Bing introduces image searching by usage rights

Any journalist, blogger, or business owner knows that purchasing image rights can be an expensive process. Many of us turn to websites like Flickr to search for photos with Creative Commons licenses that allow commercial usage. Starting today, Bing is offering the same ability – to search by license types.

Many day to day users will simply overlook the "Search by License" feature, but for those who need it - this is a breath of fresh air. When heading to Bing Images you can now select from a barrage of Creative Commons options:

  • Public domain
  • Free to share and use
  • Free to share and use commercially
  • Free to modify, share, and use
  • Free to modify, share and use commercially

It should also be noted that within Office 2013, users can search directly for Bing images within the application; the images that have been shown are Creative Commons content and employ the same technology that is now powering Bing Images.

Try the new filter option out and let us know what you think.

Source: Bing Blog

Michael Archambault