple 8MP images is something that you want to do. Between the data connection and the hardware, there will be a few bottlenecks.
  • To me it seems that it is the US that is expensive, but I don't keep track on the other countries. I live in Sweden myself and it seems like the US is hell of alot more expensive than here.
  • Sweden is way ahead of other EU countries when it comes to mobile technology; and also mobile broadband prices, although that is about the only thing thats cheaper is Sweden.
  • Nah your Volvos are cheaper and certain recreational and illicit items/sevices
  • Yeah, I was talking about those services specifically of course.
  • These tutorials look really good, much better than the previous ones, and right now WP is front and center when you go to ATT's site when you shop devices, the image for smartphones has (presumably) the 1020 in front. 
    I think their "discount" is a little low. The Iphone and some Androids have $400+ "discounts", yet this is only $360, but even with a lower discount you would still be stuck waiting 2 years to upgrade :(. Although I guess we don't know how much ATT actually pays for each of the other phones. 
  • All they need now is a shutter release mechanism for it. Maybe they can borrow what Apple did with the iPhone, and use the "answer call" button from a headset to take a shot when you have the camera app opened. This is especially useful if they're going to have a 4 second exposure mode, to reduce motion blur when you mount your phone to a tripod. 
  • That's ok...ill pass I have an 8x I may look into getting a 920 of CL for 250ish some even new in box for 300ish....
  • I'm just glad to see there's a lenses button in Pro Camera too, because while it is a great looking app, sometimes I'll want to jump to other camera apps as well.  If there wasn't a lens button, I'd probably have to stick to the MS stock app as my default.
  • I hope AT&T this time is taking an actual effort to promote Lumias. In 1020 announcement q&a session someone bashed AT&T support for Nokia to the ground and people applauded, so it seemingly was a crappy marketing support they gave.
  • It was very nice to see the orange N8 Elop was lugging around with him on launch day, this relic still has a great camera compared to newer competition, rarely turn my old black N8 on anymore and this reminded me of it so blew the cobwebs off it and took some pics that put my 925/920 to shame (daytime). Man that Symbian belle is a slow buggy POS especially compared to my 920, WP is so smooth and fast and I think I've been taking that for granted till the N8 reminded me.
  • As a small country and thus small market we're not a launch market for Nokia and haven't been so for ages (and won't be for ages to come i presume). i could be ages before the lumia 1020 will  be available in Belgium but i would like to get it rather soon. Now i'm wondering if the following would be possible:
    I have a colleague in the US that will be there untill the start of August. Would it be possible for her to buy the Lumia 1020 at full retail price and force it to be unlocked as she would be heading abroad. And if so would it work in Belgium (i don't even care on which provider but my preference would be proximus).
    I know i'm probably asking to much but still, doesn't hurt to pose the question.
  • Does anyone have about $680 they like to donate my #needa1020 foundation? I'll send u this 920 for it.
  • Hm, i don't know whether i should buy the phone or not... What do  you think: Will the Lumia 1020 have the same flagship position like the Lumia 920 had?? Will it be THE super flagship phone like the 920 was????
  • I remember when HATERS said WINDOWSPHONE doesn't have HDMI OUTPUT..guess what same as the 3d phone release by others people didn't give a shit about it.. But a 41 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA on a phone..SHOOT even my iPhone friends won't stop talking about it..
  • I really wish that the WINDOWSPHONE LOGO or the HOME screen button is BIGGER!!.. IM JUST SAYING
  • Omg I'm going to pass on the master piece, just got off the phone with over priced At&t I'll stick with my unlocked 920 on t-mobile I pay $62 bucks compared to $115 on at&t
  • Yep may have to sell my HTC ONE for this!!!  
  • The $650 seems fair considering the tech involved. But I still don't quite understand the $300 with 2year contract. I thought the point of the AT&T exclusivity was so the carrier would subsidize the phone. $300 for the 64gb version I would have considered leaving t-mobile
  • Okay, so it's $659 off contract. Somebody explain to me why ffs is it $299 on contract?? Do they just not want WP to succeed?
  • The nokia 808 running symbian let you upload 38mp photos onto skydrive automatically up until very recently, and the phones 1.3ghz processer never paused once doing it so i doubt that is the reason.
    You can still you the old sis file to get the functionality back if you no where to look.