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Android apps every Windows Mobile convert should install right away

We all love Windows 10 Mobile, but we're also realists. The sad truth is that many of the Windows faithful are jumping ship to other mobile platforms such as Android, and with that comes a number of challenges.

Thankfully, apps aren't one of them, because the Google Play Store is well stocked with everything you could want on your phone. But it can be overwhelming at first, so we singled out a selection of apps that we recommend every Windows Mobile convert installs first.

Microsoft Apps

If you're going to be keeping all your Microsoft services and accounts intact (why wouldn't you?), you'll be happy to know Android is your friend. Whether you just want to use Outlook, Office or Skype, or go nuts and install Microsoft's own Android launcher and lockscreen, there's a ton of Microsoft apps in the Play Store.

And they're mostly pretty darn good. You won't have to cancel Groove. You can still get the Xbox app. And your Outlook mail and calendars are safe. Better yet, Microsoft has a single app to help you find and download all of its other apps.

Download Microsoft Apps from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab)



If you're getting into Beam since Microsoft acquired it, you'll be pleased to know that there's already an official app for Android available in the Play Store. Considering there isn't even an official app for Windows 10 outside of Xbox One, this is a happy bonus for new Android converts.

It's a fairly basic experience targeted at viewing streams above anything else, but it's an experience nevertheless. And you can watch the Windows Central Podcast live every week, wherever you are!

Download Beam from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab)

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

This app is literally an essential for anyone using Android. It's basically free money to spend in the Play Store on apps, games, music and video content. All you do is install it, and every so often you'll be given an anonymous survey to answer that rewards you with Google Play credit.

You don't get a lot of money per survey, but as they keep rolling in you'll soon build up a healthy balance. Unless you hate free stuff, there's no reason not to use it.

Download Google Opinion Rewards from the Play Store (opens in new tab)



Enpass is our favorite password manager for Windows 10, and it's available and as awesome on Android.

Assuming you use something to sync your passwords across devices, simply download and login to Enpass on Android, and you'll be up and running in no time. Enpass also, like on Windows 10, supports fingerprint readers, for easy access without having to enter your master password every time.

Download Enpass from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab)

Windows Central and Android Central

Windows Central app

If you want to keep tabs on the best of Microsoft, as well as learn a whole lot about Android, Mobile Nations (our parent company) has apps for you.

Android Central and Windows Central both have apps in the Play Store, and you should definitely install them both. Now. Do it!

Your favorites

If you have a suggestion we didn't mention that Windows converts absolutely must install right away, be sure to leave it in the comments below.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Zplayer should be on this list.
  • :( Meh love this site but the Android and IOS fillers are like......  If new HP Elite has better camera I am sold and sticking with Windows.
  • Showing people how to convert to Android and iOS has been a continuous theme lately. Perhaps they have some insider information?
  • I wish they would stop prompting & promotion of Android crap. I personally will never convert to Goggle / Google Alphabet.
  • No one is forcing you to.
  • What are you even doing here ?
  • Maybe someday the site will cater to you personally.
  • When the store owner keeps sending you to the competition, more than likely, they're about to close shop..!
  • Not sure... I really enjoy this site but if I am going to convert to Android I will go back to xda (use to be a windows site).  I'd rather they move those from the front page to tips/tricks or something.  Keep the default page fresh.  
  • XDA moved from Windows to Android when Microsoft abandoned the amazing desktop-like WIndows Mobile for a walled garden iOS wannabe Windows Phone 7. I can't fault them. Show Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro to anyone and they'll think it's some old android with a custom Microsoft-themed icon pack.
  • I enjoyed Windows Mobile back in the day.  But the live tiles kept me on the Windows Platform.  Even though it is a "Walled garden".
  • and there. UI of Windows 10, functionality of Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro.
    (Though you'll have to tweak it a bit, most screenshots are from people who spent like 2 minutes customising their screens).
  • @Sargon Aelther, yup WM 6.x was really pretty open. You could literally go into the windows folder and open the registry hive. The only thing it lacked was a cohesive store...
  • I stuck with Windows mobile 6.5 and HTC HD2 as long as possible... Still miss some things.
  • Lol I went from 6.5.5 (Custom rom) on my HTC HD2 to WP8.1, when they announced a (super limited) File Explorer. I just couldn't move away until then.
  • Sadly I couldn't stand the tiles, or the locked down nature. I too had played with different ROMs (Oh for Cookies Home Tab which absolutely had to be supported by the ROM ).
    I went to android once it had similar functionality to windows mobile 6.5. Not only that but apps like my satnav (Sygic) were no longer updated due to low memory capacity of 256MB, and only continued on iOS and Android.
  • I'm about to move to Android (finally) myself. Getting sick and tired waiting for Microsoft to implement basic features like Default App Setting and Network Drive support. Not that they're ever going to do that, now that WP is totalyl dead.
  • I think it's pretty obvious to everyone now...its going to take a while for Microsoft to get Windows ready for mobile again...
  • Very likely. I feel the same too.
  • They've seen what we haven't and know Windows 10 Mobile is likely not long for this world and best case will be replaced by WoA. 
  • Then definitely Jason Ward didnt get the memo :P
  • Yeap , i ordered Lumia 950 xl from ebay, i am on hold to get it on my hands. Despite the shortcomings of the OS , i am not leaving anytime soon...
  • I wonder if a memo has come from MS to windows central telling them to write articles to get everyone away from WP10.
  • You snatched my comment
  • I second you. Most of the sites I go to are all busy spreading the doom and gloom.
  • It's possible, but it's more likely they've just been paying attention lol.
  • I just changed from a Lumia 950 to a Galaxy S8........ The S8, which granted is brand new and has a 835 processor, is so much more fluid than the 950. I still love the W10 UI, but there are so many things that Android just does better on a phone right now than Windows. Some of them are quite sad, and for the life of me, I cannot comprehend why Android can do it, and Windows cannot........for instance, my work computer runs W7, Outlook 2010, I create a draft email, and it actually shows up in my Draft email folder in the Samsung email app......its nowhere to be found on my 950, and doesn't show in Outlook Android app either........why? Also, the apps........but, that's getting old at this point, it's the only reason I left. Bring back a working version of Project Astoria on W10M, or W10ARM, or whatever they are gonna call it, and I'll gladly come back.
  • I hate reading these articles.  I also hate that I am contemplating getting an Android. I have had an iPhone in the past, and my wife has a 6 Plus now. I just find it difficult to navigate without the back button. If I do go Android, I still won't be using any Google services outside of the store and an occasional YouTube video.
  • It's a better option for migratory windows mobile fans in my opinion, although I'm biased. You can at least skin an android phone to look somewhat like windows phone if you wish, and there is a launcher and lock screen that are made by Microsoft... I doubt iOS users will ever get those. Plus you don't have to give Apple any money!
  • Launcher 10 does the reskinning well and is worth the 10 bux the dev charges
  • Bro, it is not about the skinning, it is about everything!
    Android is android, while Windows is Windows.
  • As phone OS go Android is not bad. At least it talks to Windows 10 PCs properly without needing to use horrible software such as Itunes to shift files around!  
  • i would recommend google maps, google search, google youtube but they are already ready for you and yes im serious they are great
  • Waze > Google Maps. I'm not sure why they keep them separate. I use Bing instead of Google Search because of Bing Rewards.
  • Can you not get the message people don't want to read this crap
  • Mate, this is a win win for them. They get clicks from posts like yours and continue to kiss MS butt by blindly promoting them. Not stopping anytime soon. :) But the real question is why care so much about Microsoft when they have demonstrated so adeptly that they don't give a toss about you?
  • Exactly I'm baffled by this talk of being REAL FAN, the one who would not leave W10M for anything, even when MS itself has abandoned it,their employees and execitives use iphones but some ppl dont get it.
  • I will never abandon windows mobile. I remember when my Nokia n86 broke so I got an iPhone 4 after 1.5 years it broke my friend dropped it for some reason I was happy about it. I looked on internet for a new phone and saw some Nokia phones looked so different to what I was used to but I got myself a Lumia 920 or 900 can't remember but saw the Nokia branding I got it. I'm hooked now. Don't care apps are being removed or ****** up I love my 950xl
  • Power to you man !
  • That's funny.  My abandoned 950 just received an update earlier this week.  If Android can give me the same look and feel as Windows 10M, then i'll consider switching. Does that mean I'm a fanboy?  No.  I just enjoy the experience more than the other two.
  • Agreed
  • I got the message that you don't want to read this crap.
  • Except people do read this "crap". Look, yes this time for W10M is in limbo AND aside from hardcore fans people already have or will he switching (AT LEAST FOR THE TIME BEING). Hardcore fans are usually the one commenting, but many casual readers frequent the site too.
  • Here we go again, getting zzzzzz of these articles now and this site.
  • But not tired enough to ignore them it would seem.
  • If you have stuck with windows mobile till now. Why all the panic? Why move now unless you want a new phone. My 950 xl does all the thing's it did back when I bought it if anything its a lot better.
  • No panic...  I've been contemplating moving from my 4 year-old 928 to Android for quite awhile.  The last straw is the total abondonment of W10M by MS for the forseeable future.  I was kind of waiting for BUILD 2017 as a "sh_t or get off the pot" moment and there it is... get off the pot!
  • That's the point, though. We are getting to the point where 950 owners will be looking to upgrade. They were very good phones, but they're getting on, still plenty of life in them, but people get bored.
  • Yep, Nov. 2015 was the release right?  2 year support is up...they can cut it off at that time.  Right about the time when W10 on ARM will be released and their 'new' mobile devices running it will start to leak running it.  
  • Will all 950's just implode once their 2 year support is up?  My guess is that they'll continue to work. 
  • Next article: how to migrate from Microsoft apps on Android to Google apps.
    And then: the power of Google on Linux. Just give it a thought!
  • If they were going to push Google, it'd be chromeboxes and Chromebooks, not Linux.
  • Except Microsoft is supporting their services and these guys don't see any reason to move from them. 
  • I am a staunch supporter of this site and covering any and all Microsoft related news. But this is getting a little odd now. Between this and that Steele watch the other day, I think it may be going a little too far.
  • You are right this is a little odd. Just their way of getting at Microsoft. Point taken WC. Now move back to covering Ms news
  • Lol  
  • Oh dear Richard, you are so much into it.
  • I thought this was Windows Central. If I wanted to read about android I would read Android Central.
  • FinnBogg.. We see comments like this every time for these kind of articles. But they never stop. They are so pushy these days.
  • Why would they stop? The articles get clicks and comments, that means they're popular. If people really don't like them, they should ignore them.
  • I ain't going to Crapdroid or iOS ! Ever !!
  • It is windows central. Its about how to get the best of Microsoft on Android for those of us who need to switch. I would love another windows phone, but frankly that isn't a possibility, there are no new Windows phones to speak of and as of now, ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to expect any phone to be supported after the end of this year. Frankly, I have no choice and am glad they write these kind of articles because I am being forced to switch.
  • This article is nothing related with Windows in general, Windows 10, Microsoft or Microsoft's Ecosystem (Everyone knows there are Microsoft apps over there) You can find Android app news on any tech site. Forget about the switch story and think about that. Just ridiculous... By the way Joe Belfiore pronounced "...and Windows Phone" yesterday while explaining the new Phone settings icon on Windows 10. WCentral doesn't care about it?
  • When Joe left, there was still a Windows Phone. He just returned so he has yet to lose the habit of saying "Windows Phone". It'll pass.
  • A new settings icon? Wow that's the biggest windows mobile news to come out in awhile!
  • Better than same old "switch to android but live microsoft" b?%@it
  • Lastpass Firefox with adblocker plugin of your choice
  • No one is making you read these articles, if you aren't interested in options don't read. Much like Microsoft itself, Windows Central is covering the whole Microsoft ecosystem, that includes iOS/Android options (as Build just showed.)
  • We are not just readers, but a community which also includes our favorite writers like Richard and Daniel. So we keep criticizing these articles. And they keep posting these (sadly).
  • True comment but the core people on this site come from the WPCentral days.  Not sure they want to go from WPCentral -> Windows Central -> Windows Ecosystem on Other Devices...  
  • There is nothing wrong with the Android/iOS coverage. After all, like you said, MS has apps on both those platforms. The issue people are taking exception with, is the blatant and hyper active way in which they are trying to push us off the boat. Trying their hardest to convert people into buying those other platforms. That's the issue.
  • I really don't think they care what platform you use.
  • Do you not see the writing on the wall? Windows phones are dead. They will be receiving limited support going forward with no replacement for at least a year if ever. When Microsoft is selling Android phones in their stores and Windows Phone Central is telling you to buy Android or iPhone, it is quite obvious Windows phone is over.
  • Bro, this is window central not android central. New users to android devices should find there way to android central where this article belong.
  • Because Android Central will recommend Microsoft services and ecosystem?
  • They do. They run the same articles sometimes.
  • Sidebooks. A lot of comic/magazine and pdf veiwers in android are quite slow. Especially compared with edge (which I only discovered recently its super quick). This especially an issue with mags and comics because of heavy graphics. And very few of them have a bookshelf mode where you can easily browse your content. I spent a long time on android searching for the perfect viewer. I believe sidebooks is it. Mind you viewing mags/comics/pdfs on a smartphone screen is kinda painful, so maybe only do this if you have a phablet.
  • We are not converts, we are migrants
  • Refugees, maybe? :)
  • Well said.
  • I'd also like to say, I appreciate the wording this time round, rather than being all dramatic, just saying "some people are switching so". Seems more balanced.
  • Ok, you've all shown what apps to install on our next mobile device that may not be running Windows, but how about an article about turning off Google's intrusiveness on Android devices, if even possible.
  • Don't sign into a Google account or use their services and you're pretty much good... If it really bothers you, get an uncertified device from China or wherever that has no Google software, or unlock your bootloader and install a custom ROM with no Google stuff... I'm not saying you can totally trust Google, but they're no worse than Microsoft.
  • Yeah I don't get this, like Microsoft is some bastion of privacy and wholesomeness lol. All of these companies (Google, Apple, MS, Samsung, facebook, etc) invade your privacy and buy and sell your information...
  • The difference is Apple, MS and Samsung are tech companies, gogle and facebook aren't.  google is an ADVERTISING company, nothing more nothing less, they dabble in tech and make everyone think they are so great because it is FOSS.  The reality is the google business model doesn't work without YOUR data, keep that in mind.
  • That can be done quite easily actually, it's the same process as Windows 10.
  • Getting stranger by the day here at WC.
  • I'm still sad there is no Android Central and iMore or whatever it's called on Windows Phone.
  • Really? Do you know if that's because Microsoft do the same Draconian bs as Apple or just because they're not worth developing? My feeling and hope is the latter.
  • Trolls...pure n simple...on windows central site are we not?...maybe they are the phone section and if there is nothing phoney to write they turn into pumpkins 🙂
  • Is it just me or does Google Opinion Rewards request a lot of information in order for it to work?  I remember looking into it before and I was kind of surprised (for some reason I guess) so I didn't do it.
  • MS showed full W10 running on ARM. That's the future and that's what I'm waiting for. I can already run AmiDuos (Android emulator) on my tablets (no dual booting required) and that type of capability is what's going to eventually be a game changer. Best of everything in one device. Again, no dual booting required.
  • I did just get the galaxy s8 since i had an upgrade on an unused line, but after the first few days of newness wore off, I'm realizing that my 950 and WM10 is still highly competitive, plus I'm not afraid to drop my 950 lol. The only real difference is the apps....
  • Really?  Again?  This is becoming aggravating.  How about if someone wants to go to Android they go to Android Central.  This is getting really freaking annoying.  
  • Android Central is more geared towards people who already have Android devices.
  • Is that an app too ?
  • How about if someone wants to know how to get the best Microsoft experience they can get, they come here? We both know that the best Microsoft has to offer is not in W10M. Or is the best they have to offer a glitch, buggy phone with no apps or OS support to speak of? Look, I am just as sad as you are that W10M is on its death bed. With any luck Microsoft will kill it and introduce full windows 10 on phone devices. But until then the reality is the best of microsoft is found on iOS and Android. Even this current BUILD conference has shown that.
  • But until then the reality is the best of microsoft is found on iOS and Android.
    After trying to make the switch to Android and following all these articles to set up the Microsoft apps, I completely disagree that the best of Microsoft can be found on Android. The Cortana app is not as functional as it is on Windows, and seems to be handicapped by not being part of the Android OS. Groove is only for streaming music. I prefer to have my music stored locally and not rely on cellular data to play my music, which I always have playing in my car. When I have streamed music from my OneDrive storage, the app doesn't remember where I left off like the Windows version does. Music controls pop up on the Android lock screen, but they don't respond when I tap the play or skip button. Outlook email can't be used like I do on Windows - linked inbox for all personal email accounts and separate inbox for work email individually pinned to the start screen for direct access. This makes it easy to know when I have a work email awaiting a response without having to sift through all my personal emails. I have to use a separate app for one of those inboxes in order to replicate that usage on Android. While the Outlook app can be set as the default email, there is not an easy way to incorporate the Outlook calendar into the main system. I can either have my Google calendar subscribe to the Outlook calendar for a read-only view of upcoming events, or I have to open the Outlook app to access the calendar to view and add new events. Same for upcoming events and birthdays in Facebook - I have to have the Google calendar subscribe via URL to see those events whereas they easily show up in the calendar on Windows by flipping a toggle in the Facebook app.  
  • Theres an app called Nine that does excellent outlook mail/calendar integration
  • Nine for exchange integration. I like HERE maps better than Google Maps. Textra is a nice SMS app with dark theme. Podcast Addict is a good podcast app. DigiCal is a calendar app that does the week view just like outlook calendar did on W10M. Arrow launcher is also a must. Then there are the apps W10M doesn't have: SlingTV, MLB at Bat, Vanguard, banking & cc apps, the Starbucks app can do mobile ordering which is great, Amazon, PIA VPN though it eats battery so I don't leave it on much. There's also a great app called Import SMS From Windows Phone which does exactly what it says and was super useful for the switch. Many more.
  • One of the windows phone USPs was Here Maps, you can download whole countries/regions so you don't have to use data to have gps navigation. In fact you only need data for traffic updates, so if you are in another country with expensive roaming you just turn data off.   Here maps has rebranded as "Here We Go" and is availble free on Android.  It has ads but not intrusive.  Recomemnded.
  • Considering Windows on ARM is coming this year its pretty weird this. Doesn't bother me either way because what others do has no bearing on me. Personally ill stay with my perfectly acceptable Lumia 950 and only upgrade to a Pocket PC in the next 18 months.
  • Good on ya mate ?