Bing has predicted the World Cup 2014 match winners ... so far

Since first adding support for Microsoft's Bing predictions engine in Cortana a few days ago, Windows Phone 8.1 users in the US have seen Bing correctly predict all of the winners in the 2014 World Cup football-soccer matches.

As previously reported, Windows Phone 8.1 can now tie into the Bing engine so when a person asks, via their smartphone, if a team will win their World Cup match, it will display Bing's prediction. Its search technology has been used to offer those prognostications based on a ton of different factors, including previous win/loss/tie record in qualification matches, home field advantage, the weather during the game and much more.

Since this feature was added Saturday, Bing has racked up an 8-0 record in predicting the winners of the World Cup tournament. Of course, there are still plenty of games to go before the event concludes. The next matches will be held on July 4. Hopefully, Bing's track record will remain perfect.

Of course, if you ask Cortana directly, you might get this kind of response:


What do you think about Microsoft's Bing engine making these kind of choices and could we see it extended to other sports?

Source: Microsoft Bing

John Callaham