Big Baconit update brings ability to submit posts to any subreddit and much more

Stellar Reddit app Baconit has received a pretty big update today, moving the app up to version 4.2.0. Coming along in the latest update is the ability to submit posts to any subreddit, full subreddit sidebar support, and much more. Here's the full breakdown of what's new in Baconit:

  • Subreddit Sidebar Support
    • Full subreddit sidebar markdown
    • Subreddit search
    • Subreddit pin to start
  • Submit post
    • Real-time text formatting for self text
    • Reddit formatting helper
    • Draft support
    • Submit to any subreddit
  • Completely rewritten Markdown parser and render
    • Supports more elements
    • Supports recursive parsing
    • Open source! Come help!
  • UI Cleanup
    • Better looking scrollbars on desktop
    • Cleaned up page titles (thanks paulbartrum)
  • Flip View
    • Pinch and zoom for images
    • Windows Apps control for Flip View (apps won't auto open anymore)
    • Full screen support for webpages
    • "Go to subreddit" feature for posts (in the … menu)
  • Comments
    • OP name highlight in comments
    • Improved markdown support

Between the ability to submit posts to any subreddit and the various other odds and ends for comments, sidebar support, and changes to the Markdown parser, this looks like a great update. If you'd like to check out the latest version of Baconit, you can hit up the link to the Windows Store below. And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Download Baconit for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

QR: bacon

Source: Reddit

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  • I still prefer readit
  • Has a absolutely nothing to do with this topic
  • They're both Reddit apps for Windows. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I like read it too but have really wanted to try this one. I find readits layout to be A Little clumsy
  • Nice update. I hope the bugfixes include that one that causes intermittent periods of non-responsiveness once the apps been open for a while.
  • I like Baconit, however this update is very crashy on the 950XL.
  • I never understood why we already couldn't submit new posts. Smh
  • App was re-built, so features are now being added in. That was noted on day #1 ;)
  • That fish from SpongeBob.. Haha xD
  • Is there a DisplayRequest().Active when using a media element yet? I definitely listed that as a bug on the official sub......
  • I have been bouncing between Baconit and Readit since Baconit was re-released. I prefer Baconit for it's relative speed, but Readit has better usability at this point. Glad to see a big update for Baconit to start addressing that.