Keep tabs on your Windows 10 Mobile power status with Battery X

Battery X is a simple Windows 10 Mobile app that monitors your battery performance, alerts you when the battery is low and when it is fully charged.

The layout isn't overly complicated and Battery X offers Live Tile and Lockscreen support provides a few extra ways to monitor your battery status. The free Windows 10 Mobile app does a decent job of things and offers plenty of notification to help you keep sight of your phone's battery performance.

The home screen for Battery X offers an overview of your Windows 10 Mobile device's battery performance. Here you can find snapshot information on the current status of your battery, performance statistics, a chart to illustrate battery performance and access to the app's core settings.

Battery X

Each section of Battery X's home screen can be expanded to full screen that offers more information on your battery performance. This information includes:

  • Current Status: Here you can find the discharge rates and time remaining on your present battery level along with the battery's design and actual capacities and current charge time.
  • Statistics: This is a historical perspective on your battery performance that covers average discharge and recharge rates as well as time spent on battery or on a charger. You can view statistics based on overall performance or narrow it down to the current day's performance.
  • Graph: If you prefer a more illustrated means of reviewing your battery performance, Battery X can graph your battery's performance by date or chart performance over a 48-hour period.

The menu button in the upper left corner of the home screen offers navigation options to Battery X's screens (Current Status, Statistics, Graphs), an option to upgrade to the Pro version for $0.99 and remove ads. You will also find access to the About page for the app, options to rate the app and access to Battery X's settings on this hidden menu.

Battery X

Settings cover the look and feel of the app by offering three theme choices (dark, light and black), options for the app's notifications, Live Tile management and Lockscreen management. Battery X's notifications cover alerts for when the battery is fully charged and when the battery is low. You also have the ability to set the battery levels that trigger these alerts (a nice touch).

Live Tile support is on par with other apps and offers a small variety of colored battery indicators that reflect the current power level. The flip side of the Live Tile provides more detailed information on your battery status. There is one Live Tile option that indicates the battery level through a series of smiley faces, which can add a little pop to your Start Screen. Lockscreen support can add detailed status or quick status to your Windows 10 Mobile Lockscreen.

In using Battery X over the past few days, it comes across as a simple means to monitor battery performance. I liked the notifications on when the battery is fully charged and the ability to set the levels for when you receive a low power notification. The Live Tile is a bit easier to view than the in-house battery icon and I prefer the quick status Lockscreen option.

Battery X

The free Windows 10 Mobile app isn't overly complicated and covers the basics nicely. The theme options allow for a little personalization and there are plenty of notification options to avoid ending up with a dead battery. Battery X may not have enough bells and whistles for some, but if you are in the market for an easy to use battery monitor it is worth a try.

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