Bing search volume still hurting Google in US

A few months ago, we looked at how Bing was performing above par in comparison to Google, and was growing in marketshare between the months of November and December. We calculated the majority of the increase due to Windows Phone 7 launch with Bing being the used search engine. Now, in the month of March, we can take a quick look back at January and February.

Incredibly, Bing is maintaining the steady 5% (month-over-month average) increase in the number of US searches while Google is now decreasing by 2%. Hopefully, with the continuous deployment of WP7 as well as more converted Android (among other platforms) users, we should see Bing become quite the contender for the title Google currently holds.

Is it safe to note that it's now 67% against 28% (since Yahoo! search is powered by Microsoft)? While this is only for US traffic, it's a very interesting prospect.

Source: Hitwise

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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