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Nokia announces the Lumia 1020 Windows Phone on AT&T for $299, coming July 26

Nokia has today unveiled and announced the Lumia 1020 for AT&T. The Windows Phone is the latest flagship handset from the Finnish manufacturer, following the Lumia 920, Lumia 928 and Lumia 925. What's important here is the jump to a new group, no longer are we wrapped up in the 9xx series. So what's the Lumia 1020 all about and is it exactly as leaked renders and information suggested? 

If you've not been following our coverage on the Lumia 1020 (codenamed "EOS"), it's been a rather eventful adventure. Multiple leaks have painted an interesting picture of what we can expect the next Lumia to look like, sporting a 41MP PureView camera. Ever since Nokia released the Pureview 808 running Symbian, Windows Phone consumers have been calling out for a similar handset running Microsoft's OS. That time has come with yet another high-end Windows Phone being made available.

Lumia 1020

Specifications wise, the Lumia 1020 sports a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 4.5-inch AMOLED display (with Gorilla Glass 3, PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack, High Brightness Mode, Sunlight readability and Super sensitive touch), PureView 41MP rear shooter (6 lens optics, High resolution zoom 3x, Autofocus, Xenon Flash), 1.2MP HD wide angle front-facing camera, 2000mAh battery and all the usual bells and whistles one would expect from a Nokia Windows Phone. 

As well as the confirmed look and hardware, the Lumia 1020 also features new innovations and improvements to the overall user experience. We're focusing on photography here. Multiple levels of zoom, automatic face detection and dual-capture (oversampled image is for sharing on social networks and more). The Windows Phone processes up to 5x more megapixels than competing hardware. "You can literally find a needle in a haystack." 

When can you pick yours up and how much will you be looking to fork out? Consumers will be able to get their hands on the Lumia 1020 on AT&T starting July 26th (pre-orders start July 16th) for $299 on contract, as well as operators outside the US. The Lumia 1020 is available in matte white, black and yellow.

Be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for the latest from the floor, as well as the Nokia website.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Wish it had a bigger battery but it doesn't need to be any thicker I suppose
  • OMG a camera that sends text messages
  • it's not camera it's phone.
  • I don't think you understood his joke, sir.
  • You called it!
  • I was so hoping that AT&T would not price it so high, they doomed this to a niche device when it has so much more potential, hoping for a sale soon.
  • Between $100-200 on several carriers would have been best
  • Agreed, I have a feeling it will do better internationally then in the states.
  • As well as completely impossible given Nokia's current market position..
  • Indeed, at $300 I will wait for sale, no point in wasting that much cash if I am stuck to a two year contract.
    Huge fail for ATT and Nokia.
  • This phone seems to support lte, cdma, and 4G bands, perhaps we can buy it out right and use on another carrier?
  • I do they hope to attract developers with moves like this?
  • From outside the US it's hard to understand why $100 difference in price is a deal breaker, I could easily spend that much on a night out. Over the term of a 2 year contract it's an extra $1/week.
  • I'm an owner of a Samsung Focus S on AT&T. My upgrade option just came up two weeks ago. I was so looking foward to picking up the Nokia 1020 and trading in my Focus S for $100 in-store credit. The N1020 priced at $200 after trading in my old phone is a deal breaker for me. I'm pretty bummed out right now. Do you guys think I should hold out and wait until Dec or Jan for the next generation Nokia or just take the N920 at no cost and have a new phone now? My Focus S has been flashed to 7.8 and still runs like a charm. I've just been waiting since the Lumia 900 to jump on the Nokia bandwagen. Any opinions would be apprecated =)
  • I'd wait if I were you. It'll go on sale someplace, amazon maybe. Plus by then their Phablet will come out and yet another decision for you.
  • At $300 I would definitely wait, which is what I am doing with my 900. Was looking forward to upgrading it to the 1020 but I just can't condone such greed as $300 + 2y contract. Damn ATT, maybe time to switch.
    That Forbes reporter nailed it.
  • Direct me to the article?
  • Article? Refering to the question that was asked by Forbes at the Nokia press conference, labeling ATT as a crap carrier.
  • I'm from Canada, so paying higher price and trap in three yrs contract is a norm. To me, for $200, you get the latest from Nokia, it's cheaper than getting a new decent point and shoot camera. It's a no brainer. I am sure if anyone give the phone a chance, really try it out before judging it, most would fall in love with it. Love my Lumia 920, can't wait to get the 1020, though it's going to cost me $700.
  • I would wait, at $770 for the device and grip, plus add sales tax, not worth it. If your phone runs like a charm and meets your needs in your shoes I would wait. Definitely will go on sale, maybe even at a Microsoft store.
  • Wait until Black Friday!
  • If you really want this phone, suck it up and buy it.  If you can't afford it, don't buyt it.  Pretty simple....  $300 is alot on contract, maybe if they had a 64GB version for that amount, which I do not understand why they don't a 64GB option.  They should have at least built in an micro-SD into the case.  That would have made too much sense!
  • Well, you certainly cannot go wrong with the Lumia 920. It's still a great phone with a great camera. That said, I realize $300 is a lot of money, but it packs a 41MP camera! One that comes with fantastic photo software, 2GBs of RAM, 4GLTE, and all the other benefits a smart phone has. You can't buy any other camera that comes with all that, at that price. If the best smartphone camera in the world is overkill for you, then get the 920: you'll love it. But, if you want the best of the best, why wait? Get the 1020. It's not going to drop in price anytime soon.
  • I would just wait six months.  After that, you'll likely be able to find this phone for $300 *unlocked*.
    The Lumia 920 is already available second hand on ebay for under $200, as an example.
  • Unfortunately I'm so mad I went and got a htc one. I'm very happy with the device, it cost me $86 out the door. They release one camera with an old phone on one carrier? MS and Nokia do not understand the smartphone game and its getting embarrassing. Go get the one....ive synced everything over and the one has the 3 dots your used too and I'm controlling my cable box nd TV remote. I think you'll be happy.
  • I went back and forth went the 920 came out and yes really enjoyed it!!  Loved the quality, but a few things annoyed me that were missing, anyways, the ONE is my go to phone for now.....I may get the 1020 in another month, but for now, The ONE takes great pics, IMO, and does what I need, you got a solid phone!!  Plus you can always sell it on ebay for close to what the 1020 costs straight up if you really want it, probably what I will do in August!!
  • That depends on how much you want something new.  Whether a 920 series device or the 1020, up to $300 for a device with this quality is a deal.  What did you pay for your last Camera?  Or your last Computer?  And neither can do as much as one of these small devices can in its size.  And you always have it with you.
    You could wait, but if your waiting for the next new phone, you might just be doing so until your current phone implodes and your forced to buy, phones have been changing fast for years.
  • Yeah and if Porsche sold their cars for the same price as a Ford they'd sell millions more and everyone else would go out of business. But then, so would Porsche...
  • Apples and Oranges, Ford mass produces vehicles, Porsche a select few, no one wants anyone to go out of business, but if Nokia was hoping for mass US sales at a high price won't happen.
  • Not the same thing at all!
    Lumia 920 was ~$550 when it first came out, but with a 2 year contract it was $100 and came with a free Qi charging plate ($70). That is a $530 discount on the phone when it was first launched, which just goes to show that they were behind the product. Meanwhile the Lumia 1020 is a $600 phone and at launch they are only taking $300 off of the price and not offering any bonus accessories. That is a joke for a high end phone launch. Even a $350 discount to bring the phone down to $250 would make a large difference in the success of this phone, and a $350-400 discount is much more standard fair for these types of things. Personally I am waiting for a true "next gen" device to come out with GDR3 before I upgrade, and I will be more than willing to pay out of pocket for it, so I was never really in the running to buy the 1020 in the first place. But I think ATT is really shooting themselves in the foot with this price point.
  • More significantly, AT&T is shooting Nokia in the foot with this pricing! Personally, they eliminated me as a buyer once they broke past $250 on subsidy.
  • More accurately, AT&T is shooting Nokia in both feet, then in the back of the head, mob execution style.
  • your paying for the camera, plain and simple thats all! and yes I am not happy with the price!! I enjoy my HTC ONE, but miss my 920....ugh may just wait till August!
  • 920 was $450 at release (on ATT)
    They can charge this much because frankly there is no other device with the camera capabilities, even the GS4 zoom (?) won't be able to compare
  • The 32Gb iPhone 5 is $299 with a new contract. Its actually priced very competitively especially looking at that camera you get.
  • Yea at first I was complaining that it was too expensive, but then I started checking out other phones on AT&T and I saw the Iphone 5 32GB model going for 300.  -lol literally tons of people buy the iphone for this kind of money.  I will suck it up this time...and go out and buy it the first day.  But I solemy swear, this will be the last time and last phone I will ever spend this much money upfront for.   Phones are getting ridiculously expensive these days.  I can only imagine what an upgraded spec + 41MP sensor phone would cost. 
  • Technically phones are about the same as they have been for the last 5-or-so years, or cheaper, while packing in a heck of a lot more goodies. IPhones have been $600 for the 3g onwards (or $650 for the 5), blackberries were $700-800 new, Nokia N8 was $600-700 new, Galaxy Ses have been $700 or so. The off-contract price isn't bad, but I don't think there's $200 worth of extra camera goodness compared to the $450-500 Lumia 920/928/925 (especially without built-in wireless charging like the 920/28, but the subsidized price is in line with the cost of the phone plus the early termination fees and taxes. The biggest subsides have been on the galaxies, iphones, and blackberries. This might be the sign of lower subsidies for top-end phones.
    Ugh, why did this have to be exclusive?!
  • Considering everything they are packing into phones now and all you can do with them, i'd still say even the iPhone is a bargain. It's all relative though.
  • +1020
  • That iPhone 5 32gb is another example of AT&T gouging.  The same phone is $199 on Verizon.
    Yes, when compared to the iPhone the 1020 is competitively priced, but most people know that the iPhone is overpriced to begin with, and the iPhone 5 is nearly 1 year old.  So you get similar features to a 1 year old phone plus a much better camera.  It seems as though the Apple tax is in play for this phone.
  • Actually, Verizon's iP5, 32GB is $299 too.
  • Not for existing customers.  They are offering $100 off any iPhone 5.
  • Just checked with a rep - there is no discount for existing customers.
  • Apparently it expired then.  There was an offer in June.  I still have the email from it, but the email doesn't list an expiration date.  It just says limited time offer.  I assumed they were going to keep the promotional price with the 5s on the horizon.
  • I just clicked on the link from the email. It still works and shows the 16GB iPhone 5 as $99, and the 32GB as $199, etc. So maybe you need to talk to a different rep then.
  • It's great that this timed promotion is still valid, but I would not generalize based on it.
  • How is stating a factual piece of information generalizing?
  • I understand that it's a factual piece of information, but what also is true that is not an official permanent  price drop. Can you guarantee that as of July 26 it will still be in effect? And how do you know that there are no similar emails sent to existing ATT customers?
  • I am not sure why I am continuing to talk about this.  I guess the pure ludicrousy of it all leaves me too compelled.  If it makes you feel better, I will revise my statement saying that the iPhone 5 is available on Verizon for $199 for at least some customers for what may be a limited time.  There, do you feel better now?  This is just plane rediculous to go on about something involving pricing where even the so-called "permanent" price fluctuates.  I thought it was obvious that the price I mentioned earlier was at this point in time and that any price can change, but apparently it wasn't as obvious to some.  In addition, I am not sure why you attempt to call me out for generalising about a price, which I never did, when others are generalising about the fact that the 1020 will drop in price shortly after release.  Why not annoy them?  The only reason I can think of is that you must work for AT&T and I hit a nerve.  That or you have nothing better to do than to contact "reps" in your free time to check prices on phones you are not planning to buy.
  • Well, you stated it yourself that your original reference to V's IP5 pricing was not complete. After our exchange the information you've provided will be beneficial to everybody else.
    So, the bottom line is that att and v both charge too much for ip5. Have a great day and enjoy your 920.
  • It's not a bad price if compare with other competitors, not very good as Nokia's current position though (Its overall quarter sales is half of S4's month sale). 
    And I don't think it's an idea from ATT alone. It's a price that's gonna help Nokia's other partners. Imagine if it's the same price like the 928 and 925, Tmo and Verizon will be heavily affected. 1020's spec is much higher. 
    Furthermore, there will be a sale soon.
  • The price will come down not long after the phone is released.  That's been AT&T's method of pricing for years now.  Before the end of the summer, there will be a way to get this phone for $99 with or without rebates, mark my words.
  • Happy with my 920 :) But the 1020 is a great phone.
  • Me two
  • Well golly gee, me three!
  • Yo, me four
  • Indeed, me five. I kind of wished I waited a bit before getting the HTC 8X. The Windows Phone selection is getting a good selection now. Eagerly awaiting a Nokia "Phablet", ever since I got the Acer Iconia tablet from BUILD. If the Iconia was 5" and had a full Windows 8 copy, with HDMI out, and a battery that can hold out for a day or so between charges, and an SD card slot... that would be epic.
  • Happy with my 8X, it's one of the nicest looking phones in the world. I've had strangers spot my phone and tell me how nice it looks, which was slightly weird.
  • I'll bite! Me Five!
  • High-five!
  • With that price and a 41 MP camera. People are surprised? Wow. Over time it'll go down. Plus Black Friday. So.... Yeah EDIT: The double standard is annoying me. I know Nokia doesn't have the control that apple and Samsung does to monopolize prices but the main problem isn't the price but because its a "windows phone" and that really pisses me off. I'm done for the day.
  • Poop
  • To much .
  • I'd get one if I did not have a 920
  • Wondering if I should wait for the next iteration and stick with my l920 or pick this up. Decisions decisions.
  • Same here
  • Don't understand why people isn't happy with their actual phones, I mean, you bought it for a reason, time may have passed, but give it more time, get in love with it as we used to in the past :)
  • The 920... that device that's not even a year old yet?
    I dunno... I like the 1020 too, but I'm not ready to let go of my 920.  I don't get 'upgrading' in less than a year, seems like a huge waste.
  • Depends how much you paid for it... Amazon gave me a $50 credit when I got my phone. So instead of it costing me $49.99 I got a $100 credit because of a malfunction that I can't even recall. I get too be picky plus I want Nokia to succeed.
  • Spoken truthfully. I think it would be best to wait for the next wave of wp8 phones. Along with the GDR3 update. Your opinions have been taken into consideration.
  • I bought a Lumia 710 off contract for just $130 last year and will not trade it in as long as it works. That said, the Lumia 1020 and 920 both look fantastic.
  • Disappointed Nokia fan here :( 920 with a better camera! Sorry I will pass this one! Happy with my 920.
  • My camera & phone are starting to feel old (L920)
  • Old? Old is my Lumia 800 ~ oldest Lumia
  • GDR2 is coming soon, and should pump some extra features into your camera.
  • smh.  'old' at less than a year.
  • Yes. A new device came out and I want it. IDC if it was a day old... smh...
    BTW I love my 920 which I would give to my girl. She loves my phone... Feel better now?
  • What did you expect? The main draw of this phone is the camera.. That's the whole point. Nokia's true successor for the 920 won't be out till the end of the year.
  • How exactly is that disappointing? It was always supposed to be the exact same thing as the 920 with a much better camera. It is not a 920 successor.
  • how does your 920 have a better camera? lol
  • Love my 920, however...gotta talk the wife into my hand-me-down as her contract is about to expire. Any suggestions?
  • show her a low light pic, maybe an intimate one?
  • The live feed is pretty interesting. One question "why wasn't wireless charging included". Apparently sales people didn't know about it and at&t wanted the phone to be thinner??? At this point: sure why not.
  • wireless charging is a gimmick,  you still need a power outlet to charge your phone.  Instead of plugging you just need to put on the pad.  Same stuff different method. 
    The big deal nokia made about wireless charging was you dont need to bring wires anymore, yet you need the wire to plug into the adapter into the outlet. 
    Not a great feature IMO unless you start seeing wireless charging pads in restaurants and public places. 
  • I respectfully disagree. While it may be a waste of time for you, it's something that brings convenience to a whole new level. Don't diss on the technology just because it didn't serve you any purpose.
  • True, its a desired taste. When I got my mess around 920 (unlocked but I don't have 4G LTE Tmobile in my area) I thought wireless charging was awesome, then I realized how much I use my phone in bed while sleeping varying, and just in general plugged in charging, then my wireless charger became a paper weight. Its neat to show off to people though!
  • I don't see it as a gimmick or a need for a good smart phone. It was just bleh for me. I just want people to stop complaining about it like it's going to bring it back. From the live show it should be apparent that built in wireless charging has been axed by Nokia and Att.
  • That's just the start. As technology gets better so will wireless charging pads. For example... Pads that hold charge and can be used when needed without having to connected to the wall for it to work.
    It might feel like a gimmick now but it will be the future of charging
  • ... That is not how wireless charging works. Wireless charging is very inefficient when compared to a physical connection. The pad holds no charge, and if you were to put a battery in the pad so you could do wireless charging while on the go then you would end up with a massive brick because a large percentage of the charge would be lost in the transfer. This is not like transistor technology which will get drastically better with time. This is very old and mature technology which will only see minor improvements over time, and said improvements will come with a new standard which will not be compatible with anything currently available on the market.
    Portable chargers will always need a physical connection. However, when you have an outlet to plug into this is not such a big deal. Yes, it is inefficient, but we are still talking about such small amounts of power that it is insignificant in an average home's power budget. In this case wireless charging is awesome because you can place your phone down in the dark without need to fish out a cable, or fiddle about with a plug. The plug on the back of the phone will also not get nearly as much wear and tear (something almost all of my friends have had issues with over the 2 year life of their smartphones) so your phone stays in nice working order much longer. Plus, it is very easy to incorporate a charging plate into furniture or a little stand for your phone to make the wires disappear entirely. It really is a wave of the future. However, Qi is no longer viewed as the defacto winner of the standards war that is going on like it was when the 920 was released. Because of this all of the new phones are compatible with a wireless charging case, but if Qi goes under all you need to do is purchase a new case rather than a whole new set of devices. Plus it is one less liscense to purchase in the manufacture of the phone, and adds another accessory that can be purchased for Nokia devices which means a little more income coming in. Personally I think wireless charging is a must-have feature, and I would very much like to see it be put back inside of the phone... but at the same time this is the smarter move for Nokia until they get in an influential position similar to Apple or Samsung where the industry will follow them on whatever standard they decide to adopt.
  • With that reasoning, a smartphone is a gimmick. Do you really need one?
  • I'm gonna disagree, as well.
    At first I thought it was a gimmick, too, but I've become very used to just walking through the kitchen & dropping my phone on the pad or swiping it off the pad without having to stop and use two hands deal with a plug.  It's EXTREMELY convenient and one of my favorite features from my 920.
    My wife is very jealous of my wireless charging capabilities and I'm very disappointed that Nokia has decided not to include it in their new phones.
  • Agreed. I thought it was a little gimmicky at first. Then I decided to go for it and bough two pads... one for work and one for home. I absolutely love it and don't want to have a phone without it.
  • I have a 928 and 2 wireless charging stands from Nokia. Love wireless charging...just set the phone on the stand and it charges.
  • I have to disagree with you I've had wireless charging on my past 2 phones (Lumia 920 and Palm Pre Plus) its one of the reasons I bought the 920.
  • Are you spouting off about wireless being a gimmick again!!! Your point is not a point. Its obvious you have never used wireless charging. You plug in a wireless pad ONE time, then you get the convenience of never plugging in again. If you have multiple chargers then you get to charge without plugging in a several places. I even have one in my bathroom. I normally dont care for people who call other posters idiots but c'mon, give it a break, you just look stupid when you say you have to plug in a wireless charger. You must be a nomad who moves constantly and have to charge on the go so the wireless charger doesn't work for you but it doesn't mean its a gimmick. I myself will not have another phone without it.
  • This again? Your constant sputtering about wireless charging being a gimmick is becoming questionable. Like a guy living in a tiny apt claiming that 7.1 channel surround sound is a gimmick. or
    I 'm not into getting f**** in the ass, so I'm going to declare that anal lube is just a dumb gimmick. I mean, it would just be an absolute crime to even consider that everyone is different and has different wants and needs, wouldn't it?
  • Last question was the best question I've ever heard at any keynote.
  • ^THIS. AT@T claims they are a "partner" but any sales rep will just point you to iphone or android.
  • Too bad Vega wasn't on stage when this question was posed. Glad the question was supported by applause from the attendees :-). This is not just an AT&T problem. When I check in with the carriers/mobile retail outlets in Canada, the limited product knowledge and tendency to push IOS/Android products is also present.
  • I really loved the applause after that question, you could just imagine the ATT guy cringing backstage.
    Screw ATT and their greed asking $300 for a 2y contract phone. Damn fools.
  • You know what, I'm an android user but I totally agree with you. I went into a tmobile store to pick up the HTC 8x for my mother and all the store rep did was talk about how he didn't like the OS and that all the other reps didn't like it either. I even proved to him that I knew how to use the OS and it would be fine and he kept pushing a crappy android phone on me. I had to really put my foot down to get the phone I wanted. My mother didn't need the features that I need android for so it was perfect and so was the price of zero down. 
  • Lol. At first I was like BURRRRRRRRNNN!!!!! Ouch! But then got super surprised when Elop took ownership of the problem. Dude was prepared. He had ALMOST made me forget that it costs 299.99 on contract..
  • Elop is a class act. I feel sorry for him that he is stuck having to partner with idiots like ATT.
  • Agreed, made me smile really quick. Elop didn't give a straightforward answer, but what was he to do? Certainly not insult his biggest US partner. Maybe De La Vega heard it in the background and it got him thinking.
  • Much praise to Elop on how he handled and owned the question. Very nicely done without conceding, deflecting or throwing your business partner under a bus. Nice job.
  • I have to agree. He's a quick thinker.  He'd be the winner of the Miss Universe pageant.  If, you know, he was a girl, and pretty.
  • I wish De La Vega had been on stage for that.  The first Nokia launch was just wow, no one knew a damn thing.  The 920 launch was a lot better for me.  So I suspect it'll get better.  Also, this thing stands entirely alone so it'll be hard for a rep to be "derp" about it.  Maybe.. :P
  • Whenever I go down to my local ATT store several of the reps know me and always start asking me about everything on my WP. They are amazed at the stuff I tell them but they are mostly Android fanboys who were previously iPhone fanboys and no way they are switching because Android is still cool. They only point people like them to Androids and then old people and the tech ignorant to Apple. It reinforces their feelings about their phones and makes them feel tech superior to tell em about it because thats what they know. Personally they all are intrigued by what I show them and some show jealousy but most are not really tech advanced and are not up to the challenge of switching. ATT is the last place someone will be taught about a windows phone imho.
  • at $299 I don't know what the hell they were thinking
    I believe this will prove a major fail factor for the device in many reviews and consumer opinions.
  • Dude its not really a typical smartphone its a camera phone. Of course cameraphones are going to be expensive 
  • lol, every phone is a camera phone nowdays, with a 2 year contract the $300 is just an overkill even if its for the best camera hone out there.
    I will not pay $300 just to be stuck in a 2y contract.
    At $200 I would probably go for it.
    At $100 I would be preordering righ away.
  • That is some amazing tech. Nokia has some pretty talented engineers.
  • Now would be the time for an official Instagram app❗❕❗❕
  • A thinner 920 w/ a better battery and a mack-daddy camera - sounds good to me.
    That $299 makes me pause...but only just a little.
  • Niche device sadly. Where's my 520 news for AT&T bands?
  • You can get 2 520s off contract for the on-contract price of the 1020, incredible marketing fail.
  • Well you think new technology grows on trees materializes out of thin air? Nokia's r&d expenses are way higher than apple's.....even when Nokia Is low on cash. They can't possibly sell this at a loss....being a shareholder that would be a massive fail in my eyes. The fact remains this is going to be a low volume device irrespective of price
  • A product running Windows released 2 weeks after announcement? This is the first horsemen of the apocalypse!
  • If it wasn't for the $300 price tag.
  • I kinda like the "hump" I think it adds character ;)
  • Any word on it coming to Rogers in Canada?
  • Ditto. Come on Elop, what about your fellow countrymen?
  • Wait a month or so, it will drop.  THere isn't going to be a lot of people dropping $300 on a phone with a 2 year contract which now they have to stay the full 24 months. 
    Rather just use my upgrade on an iphone and flip it. 
  • Exactly $300 + 2y contract is just pure greed by ATT.
  • Signed up literally just because of this, lol. 
    Anyhow, when they say $299 "on contract", do they mean with a new contract only?  Would you possibly be able to get it for less as an upgrade?  Because my back paychecks for the summer have dried up and I might need to ask for this thing as a birthday present instead if that's not the case.  
    Otherwise, I'm totally on board with it.  Say what you will, but coming from my rather lived-in 900, this is a tremendous improvement.  Plus I take lots of photos on vacation or at cons, so yeah.  
  • <p>If you are fully eligible for an upgrade it&#39;ll be $299 when you sign another 2 year contract agreement.&nbsp; I bought my 920 off contract but between the added cost of the 1020 and the accessories I&#39;ll probably do the upgrade pricing this time.</p>
  • Hm...well, that makes sense, at least.  I might have to either beg for it as a gift or just wait and save.  Frankly, this cost is no problem for me...or well, at least it wouldn't be if I had my regular salary.  Thanks for the clarification, though.  
  • Nice username! Your avatar doesn't look like Rodimus though. :)
  • Ahem, thank you-- I recently changed one without the other. >>;; Need to fix that, haha.  
  • Ralph De La Vega seemed like a used car salesman.  They should not let that guy speak on stage ever again.