Tracking your progress is a great way to stay on top of your tasks, and Windows 10 has plenty of great apps to help you stay productive. From Microsoft's offerings to some well-known favorites, these are the best Windows 10 to-do list apps.


Wunderlist earned one of the top spots among to-do lists long before Microsoft purchased it. It allows you to create lists, sublists, and include due dates and notes. You can also attach files to specific items on your to-do list and share items with your friends and colleagues. It plays nicely with your Outlook calendar and Microsoft's Cortana.

It has an easy-to-navigate interface that extends across Wunderlist's apps on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Android, and iOS.

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Microsoft To-do

Microsoft To-do is a bit of a spiritual successor to Wunderlist, coming out relatively quickly after Microsoft purchased Wunderlist. Microsoft has taken many of the features that people liked from Wunderlist and brought them into Microsoft To-Do, and you can even import your Wunderlist items over.

In the app, you can add to-dos, add notes and due dates to each item. Microsoft To-Do emphasizes making your day productive. You can add items to the "My Day" section from each category of items, or you can click the lightbulb icon to see what the app suggests you get done today.

In addition to its Windows versions, Microsoft To-Do is also available on iOS, and Android.

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Todoist has been in the to-do game for years and has many features to show for it. With it, you can create to-dos and attach files, notes, and share projects with other people. You can break tasks down into sub-tasks, and can also assign priority levels to make sure you get the most important items on your list done first.

Todoist has a free version on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and can also be used on iOS and Android. You can also upgrade to premium for $28.99 per year which gets you more features such as creating templates and automatically backing up data.

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Cortana is Microsoft's digital assistant, and one of the tasks that it's best at is managing to-do lists. You can easily add items with your voice or by typing and they'll appear in the 'lists' section of Cortana no matter what platform you're on. There are Cortana apps availalbe on iOS and Android and it's built directly into Windows 10.

Microsoft Launcher with Cortana is truly great on Android

Cortana can also be used in conjuction with Wunderlist, allowing you to add things quickly with the assitant and then follow up with them in Wunderlist.


Trello isn't a to-do list in the traditional sense but it is a great tool to increase your productivity. It's based around cards that you create and can place into collumns. You can add files, notes, due dates, and add labels to your different cards as well.

Trello is one of the tools we use at Mobile Nations to help us stay on top of the content that we produce. It allows you to assign cards to specific members of a team and move cards between boards. You can also integrate Trello with other services, such as Outlook's Trello add-in.

Trello has a free version but also has montly subscriptions for $9.99 or $20.83 (or less) per month if you need it for business or enterprise. It has apps on Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

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How do you track your tasks?

How do you stay on top of your tasks and to-dos? Let us know in the comments below and share any apps that you use that aren't on our list.

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