BioShock's 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition includes a Big Daddy statue

BioShock 10th Anniversary

It's been ten years since players first dipped their toes into Rapture and the world of BioShock. To celebrate, 2K Games is releasing a special 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition BioShock bundle for fans (via Neowin).

The big draw of the Collector's Edition bundle is an included 11.9-inch statue, which features a Big Daddy and Little Sister that mimic BioShock's box art. The statue includes a motorized drill, along with light-up components and audio clips from the game.

Along with the statue, the bundle also packs in a copy of BioShock: The Collection, which includes remastered versions of all three BioShock games for either Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

If the Collector's Edition has piqued your interest, however, you'll need to prepare to pay a pretty penny. The bundle costs $199.99 and will launch on November 14 in the U.S. only. You can preorder it now exclusively at Gamestop or the 2K Store. And if you just want to get your hands on the game itself, 2K is running a sale on BioShock: The Collection, discounting it to $30.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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