Best of Smartphone Experts, 7 Mar 2010

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Hands-on with Motorola DevourMotorola Backflip, AT&T's first Android phone, now available for $99Apple sues HTC, Day One and Day Two RoundupAndroid Central Podcast is here!BlackBerry Slider Photos Emerge!BlackBerry Slider Rumors Update and RoundupCrackBerry Podcast: BlackBerry Slider Special Edition!
Nokia C5 AnnouncedThe Four Classes of Nokia SmartphonesNokia Nuron coming to T-MobileFacebook for webOS UpdatedPorting iPhone Games to webOS 'a matter of days.'Verizon Drops Mail-in Rebate on Pre Plus, Pixi Plus
TiPb is Giving Away an iPad! First Chance to Enter: Subscribe to the TiPb YouTube Channel!iPad Wi-Fi Available in US on April 3, Pre-Orders March 12, International Late AprilApple Sues HTC for Patent Infringement -- Complete CoverageMicrosoft gives a few more hints for Windows Phone 7 Series plus, HTC HD2 (again) is officially off the upgrade pathOpera Mini 5 beta now on Windows Mobile as a native appMore Microsoft Courier details, renderings and video get leaked
Dieter Bohn