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Big SwiftKey update brings new languages, Toolbar, stickers, and more

SwiftKey has rolled out what it describes as its biggest update since it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Coming in at version 7.0, the update brings a host of new features to both Android and iOS, along with support for more languages.

The biggest change in SwiftKey version 7.0 is probably the new Toolbar. The Toolbar is en expandable menu that lives as a "+" icon to the left of your predictions. Tapping the icon will open up a row of icons above the prediction bar with access to more features, including GIFs, Quick Settings, Themes, and more.

One new Android-exclusive feature is tucked away in the Toolbar as well: Stickers. SwiftKey says that Android users can now choose from a collection of stickers to send to their friends. Stickers can be sent as they are, or edited as you see fit. The company says it also has plans to eventually release exclusive Microsoft Sticker packs at a later date.

In terms of upcoming features, Switfkey is planning to roll out location sharing and Calendar sharing in the future. Locations sharing will be pretty straightforward, allowing you to insert your location in a message. Calendar sharing will also allow you to quickly insert and send calendar appointments to others.

Lastly, this update also brings support for eight new "lish" languages, which SwiftKey describes as "a hybrid language that lets people shift seamlessly between languages." These include Assamese (English), Bengali (English), Kannada (English), Malayalam (English), Marathi (English), Nepali (English), Odia (English), Telugu (English).

SwiftKey users can pick up version 7.0 for Android and iOS now.

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  • I'm sure Zac must be very excited!
  • As someone who input English, Chinese and Japanese regularly, I would say only English keyboard is usable. Chinese and Japanese keyboard are totally unusable (as you may know for both languages you need to select character from candidates and the candidates fron Swiftkey are usually very bad or wrong), and I thus need to install 3 different products instead of just relay on Swiftkey.
  • As someone who inputs in English and Hindi, I agree with you. Infact transliteration to Hindi is equally bad. It clubs all roman keyboards into one, don't know why. So if I am typing all English, once in a while it will translate it to Hindi randomly if it finds the Hindi word and vice versa is also true... I mean wtf... 
  • This update made me uninstall and switch to Gboard.
  • Why?
  • Nothing is broken.. Don't see why anyone wouldn't use the update. SwiftKey is the best!
  • Yeah it doesn't work any different than before the update other than adding that toolbar to the top of the keyboard area.
  • Which you have to click on the + button to even see. So I don't know why it would cause someone to switch keyboards.
  • Can somebody explain how the stickers work? Can I use them in SMS or in all kind of messengers including WhatsApp and Facebook?
  • It actually looks good too. Not all those ugly keyboards.
  • Still no bitmoji integration ☹️
  • Which is better ? Samsung Keyboard, Gboard or SwiftKey ?
    I recently changed my keyboard to Gboard for the Multi-Language support for only one keyboard and integrated Bitmoji + Voice to text. Does SwiftKey do the same ?
  • Don't know the answer to your last question, but as for which is better, that's very much a personal choice. Some swear by Gboard, and I wanted it to work for me, but I eventually switched back to SwiftKey.
  • Finally trying it. The LG keyboard is totally crap. I thought that the W10M keyboard was going downhill since they stopped caring, but I can bearly get out 5 words without it destroying my sentence. This keyboard only just did it to one word!
  • Anyone using this version on IOS?  how's it working?
  • Works great for me on iPhone X.
  • the real question is, will they remove the giant swiftey logo from the remaining 2/3rds of their keyboards, or let us fully customize keyboards (more than just background).
  • There's "SwiftKey" on the spacebar that's really small.
  • How does this compare to TouchPal keyboard?
  • Damn, TouchPal still exists? 😮
  • Using W10M as well, it feels really weird that Android has only 3 prediction words on the row and you have to tap on one to get alternatives. Otherwise the predictions are better than WordFlow and using 2 languages at once. Also in some occasions the typing is faster on WordFlow, with the exception that the long press for secondary characters and numbers is too long.
  • I just wish they can implement Flow into other languages e.g. Japanese and Chinese.
    (and ctrl+a/x/c/v/5)
    It's the reason why I cannot drop Swype...
  • I love SwiftKey.