AT&T video tutorials revealed for the Nokia Lumia 1020; shows upcoming accessories, costs $659

In just two weeks’ time, consumers in the US will be given the opportunity to buy the most advanced camera and smartphone combo in the world. Fetching for $299 on contract ($659 off), the game changing Nokia Lumia 1020 is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Now, three internal videos from AT&T have managed to find their way to our YouTube channel, which detail various aspects of the 1020, including Pro Camera, AT&T Locker and accessories. The videos appear to be meant for training of AT&T employees, to familiarize them with the new product and thus are not listed on AT&T’s public site. Such videos may be released later during the official release to help consumers as well.

AT&T Locker and what’s special about the AT&T Lumia 1020

We’ve reported on the new AT&T Locker app, which was recently released for Windows Phone devices that sport an AT&T SIM card. The cloud storage service is akin to SkyDrive but some users have managed to get past the 5GB offer and get bumped to 50GB.

On the Lumia 1020, there are two images taken at once: the 38MP full image and the oversampled 5MP one for sharing.  But here’s the catch: you can only backup to SkyDrive the 5MP one, including any edited versions.

AT&T's full pricing on the Nokia Lumia 1020: $659.99

If you want to save those massive 38MP images, you can’t do that over-the-air as it is basically disabled on the Lumia 1020. Instead, you’ll have to dig for that micro-USB cable and sync up to your PC. It’s kind of smart, if you think about it. After all, uploading a dozen 38MP images may potentially choke your phone during regular usage.

But not for those on AT&T.

The AT&T version will allow you to backup the full images to your AT&T Locker, which we see as a move by AT&T to allow users to go ahead and use a lot of their data—after all, it’s more money for AT&T in the long run. Still, it’s nice to know for once those in the US won’t be completely hindered by that restriction.


Lumia 1020 accessories

We know that Nokia will be selling two camera accessories, including the Camera Grip (PD-95G) and the wireless charging cover (CC-3066) but it looks like Nokia also gave some hardware information to some third party manufactures as well.

In one of the videos at the very end we can see some Lumia 1020 cases from Speck, Incipio, iFrogz and Ballistic that will presumably be available on launch day. Each case and manufacture will have their selling points, including “super tough” cases for those of you prone to dropping things. That's good news as we're hoping that third-parties (software and accessory makers) jump on the Lumia 1020 to greatly enhance what is sure to be this year's "must have" device.

Watch the rest of the AT&T videos below.

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