Android apps every Windows Mobile convert should install right away

We all love Windows 10 Mobile, but we're also realists. The sad truth is that many of the Windows faithful are jumping ship to other mobile platforms such as Android, and with that comes a number of challenges.

Thankfully, apps aren't one of them, because the Google Play Store is well stocked with everything you could want on your phone. But it can be overwhelming at first, so we singled out a selection of apps that we recommend every Windows Mobile convert installs first.

Microsoft Apps

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If you're going to be keeping all your Microsoft services and accounts intact (why wouldn't you?), you'll be happy to know Android is your friend. Whether you just want to use Outlook, Office or Skype, or go nuts and install Microsoft's own Android launcher and lockscreen, there's a ton of Microsoft apps in the Play Store.

And they're mostly pretty darn good. You won't have to cancel Groove. You can still get the Xbox app. And your Outlook mail and calendars are safe. Better yet, Microsoft has a single app to help you find and download all of its other apps.

Download Microsoft Apps from the Google Play Store



If you're getting into Beam since Microsoft acquired it, you'll be pleased to know that there's already an official app for Android available in the Play Store. Considering there isn't even an official app for Windows 10 outside of Xbox One, this is a happy bonus for new Android converts.

It's a fairly basic experience targeted at viewing streams above anything else, but it's an experience nevertheless. And you can watch the Windows Central Podcast live every week, wherever you are!

Download Beam from the Google Play Store

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

This app is literally an essential for anyone using Android. It's basically free money to spend in the Play Store on apps, games, music and video content. All you do is install it, and every so often you'll be given an anonymous survey to answer that rewards you with Google Play credit.

You don't get a lot of money per survey, but as they keep rolling in you'll soon build up a healthy balance. Unless you hate free stuff, there's no reason not to use it.

Download Google Opinion Rewards from the Play Store



Enpass is our favorite password manager for Windows 10, and it's available and as awesome on Android.

Assuming you use something to sync your passwords across devices, simply download and login to Enpass on Android, and you'll be up and running in no time. Enpass also, like on Windows 10, supports fingerprint readers, for easy access without having to enter your master password every time.

Download Enpass from the Google Play Store

Windows Central and Android Central

Windows Central app

If you want to keep tabs on the best of Microsoft, as well as learn a whole lot about Android, Mobile Nations (our parent company) has apps for you.

Android Central and Windows Central both have apps in the Play Store, and you should definitely install them both. Now. Do it!

Your favorites

If you have a suggestion we didn't mention that Windows converts absolutely must install right away, be sure to leave it in the comments below.

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