Bing's 2016 Election Center picking up state primary and caucus vote predictions

Bing is once again offering predictions for the outcome of major national events, this time for the U.S. primary elections and the Iowa Caucus taking place in February. Primary predictions will soon be added to the existing Bing Political Index, and Microsoft is now previewing its early results for both Republican and Democrats.

Primary voting kicks off on Feb. 1 with the Iowa Caucus, where Donald Trump is currently predicted to win the Republican caucus with 39.8% of the vote, with Ted Cruz taking 30.5%. Trump is, in fact, expected to win all four Republican primaries in February, including New Hampshire on Feb. 9 with 40.2%, South Carolina on Feb. 20 with 44.3%, and the Feb. 20 Nevada primary with 39.6%.

Over to the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is projected to win the Iowa Democratic caucus with 50.1% of the vote. Sen. Bernie Sanders is predicted to win the New Hampshire primary by 58.4%. The Democratic Primary on Feb. 27 is currently predicted for Clinton at 63.5%. Clinton is also projected to win the Feb. 23 Nevada primary with 91.2% of the vote.

Bing is predicting these results through the use of Microsoft's machine-learning models. Data is gathered from polls, prediction markets, and anonymized search data. As with the rest of the Bing Political Index, which also features candidate profiles and a timeline, you'll be able to find these predictions by searching 'Election 2016' on Bing.

Source: Bing

Joseph Keller