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Babbel has a well rated product line on multiple platforms, consisting of multiple ways to learn the basics of multiple languages at an affordable price. Already available on Windows 8, the company has just launched a number of apps for Windows Phone, further expanding the reach to consumers across multiple Microsoft platforms. So what can we expect to see in these official offerings?

Windows Phone owners will be able to take advantage of eleven languages Babbel will be introducing, with the apps (yes, plural) now available in the "Education" section of the Windows Phone Store. If you're yet to use the service, whether it be on the web or other platforms, Babbel makes use of repetition, visual cues, spelling exercises and effective voice recognition to help the user further develop an understanding of a particular language.

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What's more is there are digestible lessons for those who only have a handful of minutes to spare on language development. Baby steps, folks. It's set to be a rich experience, but how much will the apps set consumers back? Nothing. Babbel has released the Windows Phone apps for free. If you've been considering learning another language before travelling, look no further.

Babbel App

So which languges are supported? Currently there are eleven separate apps covering each of the following: Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. It's quite the collection of popular languages.

The Windows Phone apps are said to be mainly vocabulary trainers with 3,000 words broken down into themed lessons. It's believed the apps will supplement a user's learning on a main desktop platform, but available for free we can't grumble that there's now an incentive to get into the swing of things before traveling abroad to a new location.

You can download the app from the Windows Phone Store (QR codes, from left to right): DutchEnglishFrenchGerman, IndonesianItalian, Polish, PortugeseSpanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

QR: Learn Dutch     QR: Learn English

QR: Learn French     QR: Learn German

 QR: Learn Indonesia     QR: Learn Italian

QR: Learn Polish     QR: Learn Portugese

QR: Learn Spanish     QR: Learn Swedish

QR: Learn Turkish

via: Engadget