Microsoft recently rolled out support for USB webcams on Xbox One, allowing a range of third-party devices to work with the console. Following the update, nearly any webcam designed for PC can be instantly hooked up for use across video calls on Skype and Microsoft's Mixer live streaming platform.

However, unlike on PC, Xbox One webcam capabilities are currently somewhat limited. Without support for 4K, 3D capabilities, and various advanced software, choosing the right device can avoid a needless heavy price tag. We've rounded up some of our favorite webcams currently available today, with Xbox One in mind.

Note: For now, USB webcam support is still in testing, with the functionality restricted solely to those in the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider Program.

Logitech C920

Logitech's C920 is one of the best cameras on the market right now, with a balance of quality and affordability suitable for any type of Xbox user. Recording at 1080p, the webcam will ensure you're getting the maximum resolution for Xbox One, alongside fast autofocus technology and low-light compensation for late-night gaming sessions. This ensures your Mixer live stream or Skype video call truly shines, regardless of conditions.

On top of its visual quality, the C290 also uses dual microphones, allowing the device to record rich audio on supported Xbox One applications. This setup means the device can filter out various background noise, making for a much clearer output in comparison to other options on the market.

While for Windows PC users, we recommend the superior Logitech C922, its main draw is additional software not usable on Xbox One. As a result, purely in terms of hardware, the C920 is an outstanding offering fit for any situation. Be prepared that the camera doesn't come cheap, starting just under $60.

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Logitech C615

If you're looking to cut down costs without hugely compromising on features, Logitech's C615 is a popular well-rounded choice for both streams and video calls. Though its live video capabilities are capped at 720p, when paired with snappy autofocus, the camera can still adapt to various situations.

The C615 also comes in a somewhat compact and flexible form factor and can be fully angled 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. When not in use, its foldable design makes this an easy camera to store away between video sessions.

By saving some cash you may lose quality, but in most cases, the differences aren't hugely noticeable on standard Xbox One consoles following compression. Whether being used for regular video calls or just starting out with streaming, the C615 is our mid-range pick priced at $37.99.

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Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 is among the best entry-level cameras you can buy and still provides an adequate image for video calls. Recording at 720p in a 16:9 aspect ratio you'll be getting a clear and cinematic image, without the price tag of more advanced models. Microsoft's HD-3000 also utilizes "TrueColor" technology, that automatically adapts colors on the fly, to ensure the video is presented in the best light across varying conditions.

One of the most appealing traits of the HD-3000 is its universal attachment base, which keeps your webcam secure across different surfaces. If mounted upon your TV or standalone on a desk, the camera can maintain sturdy without additional accessories.

For $27, you can't get much better than the HD-3000, which minimizes compromises for a lower price point.

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TeckNet C016

If you're looking for a USB webcam at the lowest possible price, look no further than the TeckNet C016. With a reduction in price, you'll be seeing 720p resolution and no autofocus, but the device still gets the job done for those on a budget.

For $14.99, you'll have access to a fully opposable webcam that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, with up to 180 degrees vertically. The webcam also offers noise canceling to obscure some background noise, however for improved audio quality, we recommend using an additional microphone.

While we wouldn't recommend the C016 to business professionals, this is a cheap and easy option for personal use with an Xbox One console.

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