BBC iPlayer app for Windows Phone to be retired in April

Another Windows Phone app is getting ready to bite the dust, as the BBC has just announced that the BBC iPlayer app will be retired in April. The BBC made its announcement in a FAQ page on its website, noting that Windows 10 Mobile Mobile users will still be able to stream shows via BBC iPlayer on the web in Microsoft Edge.

So what's the reason for the app's death? Basically, it comes down to the cost of maintaining the app. From the BBC (via MSPU):

When the BBC iPlayer app was originally created it was not technically possible to playback BBC programmes via the browser. As it's now possible to playback via the browser it's no longer cost effective for the BBC to maintain a BBC iPlayer app for Windows mobile devices. And by using the browser version of BBC iPlayer, Windows phone users will get the benefits of the web version as it evolves.

As some will rightly point out, this leaves anyone still hanging onto Windows Phone 8.1 in a bit of a pickle, as Microsoft Edge is the only compatible browser mentioned and it's only available in Windows 10 Mobile. As the FAQ notes, you'll still be able to stream radio programs on Windows Phone 8.1, but video content will be a no-go.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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