Attention Hackers: Can you take on Microsoft’s BlueHat Challenge?

This week Microsoft announced the new BlueHat Challenge, a series of challenges to test your reverse engineering, vulnerability discovery, and web browser manipulation skill set.

Microsoft states that the tests are simply about having fun.

There are a variety of challenges in each aforementioned category with levels that get harder as you continue on. Anyone can participate in the challenge, although Microsoft wants you to know that this is not a contest despite the fact that the company will publicly recognize people who finish the challenge.

The Xbox team has even chipped in to create a few Xbox Live avatar items for those who complete the challenge. Items include a “hacker” t-shirt, a “MSRC” t-shirt, and a blue “hacker” hat.

To join in the challenge simply send an email to and include one of the following statements in the subject line depending on which challenge you would like to join: “[reverse]”, “[vulns]”, or “[web]”.

Let us know if you sign up for the challenge and good luck!

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault