AT&T has released a new video promo highlighting the Nokia Lumia 900 over on their YouTube Channel. Not sure if we'll see this hit prime time but the "just under two minute" video follows the Lumia 900 for a 24 hour period.  It's a nice video promo on the Lumia 900 and shines a nice light on the new Windows Phone.

The day begins with an alarm, a check of the weather and a quick status update. From there you see how the Lumia 900 fits into your everyday life up until it's time to set the alarm again and call it a day.  The promo is a little on the subtle side showing only glimpses of the Lumia 900 in action.  Just enough to get your curiosity up but not too much to be overwhelming.

So, what do you think? Does AT&T need more flash or is showing the Lumia 900 in action strong enough to attract new customers?

Source: ShareATT; Thanks, Jose, for the tip!