Barnstormer: Windows Phone Game Review

Barnstormer is a game for your Windows Phone that features Shaun the Sheep (from the Wallace and Gromit series). The game is simple and straight forward in that you control Shaun race through various obstacle courses for the best time.

Barnstormer has ten race courses that are progressively unlocked as your time ranks in the top three. Animations are nice, game play challenging and Barnstormer isn't too shabby a game for your Windows Phone.

The main menu on Barnstormer is a series of billboards that represent each race course. The billboard will display the top three times, your time and personal best. It will also display the weekly world record. Just tap on the Race button to start the course.

Game controls are kept to a minimum. A jump button appears in the lower right corner and a boost button will appear in the lower left corner as you collect carrots. A reset button sits in the upper right corner and a pause button in the upper left. The pause button will pull up a setting menu where you can mute the music/sounds and return to the main menu.

Billboards appear in the background to give you tips on upcoming challenges and features. For example when larger obstacles appear you will see a billboard explaining to double tap the jump button to jump higher.

The boost button will give you a burst of speed and throughout each course there is a series of green flags that act as re-starting points. If you miss a jump and hit an obstacle you'll be given the choice to re-start the race or keep the current time returning to the last flag marker.

You jump over hay bails, tires, crates and other obstacles on your way to the finish line. If you place in the top three times, the next course becomes unlocked.

All in all, Barnstormer was a fun game to play.  Nothing that will knock your socks off but a fun game to pass the time with. Graphics and animations are nice and game play challenging enough to keep you interested. The biggest downside to the game is that there isn't a trial version available to let you try things out before buying.

Barnstormer is running $.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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