Produce your own beats with Beats Yo! for Windows Phone

Want to produce beats like Dr. Dre? You can try with Beats Yo! for Windows Phone. It is not intended to be a professional level production tool, but rather geared towards entertainment. You have 16 pads with individual volume and grouping controls, and four tracks to record loops to.

There’s a steep learning curve, but you’ll feel really good after your making your fist mix. Head past the break for our hands on video and walkthrough.

When you first open Beats Yo!, you’ll be tempted to skip the lengthy tutorial. We have made that mistake, but immediately went back to read it because we were totally lost. We had no idea what to do after skipping the instructions.

We think the most important thing to understand is that this app operates on a looping 4 bar cycle (4 bars = 16 beats = 16 metronome ticks). After the 4th bar, it loops back to the beginning. There are settings for BPM (beats per minute) and Metronome to help you with timing.

To get started, click the record button. The count won’t start until you hit the play button. You will be presented with a 4-beat countdown before recording actually starts. We suggest adding a baseline in the first track. We like to start off with some drums or snares. Again, listen to the ticks to help you with the timing. Once the first track is set, we like to turn off the ticking sound by the metronome. Click on the other three tracks available to you to create your mix.

If you make any mistakes on any of the tracks, just tap the clear button on the right. Want the beat to go faster? You can increase the BPM, but we suggest starting out at around 96 BPM.

Beats Yo! comes with several kits that gives different sounds for the pads. Dope Kit helps you get started for free, but you can add others for 99 cents each.

Beats Yo! is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Yo dawg, I heard you like makin' beats, so I put some beats in your phone to make beats for your Beats!
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  • No worries, all good! I did see those posts eventually come through as notifications... definitely a good thing they were deleted :P
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  • I don't care what anyone says, that was Awesome!!
  • Thanks :)
  • I really want a good DJ app like a good one that you can mix, add effects etc, like the ones on ios
  • Try Hey DJ! from the WP store.
  • Not even close to the same type of app.
  • Or Sequencer PRO (currently in 2nd beta)
  • I want a really good mixing keyboard for the iPad like they have for the Surface.
  • what annoys me about every one of the these apps is the inability to upload the midi file to skydrive. why waste time on a beat if you can't bring it into a DAW?
  • Because converting to midi is no simple task (plus you would also need the samples. Midi doesn't store samples, just the signals). I am working on exporting stems so you WILL be able to take it to DAW and expand upon what you start in this app :)
  • Very cool, stems are pretty handy but i like to assign my own samples in post processing. Just need velocity signal with each drum on a different note. That's all we need to bring it into DAW. But yes, midi wasn't designed with the future in mind :)
  • im not saying it hasnt crossed my mind; I was actually looking into how to create MIDI files because I did want it added as an option. It looks pretty hard ha. Im not ruling it out though. I mean i had ZERO clue about how to export the recordings as a WAV and i eventually got it working, so lets just say watch this space.
  • Cool, I'll give the app a go!
  • Its free so it wouldnt hurt! Ha. I'm not finished updating it thats for sure. I make beats too (if you can call them that) so coming from that background I do know what I would like to implement; its just a matter of when, and If im succesful :P ha.
  • Lets go hard like chuckie and afrojack
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  • If it makes you feel better I've seen these guys play a few times. There "just" DJs though. Loop masters if anything else.
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  • In the modern US, "ghetto" is a code word to insult Black people and is equated with poor and low quality, so anytime someone says something is "ghetto" my ears perk. Graffiti is found everywhere, not just in the hood. This app, being a beat making app has hip-hop influences of course, but no the app does not look ghetto.
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  • Lol I Was raised in the ghetto half my life. Graffiti is NOT ghetto. Its street art. And there is nothing ghetto about this app either. It is solely to give it flavor after all hiphop music originated from the ghetto. That was a pretty ignorant comment. And of no use to this app itself. That being said this app is pretty dope. Its simple and easy to use.
  • Looks really promising.  I wonder if you could share them.
  • You can share them from your media library, but not from the app itself; though that's a good idea so i may take it on board :)
  • Awesome.  What I was thinkiing was a forum here where those beats could be shared. Facebook and Twitter? Why not? Its a promising app that could grow big.
  • Ill add FB and Twitter sharing to the list. I've used FBs API before so hopefully shouldn't be too hard :P but if you want to start a forum post to share, by all means! :)
  • No way... Awesome!
  • Meh. Beatphonic is better.
  • I haven't used beatphonic, ill check it out; doesn't it use loops? I think our apps are very different; mine you can actually produce much like one would on an MPC or in a DAW. That's what i am aiming for anyway :)
  • Yeah, beatphonic uses loops. If that's what you're aiming for, then your app's better!
  • Now if Whatsapp is updated to support sending audio files.. :) Perfect for making beats and sharing with friends!
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  • Is it something like everyday looper or only beats?
  • Has anyone tried "sequencer" beats makin app....
  • Thanks. WP Baby