Battlefield 1 may not get Xbox One X enhancements

Microsoft's upcoming console, the Xbox One X, isn't far away now – promising to deliver improved resolutions up to 4K and improved frame rates across titles. While the console is compatible with all existing Xbox One games, certain titles are being updated with various enhancements to take advantage of the console's additional resources. Marketed under the term "Xbox One X Enhanced," a growing list of developers have announced plans to support the device across their titles.

Among the titles announced so far, one of the notable absences from the official list has been Battlefield 1 – Electronic Arts' latest entry to the Battlefield series, offering brutal wide-scale combat in a First World War setting. While the publisher has been keen to support the Xbox One X with titles such as Anthem, Star Wars Battlefront II and Need for Speed: Payback, Battlefield 1 has remained missing from the list.

Responding to Tweet on the official Battlefield Twitter account for Germany, a representative has stated that at least for now, Battlefield 1 won't be seeing specific enhancements to take advantage of the additional resources offered by the Xbox One X. Nevertheless, like other Xbox One games, the title will still be playable on the console.

Battlefield 1 on Xbox One currently sports a dynamically scaling resolution, meaning that the game should more consistently hit its target resolution when played on the console. However, in contrast to the PlayStation 4 Pro version which saw specific upgrades for the hardware, it'd be surprising to see an Xbox One X version skipped over entirely.

Since the Xbox One X unveiling, Electronic Arts has been hesitant to confirm any form of visual upgrades specifically implemented with the console in mind. Now, based on our first statement from an official source, it's looking increasingly unlikely that Battlefield 1 will be revisited for the console.

We've reached out to Electronic Arts for further comment surrounding an Xbox One X update and will update this article upon a response.

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • This saddens me. The game is beautiful and to imagine it looking 4x clearer would really have me playing and paying for the premium content. A shame. Guess I'll have gears 4, halo 5, and wolfenstein to get my shooter 4k fix
  • I'm not really that surprised. BF1 is a demanding game on PC. For example, it uses 70% of my 4 core 8 thread intel i7 6700k at 4.5ghz. The One X has its CPU somewhere around 2.3ghz if I remember correctly. With things like destructible worlds, arcing mortar rounds, bullets that are affected by gravity as well as velocity, planes, tanks, and even ships, I'm not surprised its bringing a lot of PC and console hardware* to its knees.That's a jaw-dropping amount of calculations, along with 63 other players to keep track of, though some of that is handled serverside. (*consoles in pr-release development)
  • I don't think that's the case. We just want some improvement over the base Xbox one game. I think it's EA not wanting to invest anymore in the game beyond promised dlc
  • Not that surprised? Apparently you have missed that the PS4 Pro version has been updated to run in much higher resolution while offering an even more rock solid 60fps, while using comparably high PC settings.. Obviously the One X could improve on that, since it’s faster in every possible way compared to the PS4 Pro. It uses the same architecture when it comes to CPU and GPU, but a lot faster variations of it. And the memory alone is much faster (and more of it, 12GB of GDDR5).    They better update it! I can’t see a reason why not to!
  • Yeah, I'm still not surprised. Dice and EA still haven't fixed some glitches, including random ones where the game will just crash at random intervals. Buggiest modern game I've played. I'd bet they are prioritizing DLC development over a quality port to the X. Because they still know people who spend the money on the X are most likely going to get BF1 regardless of whether they bump the specs up or not. Though I'm kinda surprised that they didn't just fork a version of the PC one over, so you could adjust the settings however you wanted. :<
  • Great... Not really
  • I'm just going to assume that the Germany twitter handler isn't aware of any enhancement coming soon, until the developers or EA say otherwise.
  • We should reiterate this: "wird aber erstmal nicht verfügbar sein." means that it will not be available FOR NOW. It doesn't mean it won't be getting it at all or that EA isn't working on it. It just means that, at this time, there's no "Enhancements" available. So let's not jump the gun here. ;)
  • So, how long does it have to be not supported before they can say it's not supported..?
  • Its ok, I still playing sad they dont make update for xboX
  • Ok, EA got profit from EA Access on Xbox and won't patch BF1??? Don't believe it.
    Phil should put big pressure on EA!
  • Let's put pressure on EA.
  • I believe there may be a number or titles like this... due to the one year jump Sony had, titles that are no longer "big deals" will likely get overlooked. I'm also thinking Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.
  • If true, this really sucks. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is getting an x primatily to play bf1. It's pretty much the only game I play eventhough I have all the major releases 😠
  • I actually ordered the Xbox one X because that... To bad :/ But i guess it will be worth it in the longer run otherwise im probably just going to invest in my PC in the future
  • I will not buy xbox x if they are not enchanting bf1.
  • IW already x patched
  • If I were you, I'd return the Xbox and build a modest gaming PC right now. Some of the pricing on parts is out of wack, but the PC gets these revisions that consoles hope for all the time. Graphics scale all the way up, from 1080p to 4k+. You can also adjust a lot more settings and improve things such as tesselation, which are quite demanding. And now, with Xbox play anywhere, you can play Xbox games on PC.
  • You’d pay the same money for just a graphics card to keep up with the x, so I think it is a no brainier really!! All future titles will be compatible and specifically generated for the x, something you don’t get with a pc with all the variations out there. Some people like pc’s but why do you guys automatically assume that everyone wants one? I play my x and PS4 pro on a 55 inch Samsung 4K curved tv , with 5.1 surround sound. I don’t personally want to sit infront of a little monitor with a keyboard, I do enough of that at work!! Just saying :)
  • (This is a looooong response. And I don't dislike the One X. I think its a great device that could potentially advance game design even faster. Hear me out on this one!) Well, for me personally, I like the graphics and all, but I really like to play old games as much as new games. Sometimes, I like to play Just Cause 2 from the 360 era on a whim. Or sometimes Rise of Nations, an increible strategy game from 2003. A few times a year, I like to pull out Jedi Knight 2: Dark forces, the game of my childhood, from 1997. All of these are still playable on a PC today.   I had many consoles growing up. This is the list of games I would like to play: Mario Kart: Double Dash (gamecube), Pokemon: heart of Darkness (gamecube), Super Mario Sunshine (gamecube), Top Gun (gamecube), Paper Mario (gamecube), Need For Speed: Carbon (gamecube), Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Metroid (wii), Super mario Galaxy (wii), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (wii), Kinect Sports (xbox 360), Halo 3 (Xbox 360), Halo:ODST (360), COD: Black Ops (360), COD: World At War (360). This is an incomplete list. However, The gamecube is in storage at home, but it is functional, though its connectors are ancient. The Wii broke, and all the games were donated. No cloud backups, so all those titles and saves are gone for good :(. The 360 is functional, but at home hundreds of miles away, with some games damaged beyond use. No cloud backups.   Steam, Origin, Windows, USB sticks, and a CD have served as my online repository of games since ~2012. I can play titles as far back as I want. At the same time, I decided to put the money that I would use to buy another laptop and console and TV into a custom PC. I have big monitors, a powerful GPU, and it can run games like BF1 beyond a One X's abilities. Just to put costs into some perspective, lets look at expenses. Clean slate. You pay 500 for the Xbox one X. 4k, 55in TV ~$700 at Costco, $60 for a second controller, and $60 for Xbox live, for one year. That is $1320 alone, and in my case, my main laptop was dying, so tack on another $800+ in my situation, since that sucker lasted 5-6 years. $850 is the price you pay for the hardware equivilent to the X, roughly speaking. Steam costs $5 just to activate an account, which is functionally xbox live on steroids. Xbox Play Anywhere and Origin are free, and are also like XBL and PSN. PCs can also be upgradable, and you can use a TV if you wish. Building PCs doesn't break the bank, and parts are upgradable! This is advice I wish I could have given myself in 2011, because building PCs is like building with Legos, but even better!   I'm not bashing the One X, because I legitimately think it's the console people have needed for like, 5 years. (Though fragmentation with the Xbox One, One S, PS4, PS4 Pro, is worrying in terms of longevity). But I myself have come from a lot of consoles, and while I love them, I desperately miss games like Super Mario Galaxy and Halo 3:ODST. I just can't justify buying whole new games and a wii just to play a few titles. Which makes me sad, because they were such a part of my childhood. :(
  • An equivalent pc would cost over $1000 and a 4K monitor is just too expensive!! And I and many others would still not want a pc. And Battlefield would run max on the x anyways.
  • Here's an interesting bit on tessellation, if interested. This takes items like characters, mud, plant, and vehicles, and makes 2D objects into 3D objects. Instead of having a flat road that has a cobblestone texture, this makes the cobblestones 3D and look more real. Pretty cool!
  • The One X is using a custom version of a card similar to the now-discontinued AMD RX 480. The new version, the RX 580, costs $289, currently a bit overpriced. An AOC 28in, 4k monitor is $260. Or you can buy a 55in, 4k TV at Costco for $700. At any rate, the Xbox is using windows 10 and has keyboard and mouse support coming. It's also rumored to possibly be the last Xbox console. The way I see it, Microsoft will either adopt a $120/yr streaming service, or they will create mini ITX Xbox PCs that run full windows, sooner rather than later. Cross platform play might be the next big thing, because Microsoft is starting to do partnerships with Steam. The one X won't be able to run BF1 at 4K 60FPS though, at least not with anti-aliasing (smoothing objects) and ambient Occlusion (light reflections on and around objects) because this exponentially increases the load on the GPU. Even most PCs struggle with these. You might see SSAO (stripped version of Ambient occlusion) at 1080p, since it puts the load on the GPU, and the CPU works more to push pixels at 1080. But at 4k, which is double 1080p, this puts more of the load on the GPU, while it deals with tesselation and other effects. The CPU usage is high in BF1, due to the incredible physics calculations for players, buildings, vehicles, and more. It also doesn't help that the X's CPU is running at approximately half the speed of current CPUs. :/ You can learn more about ambient occlusion and anti aliasing here:
  •  a console version will always run better than the build because the game is optimised for the spec, just look at iPhone vs Samsung , the Samsung is much more powerful processing but the IPhone runs faster!! All to do with how clever the o/s is and optimisation. I bet all you play is Cs go on it anyway , what I was playing 25 years ago!!
  • As for your ambient inclusion, I’m too busy gaming to look at they faff 😜👍