AT&T's "24 hours with the Lumia 900" ad hits the internet

AT&T has released a new video promo highlighting the Nokia Lumia 900 over on their YouTube Channel. Not sure if we'll see this hit prime time but the "just under two minute" video follows the Lumia 900 for a 24 hour period.  It's a nice video promo on the Lumia 900 and shines a nice light on the new Windows Phone.

The day begins with an alarm, a check of the weather and a quick status update. From there you see how the Lumia 900 fits into your everyday life up until it's time to set the alarm again and call it a day.  The promo is a little on the subtle side showing only glimpses of the Lumia 900 in action.  Just enough to get your curiosity up but not too much to be overwhelming.

So, what do you think? Does AT&T need more flash or is showing the Lumia 900 in action strong enough to attract new customers?

Source: ShareATT (opens in new tab); Thanks, Jose, for the tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I think it's pretty good. It could show some features of the phone more, but it gets the point across: The Lumia does everything you need in a day and it's a device you'll have on you all the time for everything.
    If these are the ads we're about to see on TV, I'll be pleased.
  • It feels a little too long but other than that I think it's a decent ad. The cyan model is certainly recognizable and should make people wonder about the phone.
  • The clapper at the end was classic!
  • It's actually a nice little ad which they could showcase. I still want more oomph in their ads. This is a great ad for a certain section, but if I wasn't getting the Lumia 900 already - this ad would not make me particually overjoyed to get it. 
    Side note: music was nice, any in the know?
  • I really liked it.  Nice web video.
  • They should've shown the black background
  • At this point any advertising would help. Just get it out there and raise awareness. As long as it's a non-stop relentless ad campaign, eventually people have no choice but to start paying attention. A lot of android ads aren't even that great. It's just how much there are and how many times you see them. It's all people know cause that's all they see (android and iphone)
  • Exactly what I thought. If they make the general public feel like this is the new "it-phone" and as if it's omnipresent, people will get curious and will want the phone. This ad is pretty nice and simple, but they need to make the phone look revolutionary in the public's eye. That's what will get it some attention.
  • Totally agree...most of the android ads aren't all that great. Even when I wanted android, I never liked the Verizon Droid commercials. IPhone commercials on the other hand, they still tempt me...until I use my iPad and realize how much I dislike the interface. Lol. If they can get even halfway decent ads airing on all the major networks, it will be a huge step in the right direction.
  • It's great and all seeing more internet stuff, but the average consumer that I believe Att, Microsoft, and Nokia want to reach are not surfing the web looking for the 900. We need tv ads like yesterday. I know it's coming, but why wait till it comes out? What about building anticipation by showing commercials a week in advance? Nokia tv ads need to hit them hard and often to get people interested. LTE and $99 are big buzz words and selling points. Get it done Nokia!! I'm pulling for you!
  • I'll have to disagree with everyone else, I don't like it. It doesn't show what's special about the phone or the OS, she could be using any other phone that wouldn't change the story.
    I found the UK ads much more telling but it's only the first US one so let's see what else AT&T has in store.
  • I agree with you - this reminded me of a BlackBerry ad, to be honest.  Over the past year or so RIM has been posting a lot of ads, this one especially:

    I mean, these are both decent enough ads but they don't show any diferentiating factors about each device.  That's even assuming there are any.  With the Lumia 900 ad, you could put any phone in her hands and the ad would be the same.  I find that disappointing.
  • I agree with you on this. This ad didnt have anything special and was really boring to me. Just had lunch at my desk and almost fell asleep watching it...just kidding but you get the point.
  • Well, it's a YouTube video by the carrier ATT; it's too long to be a television commercial, so no worries there; it's simply showing how easy it is to use the Lumia 900 and how it can easily fit into 'everyday' life for most people.  If you are referring to the Amazing Everyday ads, those were good as internet videos- highlighted aspects of the OS, but those too were too long (typically in the U.S. television commercials are 30 seconds in length).
    With that said, I don't consider this the first U.S. commerical, but it isn't an actual commercial; but it is the first effort by ATT, and I think it gets the point across.
    I am actually looking forward to what Nokia has planned with regards to television commericals; the smartphonebesttest 'preview' stuff is, in my opinion, not all that great.  But, hopefully, their ad agency that they hired will feature spots that focus on the device and what it excels at.  Personally, I wish that Nokia would simply use trimmed down versions of the Amazing Everyday ads. 
  • Its cool. I could see similar adds like this on Verizon, TMobile, Sprint, highlighting the different devices on the various carriers: same OS but different people using the different key specs: games/social media/office/bing etc throughout the day. It was minimalist which I liked, get in get out, focus on your life- not live through your phone. Good job.
  • This ad seems to pretty clearly be targeting people who don't yet own a smartphone. It doesn't show off a lot of the uniqueness of Windows Phone over Android or iOS, but it does show how the Lumia 900 can streamline your life. It'll be interesting to see what direction "Rolling Thunder" takes
  • Why do they have her using an Apple computer?  Isn't that who Nokia is trying to compete against?
  • Cool tv spot, except I am now so used to that Nokia alarm I associate it with the pain of getting out of bed... Oh! And why didn't she check the WPCentral app for her daily news fix??? ;)
  • Kinda lame, half the time she was walking around just looking at the screen, and randomly swiping around random apps. For all I know she was using a blue iPhone... She was typing on a mac keyboard after all wasn't she?
  • Who Cares about internet ads ?? TV ads is the way to go
  • Seriously!
  • I like that the ad is out, but...
    Unfortunately, I have to agree with the naysayers. I thought the idea of Windows Phone was to get back to life. The ad makes it look like all she does is stare at her phone, almost to the point of avoiding normal human contact, save for the dinner out.
    +1 for the sneaky subliminal... she never has to charge the thing.
  • yea, when she didn't plug it in at the end, I was thinking 'no phone tomorrow'
  • Hate the ad. Don't like it at all.. Shows hardly anything about how it fits into your life. Short glimpse or should I say blink of an eye of what the phone can do, yet you see more of everything else.. It needs narration and more about the phone and a balance between the woman on the features that works into her life. The ads need to be more like the iPad ads.. More about the phone and how different it is from all other phone out there. You see her use the office app, but how does it work in conjunction to office on the PC. The ad felt rushed, bland, not informative and showed nothing that made this phone different or better.. I own a first Gen HTC HD7. I love it, but Nokia needs to do better to impress US consumers. Look at the Motorola Razor ads.. IPhone ads.. I know I'm being harsh, but you have to be to male it in this market.. Microsoft sat on their hands for quite a long time in this market. Its a shame to think they have to play catch up. All the reason why ads should explain how different Windows Phone 7 is..
  • Well, this YouTube video is an AT&T production.  We've yet to see what the U.S. ad agency for Nokia is going to produce, although I imagine we will start seeing something from them in a few days.
  • Damn idiotic naysayers commenting on this, there are ads now and this isn't going to be the only one
  • Calling people names because they disagree with you shows how smart you are yourself.
  • people insulting things that they have been clamoring for over a long period of time isn't very smart either. especially since they probably can't do much better themselves.
  • I love that she had a clapper.
    My only criticism: her phone should have had a black/color theme, not a white/color theme. White/color hardly ever looks good.
  • I think it would depend on the device. I saw the Lumia 900 at an AT&T store today, and I have to say the dark theme looks better than the light one. But on my HTC Radar (white), the light theme definitely looks much better.
  • I think the problem is  that it's pretty tough to advertise differences in today's cell phone market. Most phones do the same basic things, albeit in different ways. The differences between phones are the style and the "feel" as well as the ecosystem they're attached to. These are more difficult things to promote.
    Ads today usually spend time getting people to know that a particular phone exists so that the user can go into a store, ask for it and try it out.
    Apple did a good job making relatively standard features seem amazing, but Nokia has to find a different way to do this.
  • Too subtle I think, Also, why use a MAC computer to advertise a Windows Phone andI agree with those who say we need to have ads on TV.
  • I don't think it's pretty tough to advertise having to spot light the live tiles features, the people first social media integration, office, Xbox live, free turn by turn, pinning, multi task, battery life and many more features that don't require you to constantly manage your phone like what most people do on Android phones. The focus should be less about the competition and more about the ease of use that Windows phone can offer.. Take the idea from all those smoked by a windows phone and spot light that into an informative ad..
  • It shows that the phone works its quick and fluid and there is enough  to it to get you through the day with your work ( screenshots of office ) and take care of your regular daily usage  I thought it was a really good ad  there need to be more on tv and it needs to be put up on facebook etc to helpget the 900 buzz going strong!
  • They didn't show key features of Windows Phone that make it great.  Like why did she have to pull up a page about the weather when the live tile should say it on the front?  Nothing she did was hard to do one any other smartphone of almost the last 2-3 years.
    Overall, pretty boring.  That woman doesn't do much work either. 
    Someone else also mentioned, it really should be plugged in to charge overnight.
    At least they showed it in blue, that is unique.
    I hope they don't bother putting it on TV.
  • Hey lads, I'm not to complain here but does someone know what's the Ringtone they used in this ad? Is it AT&T's or some custom one? Cause I can't find it in my Lumia 800. And btw it was funny to hear the same alarm tone in the ad that wakes me up each morning. Great ad too btw, it was all about 24h use of Nokia's Lumia 900, to link it with the famous say "Amazing everyday", that's all.
  • I wish I could spend 24 consecutive hours with my Windows Phone* but I'd have to recharge both batteries at least twice to do so.  ;-)
    *HTC Trophy from Verizon Wireless (USA)
  • I seen that she has a phone, but nothing much to do with getting through the day with a windows phone. You could do the same with any smart phone.. Lets be real, the ad didn't differentiate the Lumia 900 vs. any other smart phone.. At least when apple did a similar iPhone ad, it was about "Siri".. I seen nothing that made the Lumia 900 special.. This ad says to me.. Yup, Windows phone has a long way to travel to gain the hearts of current and new smart phone users.. I'm a huge windows phone fan.. Don't get me wrong.. I want my choice in getting this phone to matter, but ads like this will not cut it when consumers are blasted with ads about better, faster, sharper, thin, brighter, smarter smart phones out there.. There is always an iPhone and android app for his about everything.. Just like now, as I'm typing this, there is a TD bank north commercial talking about the apple and android app. Then a Motorola Razor commercial right after. Hope Nokia and Microsoft realize that you have to win on information, specs and usability. Not corney/funny, comparison vs. Other smart phone type of ads.. Talk about what make the phone better, different, faster and how it brings people together..
  • Too European for the typical American audience. Too subtle.
    That said, I love it.
  • Haha, this is a good point that sums it up perfectly. Although I'm not European, I have family that lives in Europe, so I've visited quite a bit. I'd have to say this is pretty accurate statement about the commercial.
  • I like it, it made me watch it if I didn't know what the phone was id be like ooo what's that and.keep watching to see of it shows more :)
  • I think some of you asking for more features don't really "get it".  I'm not sure that mass market consumers are looking for a commercial full of features and specs.  What ads and marketing should do is create an emotional connection.  I think this ad does that very nicely.  I personally loved it; it showcases what is so great about Windows's smart and it gets out of your way and lets you live.
    Someone above compared it to the Blackberry commercials.  Which I think is great because I remember those commercials.  And several times during those commercials, I remember thinking, hmmm I kinda want one.  Even though I know I don't.
    That's what good marketing makes you feel a connection to the product or service, and, most of all, makes you remember it and want to buy it.  Actually, I think this commercial video hits all the perfect's smooth, sophisticated, and flows well...just like Windows Phone.
    Reminds me of those HTC commercials...that they no longer have on air for some reason.  Those were good too. 
  • Argh, am I the only one that finds AMOLED devices being shown off with a white background infuriating?
    Show it off with a black background! Looks so much better!
  • Show the home screen show the home screen and show the home screen with the black background with the live weather tile right up top then go into the app and don't forget to show the radar.
  • spinster in the making...
    put down the phone.
  • I thought the commercial was okay. I liked the minimal aspect of it, but it didn't really focus on the phone long enough. I felt like the glimpses were too short. I like the concept of ths commercial, I just think it could've been executed a little better. I really hope Nokia has some big things planned for their commercials and other advertising.
  • Simple and effective to me
  • I'm not blown away by it... Windows Phone has so many great features... looking at her empty Facebook and Twitter Feeds didn't excite me. 
    What about using Local Scout to find a place for lunch...
    what about Wireless Sycning... Why not have her wake up and unplug her phone... and have her walk past her computer to the bathroom with a Zune client up saying Sync Complete.
    Highlight big name apps like RunKeeper, iHeartRadio...
    What about Pictures... pulling feeds from all social sites and your own albums... and skydrive.
    Hopefully in the next commercial... they'll have some of that.
  • good ideas my friend.. good ideas..
  • I get the ad, but in the US, its all about Thinner, faster, better, storage space, cooler.. Specs sheets. Americans who in a blink of an eye, would find a way to replace their  current phone with the next best thing. Yea, you will get those who will settle for the phone as is, but look at the example of the iPhone and iPad.. The next best thing makes Americans drool. Things that Americans love.. To have the latest and the greatest, to have the fastest, the newest. To compare specs and claim victory. People in the states camp out just to get their hands on something new.. So for Nokia and Microsoft to win over the masses. They have to feed Americans what they want. The carriers could not wait for LTE in the Apollo release. So they pushed Microsoft to do it now. Most of the popular apps missing on Windows Phone are waiting for the next update as well. So until Microsoft changes their tune and let it be known that this phone is faster, better, user friendly, and connects you in a way no other phone can. Then Americans will not be convinced or swayed over to a windows Phone. This ad did not do any of those things. I said this before.. What Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and any other phone maker and carrier needs to do is have an ad that showcases the phone in an ipad 3 kind of a way. Make it look and feel like their is no other. Americans again are to picky and they always want the best.. So, work with what you got, build up on it and sell it with ads that showcase the different "Everyday Amazing" Windows Phone 7...
  • Just to make it clear its some, not all of us who are picky or need the next great device.
  • It would be cool if there was an " I'm a Windows Phone 7 and I'm a iPhone and here is my poser look alike Android" Just like the Im a Mac and Im a pc ad.. Yea, its corney, but given some idea..
  • It could of showed the phone more like people,Xbox,Zune artest music all that Bing
  • better than nothing but need more phone and less her. More dialogue and possibly narrati0n about the simplicity of WP and showing major 3rd party apps et al.
    To vogue to really convey anything imo.
  • ZZZZzzzzz... It just felt like the phone sucked the life out of her day.  How about some more wow factor... Use the phone in more unique fashion...  get lost somewhere, have a sudden change in schedule and use the phone to easily adapt, have more emotion in it like the Blackberry Playbook ads (
  • I agree here. I was thinking about those Budweiser commercials where a guy starts off at the office, then moves into exercising then ends up with the hot chick at the bar! You know but using the Lumia to help do all that.
  • Here's a woman who seems to have her life together, nice job, friends, et cetera. Everything she wants to do, from her alarm clock to Office, to Facebook has a unified appearance and functionality. 
    This is how you reach employed people who are on the fence about dumping their BlackBerry. It's not going to grab teenagers on Daddy's family plan, or people who want to nerd out about how many apps they have. 
    I'm willing to bet that's closer to Microsoft's target demographic than delusional anti-Apple/Google zealots.
    Then again... I really liked the original Palm Pre ad. At the time, it almost made me leave AT&T. (And before you laugh at the Pre, notice how it had a native Pandora app when it launched in 2009? Oh snap!)
  • You make an interesting point here. I think it's smart to target professional crowds, and, frankly, Windows Phone should strive to compete with Blackberry first. I know a lot of professionals who have a BB for work and an iPhone for play. What if they tried Windows Phone and liked so much, they felt as though they didn't NEED that second device?
  • Ugly theme and white on a clearblack display, serious?
  • I liked the simple elegance of it. It's nice to see a tech commercial that's not all about dramatic lighting, spinning camera angles, and synth music blazing in the background with an authorative voice telling you how awesome it is. It kinda tells a story which is a nice departure from the modern advertising norm of cramming as much information at you in 30 seconds as possible.
    That said, it COULD have featured some more of the phone's (and WP's) features.
  • As I agree almost any phone could used in this ad, I think it's a nice way of marketing.
    People always ask when changing to a new OS, can this phone do this. Will this phone fit with the way my life is. This shows a quick glimpse of a day from waking up, texting, email, restarant reviews, camera, voice texting, just enough to say, the phone can do it and also enough to say I want to see more.
  • I'm sorry, it was just an ad of "Here's what I do everyday,"  done in a way that I pretty much do everyday already with my phone... and my phone is a Nokia E71... it's old! lol, and it got 'Smoked' by windows phone in a challenge ;-)  So I'll be upgrading soon...
  • I had a conference call today with my area manager about how AT&T is putting alot of money behind upcoming Windows Phone ads. He said AT&T is "pushing WP7 and Nokia Lumia 900 harder than any other phone ever. Including the iPhone." I for one was very happy to hear that. With Nokia and AT&T pouring tons of dollars into marketing this will be a great seller.
  • People buy iPhones and Androids because the name sounds cool, and everyone else wants what other people are buying. Windows Phone is better, hands down, but it doesn't have a coolness persona. Marketing MUST change this perception.
  • That's the same kind of pretension that tanked Symbian, Palm, and scads of other also-ran mobile operating systems. 
    I hate to break it to you, but we're not the enlightened shepherds among scads of sheep. iOS devices are undeniably easy to use. Android devices can be obtained for very little money. There are compelling reasons for both. 
    Microsoft missed the Cool Boat years and years ago. That ship has sailed, and short of Apple doing something incredibly bad or hostile, like publishing everyone's credit card numbers on iCloud, they're probably not losing any sleep over Windows Phone.
    Again, I think that's why this clip avoids "HOLY BEAVIS CHRIST! LOOK AT THE RESOLUTION ON ANGRY BIRDS!" The person who cares about that isn't a WP7 customer in the first place.
    To someone who has had an iPhone for years, what's the compelling argument for jumping ship? "Not-Apple" and "Metro UI. Oooh, shiny!" don't count.
  • AT&A seem to call alot of shots in the US. Here in the UK Nokia made a lot of what seemed like stupid adverts... which I am sure you have all seen. They also plaster the phone all over magazines and papers. In a way it was much like the early iTunes adverts. It got people talking  and it got phone shops selling. None of the networks did a thing.  Now there are loads of people with Nokia windows phones. I see probably one or two a day. It is really starting to take off.  Nokia made people care, Nokia got people intrested... so why don’t they just run the same adverts in the US?