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'Birdsong' gets updated to v1.2; prepping for Notifications in v1.3

We mentioned that the popular Twitter app 'Birdsong' (video hands on) got a price drop to $0.99 yesterday. As it turns out, it is temporary, but in addition the app just hit v1.2 with a bunch of new features and some bug fixes. But probably the bigger news is that the developers, Red Badger, are prepping their v1.3 which promises to bring those push notifications/live tile to the much talked about app. Here are a few of the changes though in v1.2:

  • Multiple accounts – via accounts.
  • Geo-tagging – you can attach your location, exact location or a nearby place to tweets.
  • Via settings you can control whether to always auto geo-tag all you tweets and whether you want to share your exact location by default. These settings are account specific.
  • Configurable timeline font size – via settings.
  • Favourite/Unfavourite a tweet.
  • Share tweet/DM via Email or SMS
  • Delete Tweet
  • Delete Direct Message

Plus it's now "copy and paste ready" for that big NoDo update, which is a nice plus. Grab it here in the Marketplace. See the developer's notes here.

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  • Amazing update! Great to see the team is so dedicated.
  • So many of these twitter apps promise updates with notifications, live tiles etc. The only one so far is beezz and they even stopped updating their app. After a while its like the boy who cried wolf.
  • I'm still going to wait and see what moTweets brings to the table. It was my preferred WM6 client, and the new version looks pretty slick. I do with Birdsong had an ad supported version though. I hate to have used the app this long without sending them some change, but there's a new Twitter client every few weeks so by the time I'm about to pull the trigger, a new one gets released.
  • Congrats to the birdsong devs! They are awesome and this app is the best twitter app!
  • they are doing an awesome job with Birdsong. they reply to messages real quick and have been spot on with it so far. the only thing missing for me (they have live tiles and push slated for the next version) is multiple image uploaders. plixi, posterous etc which they say is on top for future versions.