Become an in-demand IT pro with 750+ courses for under $80

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As the world continues to wrestle with the effects of the coronavirus, thinking about furthering or beginning a career can be more than a bit intimidating—given the fact that entire markets have been upended and that companies in virtually every industry are altering their business models in order to adjust to a new normal.

But it's an indisputable fact that the overarching field of IT has been largely immune to the negative economic effects of the virus, and demand for talented and trained IT and tech professionals is only going to grow as the world becomes more dependent on networks and inter-business connections in the coming years.

The Complete Developer & IT Pro Library will help you land a lucrative and exciting position in this growing field through training that covers the most in-demand methodologies and platforms in IT and development, and unlimited lifetime access is available for over 90% off at just $79.99.

This bundle is packed with over 750 courses on everything from AWS and Azure to Python, Linux, SQL and much more.

Through easy-to-follow lessons that can be viewed on all of your devices, you'll learn how to use a variety of tools and platforms in order to build and maintain servers, safeguard networks and connections, retaliate against cyber threats, develop apps, and cut company costs—all through lessons that utilize real-world examples.

Most courses even come with certificates of completion that you can use in order to bolster your resume when you've completed your training.

Get the skills and training you need in order to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world with an unlimited lifetime subscription to the Complete Developer & IT Pro Library for just $79.99—over 90% off its usual price right now.

Prices are subject to change.

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