Australia-based Westpac releases official mobile banking app for Windows Phone

The app not only supports the ability to check account balances, as well as previous transactions, but it also allows for hot-swapping between personal and business accounts. Bills can be paid from within the app, or funds can be wired to available contacts. An interesting feature of the app is the ability to withdraw cash from Westpac ATMs without a debit card.

Westpac Banking

In case you're a bit lost, the app can also help you locate the nearest ATM or branch in Australia, and while abroad there's the global ATM Alliance Partner Network for savings to be made when withdrawing cash. As an added bonus, the app looks well-designed. The Windows Phone app joins the Windows 8.1 app listed on the Windows Store.

Download Westpac Banking for Windows Phone (free)

Download Westpac Banking for Windows 8.1 (free)

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