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Meetings usually aren't what most of us would consider "fun." However, with the massive shift to working from home, platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype offer a chance to mix things up a bit with virtual backgrounds. The options are only limited by your creativity, but here are just a few to get you started.

He-Man Teams Background

Heyeayea yeah-ah: Master of the Meme-verse

Ever wanted to be a part of one of the greatest memes of all time? This background puts you right in the action with He-Man himself. Good luck with resisting the urge to break out into song. Note: We're not responsible for any spontaneous sing-alongs in your meetings.

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Imperial Star Destroyer Bridge Teams Background

Crush rebel scum: Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer Bridge

What better background is there for bosses and managers than the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer? The sterile, dark surroundings might command a little more respect, that's for sure. Okay, not all bosses would fight for the Empire, but it's still a fun background nonetheless. The official Star Wars site has a ton of other backgrounds as well. Score.

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Star Wars Rebel Base Teams Background Xwing

Lead the resistance: Star Wars: Rebel Base

If your boss stans for the Empire, then what better way to resist than to put yourself in a Rebel base? The threat of the looming X-Wing behind you might bolster your points a little more, at the very least. Just don't get carried away and start an actual rebellion within your company.

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Monty Python Microsoft Teams Background

The Holy Grail: Monty Python God

Look: Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a downright classic. From the Knights who say Ni to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, there are countless memorable bits from this flick. One of the more memorable scenes is when God appears in the clouds, and now you can play God yourself.

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Bobs Burgers Teams Background

Become a Belcher: Bob's Burgers diner

Are you a fan of FOX cartoons? The company has a ton of backgrounds from its most popular shows available, including this one from Bob's Burgers. It's even complete with a groan-worthy burger of the day. Head over to FOX's page for more from The Simpsons, The Masked Singer, and more.

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Xbox Controller Wallpaper

Gaming cred: Xbox backgrounds galore

Perhaps you're crazy about Xbox, but don't have a ton of gear to decorate your background. These backgrounds from Microsoft well help spice things up a bit more, including some lovely shelves decorated with oodles of Xbox controllers. Microsoft also has several wallpapers from various big-name games so that you can show off some of your favorites. Of course, these all work as regular old desktop and phone wallpapers as well.

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Dark Knight Interrogation Teams Background

Why so serious?: Dark Knight interrogation

The Dark Knight is lauded as one of the best Batman flicks to grace the world. One of the most memorable scenes from the film is when Batman confronts the Joker in Gotham PD's interrogation room. With this background, you can pretend you're the Joker with Batman looming menacingly behind you. Just don't go too crazy.

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Distracted Boyfriend Meme Teams Background

Whoah nelly: DIstracted boyfriend

No meme has spread across the internet quite like the "distracted boyfriend" meme in recent times. There's just something about it that lends itself to lampooning anything and everything. This background puts you in the titular boyfriend's focus, maybe even making you the focus of your meeting.

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Spongebob Teams Background

I'm ready, I'm ready: Spongebob's crib

Lots of us grew up with Spongebob Squarepants. Many of us can quote dozens, if not hundreds of lines from the show. So, why not turn your home into Spongebob's little pineapple at the bottom of the sea?

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Endless possibilities

Mixing up your meetings with memes, pop culture, and other bits of flair can be lots of fun. Moreover, it's a small thing that can make an otherwise bland meeting a little more memorable. That's if your company is cool with it, that is.

We're big fans of the He-Man and Star Wars backgrounds, but the options are limitless. Any screengrab from a movie, show, or meme should work well (though some might require some Photoshop work). If you work for a stuffy company and use Microsoft Teams, there are several, much more mundane backgrounds to choose from as well.

If none of the backgrounds from our collection strike your fancy, no worries. The Zoom backgrounds Reddit is a great place to find a ton of other backgrounds. Likewise, you'll find plenty floating around Twitter and other social media.

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