Microsoft has rolled out some updates to Bing that should make learning a little more fun for students of all ages. The latest additions include interactive ways to learn about constellations, family trees and much more.

Bing gets new tools for learning about the stars, molecules and more

As noted on the Bing blog, students can now learn more about specific stars and even molecules with interactive charts and diagrams. All either requires is a Bing search for a constellation if you're interested in the night sky, or a specific molecule like methane, and you'll be presented with detailed information on each.

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Bing also now includes a way to learn more about specific family trees for royal families, along with the members within. Perhaps most interesting are the new citation tools — which will help you correctly cite academic research — and a Rubik's Cube solver which does exactly what its name implies.

Each of these additions should be available now for related searches.

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