Be brings Behance to Windows Phone in a beautiful app

Behance is a platform for artists to promote their work. You'll find graphic design, photography, illustration and more on Behance ( They have official apps out for Android and iOS, but nothing for Windows Phone. We don't have any info on any upcoming plans for the company to make an official app for Windows Phone, but we do have an excellent third-party app already available. It's time to check out 'be' for Windows Phone.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find 'be', currently in beta. It's currently at version and is the first step in bringing features from Behance to Windows Phone.

  • Here's what features you'll currently get with be on Windows Phone:
  • Discover Projects, Creators, and Collections
  • Advanced search for Projects, Creators, and Collections
  • View projects
  • View a Creator's Projects, Collections, Appreciations, and Works-In-Progress
  • View all the Projects in a Collection


Not bad for a beta and one that's limited by the APIs currently available. Behance is owned by Adobe and there's some work Adobe needs to do with the APIs to truly make be the best Behance client on Windows Phone.

Here's what you can look forward to in future updates:

  • Sign in to Behance Account
  • Appreciate a Project
  • Add a Project to a Collection
  • Create a new Collection
  • View your Projects, Collections, and Appreciations
  • View your Activity feed
  • Follow/Unfollow Creator
  • Comment on Projects and Works-In-Progress


Our artistic abilities are non-existent, so we can't get much out of Behance. But we can appreciate be for being a great up and coming app for Behance fans on Windows Phone.

Grab the beta version of be and let us (and the developers) know what you think of the app!

Download be (beta) for Windows Phone

QR: be

Sam Sabri