Bing for Windows Mobile updated

Not to sound too repetitive, an update is available for Microsoft's Bing app for those using a Windows Phone on the Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile network.  The new version is  5.1.2010 and you can get it by choosing the "Update Available" menu option in the old version or by pointing your mobile browser to (yeah... I know it's different than the twitter post but it's what worked for me).

No specifics on what the update covers but just off hand, it looks like a maintenance update.  If we discover anything different we'll pass it on. [via:]

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  • Haven't used Bing since they removed turn-by-turn directions and won't ever again. This is a worthless app now.
  • It never left, at least, it's still on mine since the past 3 or 4 updates. Unless you're talking about voice guidance, in which case, I've never had that with bing and feel left out.
  • No, I'm talking about how it used to automatically show the next turn for you. The bing before the "revamped it" many months ago use to have the GPS center you on the screen and the map scrolled as you moved, the newer one doesn't. The older Bing automatically tracked you with the GPS and displayed the next turn automatically as you follow the route. The newer one doesn't.
  • Why no update for Verizon users? Thats kind of strange isn't it?
  • The WM version of Bing sucks since the new interface. You can't choose one of your contacts as the end location for directions anymore. But on the iphone version of the app you can and in the old version of the WM version you can. can't believe they took away features. used to take 30 seconds to find the movie times now i have to have a movie app because bing sucks so bad. used to love it now it is garbage.
  • That's their trojan horse to get iphone users to switch to iWindows Phone 7! :) Of course current WM users be damned...
  • well I downloaded it and installed it and it appears that the only way to exit is to use the phone hangup butonn theres no x that I have seen on the top or bottom of the screen. I like look of the the revised interface, but so far not so much the program.
  • Bottom right of screen: MENU > Exit
  • I was using 5.0.2something something and 4.6.something something something darkside before that. Currently the only thing I see is that on the homescreen of it the main list is moved to the bottom of the screen (instead of being directly below the search entry field) and there's no longer tips/suggestions on how to search at the bottom.
  • I did not get the screen up far enough to get to the exit button. Thanks
  • On my point of view I must say this is really an amazing interface.I really love this new interface it has great features to pick up my location very fast and easily can move if we are getting directions.
  • I'm using an Energy Rom with Bing 4.6xxx cooked in. The update option is greyed out. When I downloaded and installed the update from the link, I now have two version of Bing on my phone. Did anyone else get this?
  • I'm using an Energy ROM as well which has an old version of Bing cooked into it. When I installed the updated .cab, it didn't remove the cooked version. If I had to guess, because the old version is cooked into the ROM, the installation process doesn't try to remove it.
  • Thanks. So far, it doesn't seem to mess anything up on the phone to have both. Haven't decided which one I like better yet... so I guess this gives me a chance to alternate between the two to decide.
  • I updated Bing in my Windows mobile and it's very fast browser for mobile and it's very easy to use also..
  • Turn by turn direction doesn't work on my Samsung Blackjack 2 i617
  • i have been left behind, i have samsung omia i910 : since the update occured the app does not work on my phone. it does work on my g/f omnia II. So my question is why. such an update doent include everyone. its a universal app. going to sux because our browsers for windows. mobile are not reliable and frustrating. Apps are important and we deserve better. when an update occurs for lsptops or pc's , it doesnt leave out certain computers. why do they do it on phones
  • microsoft has made themselves look. like a third generation
    company compared to apple's iphone. i will most likely switch to iphone soon. this sux