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Baby Connect, a cross-platform app for managing and tracking your baby's needs (Hidden Gems)

Our Windows Phones are fantastic tools for keeping up with our day-to-day activities from reminding us of appointments, providing access to email, managing finances and more all while on the go. With the Windows Phone app Baby Connect, you can now keep track of and manage a wide range of childcare needs. To date, Baby Connect has logged over 350 million events since the service launched in 2009.

Baby Connect lets you record feedings, nursings, naps, diaper changes, milestones, your baby's mood and more. Being available on Windows Phone, Android, iOS and from the web, the app allows you to exchange information in real time with your spouse, baby sitter or daycare service.

The app is a comprehensive way to chart your baby's daily activities and while Baby Connect may not be for every Windows Phone user in the crowd, it definitely qualifies as a Hidden Gem. Being such, remember that in leaving a comment below you will be automatically entered into our daily Hidden Gems contest to win a new tablet or phone.

Baby Book of the future

I'm sure the practice continues today but one of the gifts many new parents received was a Baby Book where they could record milestones and achievements their child makes during the early years. In many respects, Baby Connect acts as a Baby Book of the future.

Your first order of business when you launch Baby Book is to create an account with Membership is free and will allow you to exchange information with others on the network and access your account through Baby Connect's web portal.

Once membership is established, you will need to create a profile for your baby that includes the child's name, any allergies, blood type, sex and add a profile picture.

The main page for Baby Connect has tile button to record all your baby activities that include:

  • Bottle: Record your child's feeding times, how much was fed to the baby and how long the feeding took.
  • Diaper: One of the more glamorous jobs of caring for a baby is the diaper change. I was constantly amazed at what such a small person can produce. This tool lets you record the diaper change and the condition of the diaper (BM, wet or dry). You can even note that an open-air accident (a fart) caused you to change the diaper.
  • Sleep: Here you can record when and for how long your baby has slept. Additionally, you can record the manner of the sleep (in crib, on their back, with pacifier, etc.)

  • Nursing: Much like the bottle entries, this feature lets you record the time, duration and break things down as to how much time was spent on each nipple.
  • Message: This is more or less a free-form note for you to record your child's activities.
  • Activity: This will cover playtime, crawling, sitting, standing, and other basic activities a baby may experience.
  • Solid: Eventually your baby will graduate to solid food such as cereal, blended food and other solids. This tool will note the time, duration and what type solid food eaten.
  • Mood: Babies can be moody and this feature lets you record the daily (if not hourly) mood changes your baby may experience.
  • Milestones: Need to remember when you baby first rolled over? When their first tooth came in? What their first words were? This tool will let you record those milestones and many more.

Each of the above tools includes a free-form notes section to add more information on your baby's activities. If your baby does not like a certain brand of baby food, you can note that for future reference. Maybe your baby likes a certain kind of toy over another. All can be noted in these areas.

Baby Connect's Network

While Baby Connect gives you the ability to record just about every aspect of your baby's daily (and nightly) activities, the app's strength comes in the form of the network you are a part of.

All the information you enter on your baby is synchronized with Baby Connect's network and accessible to authorized caregiver. This allows babysitters, nannies and daycare services to record the activities and then synchronize them to Baby Connect for you to monitor and review. In addition, being a cross platform app, you won't have to worry if your babysitter has a Windows Phone or an iPhone. Should a smartphone not be available, there's always the web interface available.

Synchronization can be set to automatic (after every entry) or low (every few entries). Being on the Baby Connect network will also give your spouse the opportunity to monitor activities while they are away.

Overall Impression

While it has been over thirteen years since I cared for a newborn baby, I remember trying to keep track with feedings, diaper changes, mood swings and everything else my daughter was doing. A lot of my tracking was done with paper and pen, which wasn't always convenient.

Baby Connect is an easy to use Windows Phone app that makes recording your baby's activities simple. Add the network aspect and Baby Connect takes the guesswork out of trying to find out what your baby has done in your absence.

I wouldn't mind seeing a photo or video gallery and toast notifications on activities being added to the mix but as is, Baby Connect is a solid Windows Phone app. It may not be useful to some but the app is definitely a Hidden Gem for those faced with diaper changes and discovering the joy of Gerber's baby food.

  • Baby Connect - Windows Phone 8 - Free* - Store Link

*In celebrating the release of the Windows Phone version of the Baby Connect app, the app will be offered free for a limited time. Regular pricing is in the neighborhood of $4.99.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Another app that will make my sister feel so happy!!
  • Need baby center app. I emailed them and concluded that baby center doesn't care about WP users.
  • I could use that for my own personal needs :p na seriously looks well done. I'm not a father though, so don't see me using this for the time being.
  • When you are going to be a father , soon ™ you can use this
  • lol, I'm 17
  • You didn't see the "Soon™ "??, its special to windows phone users
  • Mine broke. Getting a new one tomorrow
  • Congrats man (for the new one)
  • Yeah cheers mate. Was really hoping Daniel'd have his 630 review up by then, but owell. It's much faster than the 720 anyways, just the FFC and flash that's lacking...
  • You can't do with a flash though? & the 720 has great cameras front & back with lens by Carl Ziess... Just saying...
  • Lol with your 'soon' man
  • As an adult you could use this to track your own goodies too.
  • Downloading now...
  • Downloading.I'll reply to this comment with a review soon after I've tested the app.
  • Ok,used the app for quite a while now.I'm a 17 year old guy so this app was probably not meant for me but since I have a 8 year old bro whom I've seen grow so I'm going to judge it based on that experience. First impression and general user experience -Download size only 2mb so the app is pretty well compressed and saves the download width of the user. -No splashcreen.There should be a splash screen in my opinion. -Works without internet(once you have logged in/signed up),that's even better. :) -The app is quite fast,fluid and smooth What I like about this app -Many things/phases of the baby's life are covered just like a baby book :) -Option to add multiple babies.A basic thing expected from such an app but neatly done. -Bottle Section:-Nicely done.Almost everything with date/time,quantity in oz./ml.Notes option as well.Neat. -Diaper Section:-Again nicely done with date/time,type of diaper and notes. -Sleep section:-Neat with date/time,options of in which position did the baby sleep/nap and notes section as well. -Nursing Section:-Date/Time with notes and for how long did the baby suck from each side.Definitely well thought out. -Message Section:-A section to make general notes about your baby with date and time. -Activity section:-A section with date/time,notes and an activity section as well.Could add more things in the future updates but ok as it is now. -Solid section:-Types of food the baby ate,but this section has a major bug I'll mention in the "Things I didn't like about this app section". -Mood section:-Useful addition with date/time and notes as usual along with the baby's mood as well.Couldn't think of any more moods to add but maybe people with excellent English can think up more of them. :p -Milestone Section:-Neat with the usual stuff but could add a few things more like "started crawling backwards"(Don't know if every baby does that but my bro started crawling backwards first :p ),"holds object as support when standing up" etc. -A the bottom is the "Recent Entries" and "Summary" section which makes a neat list of all the things your baby has done. -Settings section:-Very well done.Don't think it need facebook integration.don't want minute by minutes updates of a baby on a facebook,could definitely annoy some people. :p Option to add multiple caretakers is fine as it is.   Things I don't like about this app Discovered some major bugs in this section so I'll list them here. -Ok,you are about to add a child.Name,gender,allergies,due date fine.But what about that box below allergies section.What is it for?Why can't I write in it.Definitely needs to be fixed. -The picture doesn't resize and fit perfectly into the picture slot.Definitely irritating. -Blood type section.Needs a thorough redesigning.Blood groups should be in icons or in some other way instead of just writing them in such a small font and so little line spacing that you could easily tick the wrong option. -App crashes if you press the tick button on this screen without an internet connection without the data being saved.Definitely irritated me.Should have at least given a warning before crashing. -Solid section:There's a button right there in the middle of the screen overlaying the options behind it,written on it is "<tap to set>" ,I think the button was not placed properly.Needs to be fixed ASAP. -Another major bug I found out was the recent entries section on the main screen.You can't scroll down if the section is filled up.Needs to be fixed ASAP as well. -The picture of the baby at the top does not fit.Looks weird,unclear and irritating.No use of the picture if you can't even clearly see it. -The UI of the app:A white and grey UI about an app about a baby?Seriously?Splash in some colors,add a background,make it more colorful.Anything!The UI gets a bit to get used to as well but works fine once you've used it for a while.   My Suggestions -Add a splash screen. -Fix the bugs I've mentioned above. -Add a more color in the app.Looks dull. -Add some barchart/histogram/pie chart/frequency polygon,basically anything to monitor the child's growth,daily consumption of food/milk etc.A very basic thing that should've been there from the start. -Add an option to attach pictures to various achievements/activity.Would definitely make it more memorable. -Add some data for optimum daily consumption so the parent/guardian has an idea what's best for his/her baby. -Change the name of the "message" section to somthing more clear.Quite difficult to figure out what it is without opening this section. Overall Rating:-6.5/10 or 7/10 This app has a huge potential to be one of the best baby-related apps in the store.It covers most of the things you need to know.But it is missing many features required for perfect functionality as I've mentioned above.Fix the major bugs as well,make it a unique colorful and interactive app and you'll soon see it at the top of the store. ;) This app has potential,just needs to exploit it.It's currently free but the usual price is $4.99.Looks ok to me,but not sure how many parents would like to spend this much,but what do I know,maybe they will ;) Add more features and fix the bugs and I don't think any parent will mind paying $4.99 for this app.And oh yeah!Make it universal as well ;) :D
  • EDIT:- Another improvement I forgot to suggest was to give it a live tile and also the wide tile shouldn't be transparent.Make it a live transparent tile like WPC app has one! :D
  • Reviews in comments...!!! WPCentral community is progressing.
  • Downloading !
  • Thanks god i don't need this app, but here is my review :
    The app is good and looks colorful
    fast launching and getting back from multitasking (why won't FB or WA work just like this !)
    The UI is meh, maybe a metro style ?
    the only downside i found was the live tile, come on ! it's not live it's just a photo and the large tile isn't working it will turn into transparent tile only What i like : Fast, smooth and handy app for new father/mother 
    and the most thing i liked about this app ( i don't know if it's common between this type of apps) is that it sync between two accounts like mother and father that's really awesome feature !  What i didn't like : UI and the live tile
    why would they put "More..." ? it only shows 2 more options, they can be shown without any problem.. i would 10/10 recommend this app for new parents
  • I'd recommend this to my sister
  • Would you recommend this to anyone else?
  • Nice! :)
  • Great app fast and fuild. It's not really for me since I have no kids but if I did this is a great app for them. The one thing it does need is a real live tile.
  • it is funny that many people who never used this app reviews it for wpcentral gifts :P... man just a comment would enter you into draws... You ain't need to boast the app ;)..
  • Nice and simple app, the design is simple and easy to navigate. I like the use of profiles on it. 
  • This app seems to be very cool. I'm a bachelor and I don't think I'll be using this soon, but I'm surely gonna suggest this app to my cousins.
  • Sounds like this would be really beneficial to new mothers!
  • Pretty cool idea!  Add ability to put in pics and it would be even more valuable.
  • usefull
  • Don't have kids, but i dont like the white on this app. So many white :D
  • I'm also commenting on behalf of "Gautam Kabiraj" as he's offline right now.We both were waiting for today's hidden gems eagerly but he had to go offline.He writes one of the best reviews.He'll write a review  as a reply to this comment when he comes online.I hope his review isn't lost in this comment section.
  • Thanks bro for your kindness! Well to be honest, I didn’t think WPC will come up with something like this as a Hidden Gem but yeah I know apps are meant for people of all ages! I’ll surely try this app. It may come handy in my future days and when… well leave it, here’s my review: FIRST IMPRESSION (10/10) Size of the app is just 2MB (I love optimized apps!) so even those with limited bandwidth limit can download it without a second thought! Price is not a concern since its free, what else we expect? USER INTERFACE  (6/10) In “Create a new child profile” you can enter details about the child. I’ll suggest to increase “Blood type:” selection font in there. Once the profile is created, it shows a page where you can choose between Bottle, Diaper, Sleep, Nursing, Message, Activity, Solid, Mood and Milestone. (This page gave me an iPhone look for a second! Not sure why…should look more like a WP app, maybe Tiles can help) I loved the UI.  Although it doesn’t meet WP’s native design layout perfectly yet, it’s fast, simple and clean. And I’ll suggest some tips: It lacks splash screen which is good if you’re among those who don’t want to wait. Next, you need to register to get started which is pretty quick and simple. When in “Create Account” page, there’s a “Login” button after the form. I suggest to put it at the bottom of the screen and then put a “Sign Up” button here which is currently on navigation bar. The text that appear under “Summary” are a bit too small, kindly enlarge them. There’s a little bug in “Solid” section of the app where a button “< tap to set>” floats on the screen. Kindly fix this. WORKING (7/10) Bottle: Here you can select range / duration and the number of bottles of milk / Formula etc that your baby drank. Once you make a selection, its shown under “Recent Entries” in home page which is really good to have a summary at a glance. Diaper: In this section you can select at what time Time the baby had a Diaper. Sleep: It manages the range of time and also the place where the baby slept. Nursing: Here again you can choose the range of time for nursing with “Left” and “Right” columns that maintains the duration. Message: This section helps you write any kind of message and set it for a specific time. Activity: In this page you can choose between what the baby was doing and during what range of time. Example: Playing alone, Playing with other, Crawling etc Mood: You can set the mood of the baby in here, with the time. Milestone: This is probably, the most important part of this app. Here you can mark the date when your baby for the first time, “Rolls over”, “Grabs”, “crawls” or just mark the range in which he “Sits up”, “Smiles” etc. Apart from these, I’d love to have an option for “Baby’s health” where I can put his / her weigth, height, etc. This would help me learn how she/he is growing. Please look into the bugs I’ve discussed above. Overall, I liked the app but I also felt it could have more potential as a “Baby Managing App”. I hope this review will help the developer make it better. Okay, so I think I’ve already included the suggestions above, and I’ll rate now: ______________conclusion_______________ AVERAGE RATING:  7.6 / 10 ______________________________________ Again, I thank the developer for making this app through WP store and I guess unlike me, it can really come handy to moms and dads and they'll really love this app ;)
  • Great review man
  • This could help me when I'm babysitting for my Aunts! I'm downloading this!
  • Yeah my sister could use this kind of thing!
  • This would be a good app to use to keep track for medical issues.
  • Sadly I don't have a kid! What will I do? Lol
  • Somewhat useful  
  • Wow. I could have used this like 2yrs ago. Looks great!
  • Downloading ...give my review after testing the app
    A small sized app just 2mb with clean UI.
    -Simple design and clean UI.
    -Easy to register and login.
    -All the sections in the app are detailed like:
    •BOTTLE : This section is detailed with everything like duration, quantity(in oz or in ml).
    • Similar to this all section are well detailed about everything parents needed.
    - Caretaker of baby can use this app to interact with parents.
    -Liked all the recent activities in recent activities section.
    -Liked the milestone section.
    -The UI and design is simple but quite boring and dull. I can't use this app for a long time.
    -I have difficulty in scrolling down the recent activities.(bug)
    -In solid section option overlap certain words in the solid section.(bug)
    -The app sometimes crashes.I don't found any reason of this crash.(bug)
    -The child picture looks small on the main page.Quite irritating.
    -Live tile looks very ugly and wide live tile only shows transparent tile not any wallpaper(app logo) on it.(bug)
    -Fix all the bugs i mentioned above.
    -Bring good transparent live tile with good app logo on it.
    -Please change the design of the app so which the app looks interesting or give the feature to customise the app.(needed the most).
    -Please add bigger size for child picture.
    -Add splash screen if possible(optional) OVERALL RATING : 6/10
    The idea is good for the app and specially helpful to parents. Developer seriously need to work hard to make this app perfect.
  • Nice Cross platform app. It would be nice to have it on Windows 8.1 as well. It has a web app as well, that's nice.The UI is a bit iOS ish though. Hope they change it for good in future updates. All in all a great app for monitoring and keeping track of babies. Definitely a hidden gem.
  • This is such exciting news. My wife uses the app on her iPhone for our eleven month old and now I can get in on the action as well. So far the app seems to work just as well, and easily as the iPhone app. So excited to be able to unpin the website from my start screen and replace it with this.
  • I showed this to my friend who just had a baby. He's on WP and wife on Android. He was happy to see it cross platform and web. Will have to delve into the privacy policy since it seems to require an external account, especially if there is any difference for web access versus the app via the store.
  • Looks great. Will check it out!  
  • Dont have a child or so but seems a good idea and nice fluid app... :)
  • I don't have a kid yet, but this looks very promising.
  • Honeyyyyyy! Whereeee areeeee yoou? Come here! Come too me. Arrrrrummmmmmm grr!
  • Seems cumbersome.
  • Why so?
  • Liked the ideia. The app is pretty solid and have many features. I will probably recommend this app for my sister in law so she will can track all the steps of my one year old niece. :)
  • Got two little ones at 1,5 and 3,5... This seems like a bit of an overkill, but hey - if it helps someone! :-) I'm missing a baby alarm among all the functions. Preferably one that can text or call another phone - can't seem to find this functionality in any WP app...?!?
  • Awesome app! It's really easy to use, it looks nice and it has great utility. I'm sure that if I was a parent that I would really appreciate this app. I have a 3 year old brother but it's a bit too late to test this app on him
  • Downloading the app right now......... After using the app and its features, I will be leaving my review of the app as a reply to this comment
  • .............FIRST IMPRESSION @_@ ............... First of all, I wonder how this app got into the hidden gem section of WP Central, no offence. After using this app for a while, my first thought was " why would WP Central choose such a app into hidden gems? , Did they ran out of good worthy apps this quickly!!" . I am going to be honest to say that, this app never deserve to be on the hidden gem. This is more like a hidden rock. What I have to say about the app is mostly bad reviews than the good ones. Devolopers of this app,, " you really spoiled such a good idea of baby book on a windows phone. You could have done better than this. I think you didn't even tested the app on the phone before publishing it. Any way, I can suggest you to make this better" .
    And to the WP Centre , " Did you guys atleast looked into the app clearly before posting it on hidden gems article!!?, I dont think so" . I will point out what are the things I felt good and bad about this app . .............WHAT I LIKED......... First lets start with the good things about the app.
    * I got to say that this app is a unique one on windows phone cause I have never saw a baby book app on the windows phone ever. I congrats the developers and WP Central for bringing this idea forward to windows phone.
    * This could help a very few parents who are very busy to take care of there baby. ..............WHY I HATE THIS APP.......... Yeah, since hidden gems comments needs to be honest and sincere, I am gonna say the truth is ' I hate this app'. I will tell you my reasons. And there are plenty more reasons which cannot be expressed on words. * First of all, I dont think many people are going to use this app. Cause who would write down when the baby sleeped, pissed, eated and all. Family members of a somewhat average family might note down, when the baby first talked, walked, like that...... But most of such average families dont have a smartphone like Lumia and all . If we are looking at above average and high status people, honestly they dont give a shit about what there kid did. So I find this app will only be used by some middle class people. But it didn't mean this app is useless. * Secondly, this app is very poorely build. It has lot of bugs on it. Which I will be mentioning on a seperate topic because there are a lot of them . I could write a book about the bugs of this app. *Thirdly, This app didn't make anyone the feel to use it. The background colour is white and the way things are arranged is boring. Totally , this app looks like a person who haven't bathed for his entire lifetime. !!!!..........BUGS..............!!! 1, (Major bug) In the options, if you select "solid", there is a major bug. " " is shown in the middle of nothing. Just a button in the screen. I have never seen such a bug in any apps. Se the bug here 2.(Major Bug) Have you noticed the large live tile. If you didn't then check how worse can it be.
    Its blank. 3.(Magor Bug) In the begining of registration when we add a child, the column for writing "allergies" wont work 4. (Major Bug) In the main menu , the recent actives cant be scroll down to the very last activity. 5.(Magor Bug) The pictures added are not fit to the box. Its feels horrible to see. Thats I for Magor bugs.
    .......i dont wanna mention the minor bugs. It might make me smash my phone on the ground. Its never gonna end in a comment. .........CONCLUTION......... I cant give suggestion because if I suggest, I will ask you to dump this app recreate this app in a new style without any bugs like this. WP Central, what were you thinking before you put this app on hidden gems. Have guys gone mad. Is this the app you said to be handpicked from the unknown apps for us. Shame.
    You should come up with good apps and games that 'deserve' to be known to the world. Not this kind. At first, I didn't wanted to review this app. Hope the next on will be a good one. I will be waiting
    Aahh, I got a head ache on reviewing this app. I am not kidding
  • Good review man
  • perfect! I got five lumias on my AT&T account and one is for my niece who just had a baby... this is perfect for her! im downloading this directly into her phone right now...
  • great idea to keep communication lines open even for divorced parents.. you can find out what the baby ate without having to talk to the Ex!
  • Cool.
  • Cooler
  • Second Hidden Gem very useful for parents :) No children myself as of yet but I can see this being very useful to parents. The cross-platform is great as well. As for yesterday's app this has a limited audience so I can't really judge the quality of the app but I trust it is good as it has been selected as part of the hidden gem contest :)
  • It's a nice app
  • Wow great app...will suggest to my sister...a perfect combination of all needs...:thumbs up:
  • One of the greatest features of this app is that it is cross-platform so that anyone with most devices can use the app and sync their information. Also with all the information kept online, information can be accessed from any web browser as well. This app is well designed and can prove to be useful for families with young ones.
  • Seems like a good idea.
  • I'm going to log my own "open air accident"!!! Sounds like the same functionality as the recent fitness apps you guys have been reviewing.
  • I like the idea of this app. I'll admit that I don't exactly have any future plans for motherhood, but if I did, I'd definitely be on this!
  • How awesome! I won't ever have kids, but when my bro decides to switch, I can recommend this app. ;)
  • Baby... ??? I am not married yet... So not for me....
  • Nice app. Good idea.
  • Wassup Guys... Looks like Hiddengems contest is not leaving any chance to take a digg at WindowsPhone Competetors(Andriod and ios). I know Android has some be beautiful apps for this purpose. Even though I've never used one, Baby connect for Windows phone looks cool.  I wish every women on this earth a Happy and Wonderful life. -vamsi
  • Thank you. :-)
  • I think the designs on the main page should be changed to fit the Windows Phone branding. The icons appear as if they were copied and pasted from the iPhone or Android apps. Also, like a lot of Windows Phone apps, the designs in the app don't scale well in the 1520 because they are not vectors.
  • Yea! Seriously! Previous app was somewhat similar.. :/ I can't participate in this one too.i don't have kids!
  • Glad to see they don't want accesss to all your private data in this app.  This could potentially be a major privacy leak.
  • Is this actually helpful to people?
  • Why would it not be?
  • I don't need this app yet but when I need it I will surely get it
  • I understand the need for this app. But I don't really understand how it could be useful in the future or during the growth process. Maybe adding new features that track the growth of the toddler could be more useful.
  • Great to see a cross platform solution. Not a fan of the design though... The spacing just looks... Off.
  • I remember meticulously writing down EVERYTHING regarding my firstborn: his meals, his diapers, his sleep, etc. My second one? Not so much. One thing I know for sure: after having my log-on credentials stolen from 4 different sites last year (2 of which I hadn't used in 4 years!), you'll be hard pressed to get me to sign up for another service! If only it could use a single sign on (like google, or windows), then I might consider it.
  • Such a nice app having beautiful UI.... And it's really nice.... And Windows will soon reach the app level as on Android and IOS God willing
  • Pity this didn't come out in three weeks when our second baby is due. I can't do much live testing just yet but it seems pretty handy. 1) The wet/dry diaper tracking is especially useful as that is one of the first things our pediatrician asks about.
    2). I have to agree with the person above who dislikes all of the white backgrounds. I think this type of app could really use the ability to change themes as the background makes it seem incredibly generic. 3) Also, there is an overlapping element on the solid food section where "tap to set" overwrites the list of food types.
    4). It would be nice if we could include pictures to go along with the baby milestones.
    5). One last thing is that the app doesn't play nice with all of the new keyboard changes 8.1 brings. I can't get the Word Flow to work in it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go more in-depth about how convenient it is until our next baby is born.
  • Interesting -- probably not for my 2yo old; but I do have some friends with newborns
  • WP getting more baby friendly
  • Now if I had a baby....