Awesome Picture Quotes, motivational messages for your Windows Phone lockscreen

There are numerous apps available in the Windows Phone Store to help customize your lockscreen. Awesome Picture Quotes (formerly known as Wallpaper Quotes) is one of the newer offerings that delivers picture quotes for your lockscreen. The quotes are often accompanied by a inspirational photo or drawing as well.

Available for low-memory devices, the interface is simple (maybe too simple) and the collection does have some nice looking images with inspirational quotes. Awesome Picture Quotes is a nice foundation for a lockscreen app. has a slight level of appeal but could use a little polishing.

You can set Awesome Picture Quotes as your lockscreen app one of two ways. The first is to go into your Windows Phone settings and set it as your lockscreen under the lockscreen settings. The other method is to launch the Awesome Picture Quotes app and tap the Shuffle Quote banner.

This will generate a pop-up option to set Awesome Picture Quotes as your lockscreen app. After which, this button will shuffle your quote wallpapers. Otherwise, Awesome Picture Quotes will automatically rotate the lockscreen wallpapers at random intervals.

Other options off the app's main menu include viewing the About Page, view other apps in the Windows Phone Store from the developer and rate/review the app in the Windows Phone Store.

The wallpapers have a wide range of styles some of which the date/time block the lower parts of the quote. To fully appreciate the wallpapers, you will need the date and time to disappear, which isn't possible. If you have calendar notifications, email notifications of any other system notifications the lockscreen will become more cluttered.

I'm not sure if there is a way to minimize the clutter other than turning off all your lockscreen notifications, which may not be very appealing. I'm also not sure if the developer could re-position the system clock so it runs across the very bottom of the lockscreen and not block portions of the quote.

I think Awesome Picture Quotes has potential and is a nice foundation to build upon. The developer needs to find a way to display the wallpapers that doesn't conflict as much with the system notifications. As is, the app is worth a look but don't be shocked if you wake up your Windows Phone and the lockscreen looks like a jumbled mess.

Awesome Picture Quotes is available for low-memory devices and free for a limited time. No clue how long a limited time is or what the full price will be.

  • Awesome Picture Quotes - Windows Phone 8 - Free - Store Link

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • hey thats my app !!! thank's for the heads up !! its already crossed 95 , 5 star ratings (in China) :-)
  • Congratulations!
  • Congrats Man
  • Congrats
  • Congrats !! :D
  • Congratulation..!!
  • Hey, ¡Muchas felicidades! Downloading now :)
  • Ads generating app.
    I'm starting to hate WPcentral for these kind of articles.
  • Congrats, and can you please make it as a universal app for Windows 8.1/RT too?
  • Cool !
  • Kudos to you! Quick question - why does the aspect ratio looked tweaked on the screenshots? Are the images scaled specifically to the phone's ratio?
  • Why the heck does it need access to my phone dialler ?????
  • It wants to invite your contacts :D
  • I am NOT the developer behind this app, but since I am a developer I have a possible logical reason for that requirement.   If that app shows (or plan to show) ads, that would explain it. This since Microsofts advertisement control actually requires that access to even run. Think it is because an ad in theory can have a link to a phonenumber (never seen it though).   That "phone dialer"-requirement is not as dangerous as it might sound though, since it is impossible for WP-developers to call a phonenumber without you knowing it. When a developer calls the api for calling a specific number, the phone actually leaves the app and shows a full screen popup with "Do you want to call XXX-XXXXXX?".
  • Can anyone else confirm this or even post from a different angle?
  • What do you need confirmed? That Microsofts ad control requires the phone dialer access?   Or that it is not possible for developers to "call in background"? About 3:30 in this video you see how the phone acts when an app tries to dial a phone number, and the app has access to the phone dialer.   I am in no way connected to the app in this article. I just read this article, saw the question in comments, and thought I would give some info around that requirement. Just trying to be helpful here :)
  • Thank you for more information. I just wanted more. +720
  • :)
  • I might add, that the reason Microsoft has made it impossible for an app to call a number directly, is to stop "bad developers" from creating apps that call expensive numbers in the background. Which is a good thing, but it also make all apps that try to be an alternative/enhanced dialer, to be a bit cumbersome to use :)   But now I hope the actual developer behind the app in the article comes with an explanation why he/she added that requirement to this app...since my info was more "general info" around that requirement and Microsofts ad control.
  • Well I was experimenting with multiple Ad Banner Provider (AdMob,Adduplex and the Pubcenter) , ended up using AdMob , If the phone dialler capability is unneeded for AdMob , it would be fixed on the apps iteration .     Personally,I never worrry about the app's requirements while downloading an app from Windows Phone store or Android(?) 
  • I might add for the "non developers" reading this that "PubCenter" is the name of Microsofts ad control, AdDuplex and AdMob are ad controls from two different companies.   wmnoodle71, I use PubCenter and AdDuplex myself. Last time I checked, AdDuplex also required the phonedialer capability. And it seems like AdMob requires it too.   Seems that requirement is needed for all the ad-control alternatives on WP :(   A bit annoying, since it naturally makes many users think the app is asking for something it should not need.  
  • yes , it's little annoying D
  • there a way to download those background images..
  • no , but you can always take a screenshot D
  • Thanks for the explanation
  • :)
  • Looks a little messy to me. Don't think I want text quotes fighting with my clock.
  • ^this great idea.  Love the quotes.  But the app should restrict the text to be above the time-clock and other info.
  • That's what I thought, would be better if it was a text on top like some weather lock screens apps
  • +720
  • Exactly. That's the reason why we create Locxmix, which have quotes as one of many widgets and you can choose place on the Locksreen. And you can any background image from Bing, WallpaperWide or from phone galery. All these features are totally free and without any Ads.
  • ^This
  • Nice ;)
  • I do not understand, in any way, why people want lockscreen apps. 
  • Empathy, you just need some of that.
  • We want the option to customize the lock screen. Not an app.
  • The best motivational app that helps you be more positive and confident.Try "Motivate Me Lite" The paid version comes with Lock Screen support and more quotes:  
  • Messed up wallpapers.. Cant see the clock and notifications properly..
  • Nice 1