Bing now offers quick access to lottery results with a single search

If you're an avid lottery player, Bing just made checking to see if you've won a lot easier. The search engine will now show you the most recent results for lotteries across the country with a simple search, eliminating the need to hop between different websites to check your numbers.

For example, if you've still got Powerball fever from the recent record-high jackpot, you can simply search Bing for Powerball and you'll see a nice graphic displaying the most recent winning numbers. And in addition to the numbers, you can view the current jackpot along with the next drawing date. Bing also makes checking multiple different lotteries a tad more convenient as well by automatically showing you the results of related lotteries, such as those in your state, across the top of your search page.

For more, you can go ahead and try the feature out now by navigating to Bing and searching for the name of any lottery you happen to play.

Source: Bing