Beem Plus updated to v1.5, squishes bugs and improves stability

Beem Plus is a Windows Phone music app that allows users to tap into Digitally Imported music sites and stream various EDM radio stations to their Windows Phones. The DI.FM client was updated the other day to version 1.5 to address a handful of bugs, tweak performance and now supports scrobbling.  

Scrobbling is basically the system building a profile based on the music you play regularly and makes recommendations based on that profile. With the update, you no longer need to have a specific track name written in your notebook, instead just have it listed in your "Recently Played" table. You can either perform manual scrobbling by tapping the sharing button above the heart (in the station player) or enable auto-scrobbling where, for each opened station, the current track details will be automatically sent to your account.

As far as stability improvements are concerned, the developer is now using an in-house management interface for all the stations that is based on Azure Mobile Services.  This should not only improve stability but also give the app a little more zip.

The developer does offer this upgrade note:

"Because of internal changes to the station storage and retrieval mechanism, you might experience the “crash on launch” problem. This is caused because of how the update process manages the application isolated storage (it leaves it intact). And since Beem 1.5 no longer supports legacy settings, you will simply need to delete the app and then install it again. Since you already purchased it once, you won’t have to do it again."

Beem Plus is a nicely laid out music app for your Windows Phone that delivers a wide range of music.  The app also has Skydrive support to back up your records with.

There is a free version of Beem that is still currently at version 1.3 and can be found here (opens in new tab). With no trial version of Beem Plus, the free version will give you a good feel for things. Beem Plus is currently running $1.29 and you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • Besides my local music, Beem is my #1 music app. Highly recommend.
  • +1
  • FYI just downloaded it for $0.99 Thanks for the info!
  • EDM is the best ♥
  • I'm gonna check that out I jam goa psy trance
  • unfortunately for beem, digitally imported say they are working on an official client for WP on their support pages.
  • I don't see how this is "unfortunately". Here: There is no reference to a Windows Phone app. It was talked about for a while, but there still isn't one. Besides, Beem includes a range of features that are not available in the clients for other mobile OS.
    Disclaimer: I am the Beem dev.
  • Why are Beem and Beem Plus made by 2 different publishers?
  • This will be soon eliminated and the Beem Plus publisher will become the main source.
  • Thanks Dan, I heart Beem
  • This is seriously unrelated, but who cares... Does anyone know why Bluetooth has to be turned on in order for NFC/Tap to share to work?.. I tried to tap a photo to another device and I got the message "Bluetooth must be on"" on my 920.. What's up with that?
  • NFC is pretty much just a way to quickly pair devices. If it was used without Bluetooth you would have to hold the devices together during the entire transfer
  • Right.. I did a little research and I understand now.. NFC can only transfer data at less than .5mbs.. I wonder if future versions of NFC will speed up...
  • I like TuneIn Radio better, all radiostations at one place.
  • Been is cool. Tune in is cool. No Sirius xm for my Lumina 920 is weak sauce.
  • What are the other apps like this which supports scrobbling?