BitLocker and Lumia Cyan causing issues for Windows Phones running Preview for Developers

The Lumia Cyan update has only just started rolling out for the Lumia 625 and Lumia 925, but already we're seeing some of the first bugs come to light. According to a lengthy thread on the Nokia support forum, consumers are experiencing issues after upgrading their Lumia Windows Phones running the 8.1 Preview for Developers and using BitLocker full disk encryption.

The BitLocker encryption appears to cause the smartphone to hang on boot, making it unusable. All that's presented to the user is a message to connect the device to a PC. Luckily, there's a solution, but it requires a full reset the Windows Phone using Nokia's software suite.

If you update your Windows Phone on your own and have BitLocker enabled through your corporate device policies (consumer devices do not), you'll be met with the following error (image courtesy of Tom Unnérus):

Bitlocker Recovery 8.1

"BitLocker recoveryTo recover this drive, plug in the USB drive that has the BitLocker recovery key.BitLocker needs your recovery key to unlock your drive because the trusted platform module is not accessible.For more information on how to retrieve this key, go to from another PC or mobile device.Press Enter to Reboot and try againPress Esc or the windows key for other recovery options"

As noted above, there is a solution to this problem, which is to completely reset the device using Nokia's software recovery suite. This should return everything back to normal. According to reports on the same thread (as well as elsewhere), those who upgrade from Windows Phone 8.0 Update 3 to Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan have no issues.

It is important to note that regular consumer level devices are not having this problem as BitLocker is an optional security tool enabled through corporate device policies. Although this may be a headache for an IT department, it should not affect the majority of consumers. Indeed, Windows Phone Central has not been flooded with tips on this yet.

MUST READ: How to recover your bricked Lumia with the Nokia Software Recovery Tool

It appears to be directly affecting owners with the Preview for Developers installed, which is strange as to why users are able to run the update in the first place. Let us know if you're experiencing issues upgrading.

We are reaching out to Microsoft about this issue for further guidance and will update this article accordingly.

Source: Nokia Discussions

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Blue screen of death :D
  • Cyan* screen of death
  • Cyan screen of bitlocker :D
  • How can we tell if bitlocker is enabled? I have my 1020 connected to O365 business account. Probably gonna be affected by this bug.
  • go to storage sense in the app list. If you find "encrypted" after the "XX.XX used GB" under phone, it means phone is encrypted
  • I didnt get u....aftr opening storage sense...wat to check...???
    Even i updated my phone though preview developer...
  • Look for the word "encrypted" after the number of used gigabytes.
  • Cant see any type of encrypted word...its shows 3.99GB used.....3.42GB free....n there after app+games ,music........others.
  • Well that means you are ok, as your storage is NOT encrypted using bitlocker.
  • Thank for your help! What if I don't have bitlocker but I didn't get cyan? I Got Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 through developer preview, but the firmware is still Lumia Black :-( Do you have any idea?   thanks in advance
  • They blocked the cyan update for everyone, so you should wait till Microsoft fixes it.
  • Ah, ok, I thought the "regular" cyan update was available meanwhile...thank you, I'll wait, hoping they'll fix it soon....
  • Np :)
  • Hey i too usng a Dp version..should i downgrade or wait for cyan.. :(
  • I'm gonna wait for the update...hopefully it will not take (even) too long....
  • Did u get the update?? I too usng a Dp version.. Should i downgrade or wait ? :(
  • Thanks. I checked storage sense and mine definitely has the word encrypted after the available GB. Looks like I won't be installing cyan...
  • That seems fast.
  • Too bad about this one, I expected cyan update Will bring lock screen themes bit disappointed with Microsoft
  • Nobody said it will come with the Cyan update. Only thing we can do is assume it will arrive between/after the official 8.1 rollout.
  • Why are you guys still waiting for official rollout? The version you have via Dev Preview, is the official rollout, as it is the same version on devices like the Lumia 930 and 630, which officially come with 8.1
  • we are waiting for cyan, not 8.1
  • Please read what he wrote above.
  • Firmware.
  • The DP has bugs that were adressed by the official rollout. If they were the exact same there wouldn't be a need to roll back to get the Cyan update.
  • Yes, that bitlocker is one heck of a screen saver!
  • lol
  • Off course if they had made the firmware available to dev preview participants AS I'VE SUGGESTED FOR MONTHS this wouldn't have been a last minute surprise!!! Who knew people can help you test things MSFT!
  • Yeah, why don't people listen to random people in comments! /s Seriously, testing and pushing out firmware is a bigger thing than you are making it out to be.
  • also i think many people have to realise you would get issues coming from 8.1DP than coming from WP 8 itself,since it was a preview and Microsoft warned us when installing ,people need to remember such things
  • Before being destroyed by Sinofsky MS had a great Beta program which involved any kind of software from Server and client OSes to Office etc.
    The program was exceptionally useful in shaping the development of complex software and in fact MS is resurrecting it.
  • They seem to not have tested basic things. Obviously an update rollout isn't trivial, but this seems to be amateurish, so yes they should better have listened to a commentator. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Sir.. My L625 in Indian not able to update to cyan... My device says... Phone is already up to date.
  • Congratulations, your phone is up to date. try again next week.
  • And as if MSFT really tests before pushing out updates
  • What is BitLocker???
  • Full disk encryption.
  • Drive encryption.
  • I don't know what it is on WP, but on Windows 8 I use it all the time to conceal my tasteful pornography collection.
  • There are simpler ways then encrypting the entire disk, lol, just FYI.
  • Can we disable bitlocker on our wp8.1 DP devices before updating to cyan?
  • It depends by the level of permission you have.
  • Did you read the article?   This was a rhetorical question.
  • But you can never be too careful. =P
  • From Bitlocker on Wikipedia: "BitLocker (formerly BitLocker Drive Encryption) is a full disk encryption feature included with the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1,[1] and Windows Server 2008 and later. It is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes. By default it uses the AESencryption algorithm in cipher block chaining (CBC) mode with a 128-bit or 256-bit key, combined with the Elephant diffuser for additional disk encryption-specific security not provided by AES.[2][3] CBC is not used over the whole disk, only for each individual disk sector."
  • I use my elephant diffuser often.
  • Does this mean that only company phones (not normaly puchased phones) have this ?
  • If those company phones allowed its users to install the Preview for Developers. If just updating from Windows Phone 8.0 Update 3, then no.
  • Ok Thanks :)
  • I received an email from my policy admin within days of installing telling me I was not using an approved os on the corporate network. Went back to my 920. Patiently waiting to get my 1520 back on exchange...
  • That's a good admin ;)
  • It's nice to enforce policies and have actual standards. most places dont sadly. and the inmates end up running the asylum then the IT guy gets burned at the stake.   A few years back you had to tell people no for some devices, now they pretty much all are compliant with EAS in some way. Thank goodness.  
  • I am an IT professional  and I have my boss and 3 other coworkers on the Dev Preview beyond my 1020 and 1520. I also have Android L on my Nexus 5. I guess we are rebels! Well, it all comes down to me being the mobile device guy so if something goes wrong, they bring their devices to me lol. So yes, burning at the stake is not too far from reality. :)
  • I feel for you!  Hope this gets fixed before your guys try to update!  Good luck!
  • Thank for your help! What if I don't have bitlocker but I didn't get cyan? I Got Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 throught developer preview, but the firmware is still Lumia Black :-( Do you have any idea? Lumia 820   thanks in advance Daniel
  • It sounds like if you have attached your device (personal or corporate purchased) to a corporate exchange server that turns on BitLocker per the exchange server policies set by that company. At least that is how I understood it.
  • No, if your workplace has a BYOD policy, you'll get your company's digital policies loaded onto your phone in the background (for instance, I'm FORCED to have a passcode on my phone through my company's policy). You don't have to have a company provided phone for this to happen.
  • It doesn't depend on how the phone was purchased. If you have your company's exchange account and they have pushed a policy requiring encryption, you have bitlocker. A good way is to check whether using a PIN code is mandatory after configuring your company's e-mail account.
  • I recently did a hard reset of my consumer 1020, and was surprised to find that the pin was mandatory on set up.
  • Hard reset as un factory reset, or the power+Vol down combo?
  • Power + Vol down is a soft restart, not a hard reset...
  • The questions is why can i not bitlock encrypt my none corporate phone?
  • You can if you want. Sign up for the intune trial and do it. I don't recommend it if you aren't sure what you're doing.
  • How can "Encryption" be a "not sure what you are doing" thing. It should be activated by default on a smartphone
  • Wp8 is already encrypted ootb to a certain extent but not the level some enterprises require
  • And this is why I stay away from dev previews and betas. Just asking for trouble when you install prerelease software, but children are too impatient to wait.
  • This is the full release of windows phone 8.1 and Cyan Firmware
  • but it came from upgrading from the Developer Preview not the stable version of WP8.0.
  • These "children" also want to be able to use the new features not available on the is right now. No one is complaining just stating a fix to a problem. If you don't want dev preview no need to put other people down for wanting it
  • Children? Huh?
  • Don't be jealous that we've had a better OS than you for months, just give in to you weakness, someday, maybe you'll have a more up to date OS than someone.... Maybe.... Just maybe :D
  • +8.1 dp
  • Hahaha...children's are the best beta testers. They'll give a true feedback FYI.
  • How to use recovery tool to switch back to wp8 from dev preview?
  • The tutorial we wrote this past weekend is literally highlighted in the article with a hyperlink to even says 'MUST READ'.
  • Hahahah
  • Can u provide your link here!! Please Dan!!!
  • Dude, read the WHOLE ARTICLE. The link is there, dont be lazy.
  • Honestly, some of these you should just skip answering. Though it would be interesting to hook a heart rate or BP monitor up to you for a day and plot it versus activities.
    Wake: 100/60
    Coffee, skim Twitter, check emails: 108/66
    Opens WPC, sees inane commentary: 176/124
    Out in NYC for lunch: 118/74
    Composes article with links at 3rd grade level for maximum understanding: 112/72
    Posts article, takes walk, does sidewalk juggling act with excess WP's: 121/78
    Reads comments on article: heart asplodes
  • Dont forget to link that awesome background
  • I don't think after installing wp8.1 dev preview anyone can downgrade again to wp8... Is it possible?????
  • Again a silly question... READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE DUDE :/
  • Yes you can 'downgrade'. Find a suitable WP8 ROM for your device and flash that. Back up settings etc before you begin. Done.....
  • Asphalt 8 is now available for Nokia Lumia 525
  • Nice!
  • Wasn't it available before?
  • I heard before, it wasn't available for 525 specifically
  • People please read the articles... :)
  • Seriously. Some of these comments make me regret publishing these articles as clearly reader comprehension in 2014 is at an all time low...
  • Dan, you write amazing detailed articles!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!
  • Nokia said this.. Is it true??
    On his latest article on Cyan Developer preview If you are registered to Windows Phone Developer Preview Program, you might need to use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software before downloading the Lumia Cyan update. More information about the tool can be found here.
  • Don't give up Daniel, you're an amazing writer
  • People are just lazy and stupid Dan, I would say reading in general is at an all time low. The general IQ and literacy of people are plummeting (and they expect me to believe in evolution... LoL) personally I blame McDonald's and Hollywood LMAO! Aaaaaaannnyways don't let these headline scanner pricks get to you guys! For every one of them there are 3or 4 people that actually reads the entire article to be fully informed so PLEASE focus on us loyal readers and don't feel demotivated. Even though it must be annoying as hell to spend so much time and research on a article just to get asked by the third comment what is clearly stated in the first fu&king paragraph of the article! Every gawd damn time!! I feel for you guys, I really do, but keep it up coz you guys are doing a fantastic job.
  • Does this mean 720 and the rest have to wait longer for the cyan update to come?
  • I thank God this didn't happen to my 925. I was running Dev Preview too. Would hate to lose my stuff. Phew..
  • Wats the use of bit locker?
  • Disk encryption...
  • Anyone got Brightness profile after software intallation via NSU or Nokia software recovery tool. My DP lumia 925 got lumia cyan and updated all system apps, but there is no brightness profile. So anyone got it? If yes Whether via NSU or nokia software recovery tool OR via OTA update with DP installed OR via OTA update with no DP i.e from WP8 to Official Lumia cyan+8.1 update... I am from India... ANYONE GOT IT FOR LUMIA 925 OR LUMIA 625? Also Is it necessary to reinstall all WP DP 8.1 devices via NSU or NSRT, if bit locker issue doesn't occured
  • I can't comment on the first part, but to answer the last part: No, you will only need to reload the phone via the Nokia Software if you have a corporate email account attached to the phone that requires BitLocker. If the corporate email policy required you to have a pin code on your phone, assume BitLocker is active. And again, this only effects phones currently on Dev Preview 8.1.
  • This will affect me. Is there a fix coming, or is it unavoidable?
  • We're asking Microsoft. Hopefully we will have a response.
  • From what I understand, removing your corporate email from the phone disables BitLocker and then you can update and then configure the e-mail again.
  • i have updated my lumia using DP bt still i ddnt gt the cyan update.. i have change my region early bt now i have i have change it to my current region (Sri Lanka) but still i ddnt gt the update.. why this is happanin plz help me  
  • Developer preview If you are registered to Windows Phone Developer Preview Program, you might need to use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software before downloading the Lumia Cyan update. More information about the tool can be found here. Nokia stated above comment
  • From where did you get that comment?
  • Please go back and look for the article that describes how to check if the update is available for you yet. Your carrier might not have released it. Anyone and everyone can update to 8.1 using DevPreview, but the non-dev preview with the Cyan firmware is being pushed out in a staggered rollout.
  • Why comment if you didn't read the article? Meh...
  • Nokia has written this on his latest blog post on lumia cyan.. Developer preview
    If you are registered to Windows Phone Developer Preview Program, you might need to use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software before downloading the Lumia Cyan update. More information about the tool can be found here. Any suggestions daniel??
  • what suggestions needed? it says there clearly, also people need to remember that coming from Developer Preview we installing Cyan at our own risk, because the Developer Preview was installed at our own risk, remember the notices we got right before installing the DP8.1? ,it's not like we're installing from stable version of WP8.0, people who are doing that would have no issues whatsoever
  • My suggestion is to find out if this will actually affect you. Do you have a corporate email account on your phone that forced a policy on your phone requiring a pin code? If the answer is no, move along, nothing to see here.
  • Oh good, it is only people running dev preview. That is forgiving.
  • Nokia software stability .. vs Samsung haha, ok just trollin' :) but seriously
  • Its the OS from Microsoft that's the issue here, nothing to do with (formerly) Nokia software.
  • Just kidding :) cos so many people yell on Samsung if anything happens on their phones although I have seen a lot more Nokia issues
  • If you have a large sample group compared to a very small group, the larger group would show more issues, that is just called probability. Just sayin
  • I thought about that in the first place, but still :P
  • "Press Enter to Reboot and try again Press Esc or the windows key for other recovery options"   Oh quite yes, let me pull out my Nokia Lumia Type Cover. Hang in there /s
  • Exactly. This is the exact same Windows 8 BitLocker message. I got it once on my desktop at home. I wonder how much more of Windows 8/RT is hidden Windwos Phone via the shared NT Kernel......
  • "...plug in the USB drive..." I'll just plug my pendrive into my phone... :P
  • Lol :)
  • Keyboard not found, press 12 :|
  • Sadly, someone will be fired over this?
  • This was part of the "we need to trim headcount after the merger" plan. :P
  • Anyone have any reports yet from someone getting the Cyan update while in the 8.1 Preview but not running bitlocker?
  • That's what I'm wondering too.  I'm on 8.1 DP but no Bitlocker.  I was under the impression that DP -> Cyan would be fine.
  • yeah up top had two comments i think where they had no issues, remember WP DP8.1 is like in all aspects a Beta, coming from DP--> Cyan some might get hiccups as compared to those coming from (stable) WP8.0
  • Did you miss the part where the DP and final OS versions on new devices like the 930 are the same? The dev preview is NOT a beta, and hardly unstable either.
  • I'm not going to update cyan until its proved ok in every aspect... Till then developer preview 8.1 rocks
  • Facing some issues like tiles get blank for a moment in dev preview.
  • It's not a big deal specially battery life in dev pre is awesome...
  • Am gonna do the Same.
  • Wow, they didn't even changed the text for Windows Phone. "Press Enter"
  • it's coming from PC aspect since phone was encrypted from workplace environment
  • reaally confused ryt now! Plz help me out here. Im using the 8.1 developer preview but i dont use bitlocker. So will i get the cyan update or not? Do i have to unregister from the dev prev or anything?...
  • no you don't have to unregister, you shouldn't get any issues but you can keep us posted, cause remember you're coming from DP8.1 (unstable OS version) as compared with WP8.0 (stable OS version)
  • DP 8.1 is the RTM version of the OS.... Hardly an unstable Beta.
  • In storage sense it says phone storage is encrypted. Does that mean when I update my phone it will brick itself? Or only if I somehow only push cyan?
  • This is irrelevant to the majority of users then.
  • Dose it says that on preview for developers should also factory reset to windows phone 8 through Nokia recovery tool.
    Cause in one of the article in Nokia conversations specifies it to do that first!
    for reference
    In the end of the article it says this:
    Developer preview
    If you are registered to Windows Phone Developer Preview Program, you might need to use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software before downloading the Lumia Cyan update. More information about the tool can be found here. Need your help, is it true!
  • Well, if I were an IT manager I wouldn't deploy or allow employees to deploy a preview version (assuming it is just for the preview as referred in the text)
  • I have wp8.1 dev preview installed. I have a normal consumer device. Will I also have problems upgrading to lumia cyan? It seems that the issues we're talking abt relate to company owned devices. Please provide info and assitance (should I reset to wp8?).
  • Haha, what a fail. LOL.
  • Bitlocker is pants even on Windows 7 laptops.
  • wow! glad I didn't installed that Preview
  • Is bitlocker a program u can download ???? Is it better to switch back to WP 8 for the update ???
  • Tired of such shits with Microsoft!!!!
  • What can I do now...i preinstalled the dev version of 8.1...please help what is the next step???I disabled the option in the Preview for developers...should I uninstall it????I cant see any update for Cyan on my lumia!!!!
  • Uninstalling your Corporate email account should remove Bitlocker.
  • Only reason it's nice when your phone gets updated last I guess
  • Alright this one has been bugging me, so I thought I'd ask you all. Does any one no how it is that Apple manages to get their new OS'es universally approved by carriers while everyone else seems to be fighting an uphill battle everytime?
  • Apple blew all the right people and they bypass the carriers approval.
  • At the risk of asking a dumb question, is there an easy way to know if bitlocker is being used on my phone? I have corporate polices pushed to my phone, and storage sense shows that my phones' storage is encrypted, but I don't see bitlocker listed anywhere in storage sense or the apps list or anywhere else. Thanks in advance.
  • If it says encrypted in Storage Sense, that is BitLocker.
  • Apple said you let us decide when updates go out or you won't sell our phone on your network. They can do that because the phone is so popular.
  • How can I see if my phone has botlocker ??? Can anyone tell me that
  • If you go into Storage Sense, it will say "encrypted" next to the amount of storage used.
  • Ugh why is that message not centered?! It's more to the right......
  • That's a really big miss if you ask me, although i would hope if this is corporate only that most companies would not have permitted users to upgrade from 8.0 to a preview release. Even still, how is that not tested before roll out....#disappointing
  • Agreed. Seems like this should've been detected before.
  • Now I'm starting to hate wp and Microsoft! Going for Android now
  • LOL
  • Same error on my Lumia 720. It's bitlocked by my company - Ericsson. :'(
  • @Billone:  If Storage Sense says your phone is encrypted then it's using Bitlocker alright - based on this article you should NOT update (and probably report it to your local IT)   @Everyone Else:  Bitlocker on WP is pushed through corporate policies (in the same way as many companies lock down your company PC through similar policies). If your phone is encrypted with Bitlocker it will be because you are connected to or using some feature from your corporate network that requires this policy. Goto Storage Sense & if it's not showing as encrypted at the top you SHOULD be ok to update*   *Disclaimer;  Not a guarantee/do so at your own risk regardless of this explanation/may encounter other issues etc
  • So, I guess I do have bitlocker (and I'm on 8.1 Dev Preview) :-(  Is there any way to remove bitlocker usage, for example by detaching from my corporate integration???
  • I have updated my lumia625 yesterday. No problems. Today my phone freezed on lockscreen. Any button was working!! Luckly a soft reset resolved my problem :D
  • I updated to cyan my Lumia 925 but I dint get the brightness profile can anyone help me out ,,y
    is it so (India)
  • U have to wait for the proper update for display or brightness system app, which i believe it will come later.
  • Seems like this should've been detected before. Apparently nobody at Microsoft uses BitLocker?? :)
  • Guess they should've added a policy on this in gdr3 preview ie. Cannot use prerelease software on devices that have a link to company servers
  • I wish there was a way to know if my phone will have this problem
  • <rant> I am soooo "glad" that in contrast with Android and iOS, we (WP8 owners) cannot check at all, what the hell is enforced on our property, when we create the ActiveSync relationship with the corporate Exchange server. The only thing I recognize after the EAS config is finished, I am forced to set up a PIN code on the phone. But what other settings are activated, enforced silently in the background, what enforcements do I have to accept and agree when I click OK? Microsoft doesnt think I should be properly notified about that. Remember, I set up EAS sync, so its their phone and their email system. So actually I have no f*** idea whether my phone is Bitlocker-encoded-enforced, or not. As WP8 / 8.1 does not provide any way to find this out. Guess this wouldnt receive as many votes on the usersvoice forum as the cortana localization request, but as an enterprise customer, for me thats a priority. What do other readers think about this fallacy? <rant end>
  • I got an update on my 1520 just 10 minutes ago in the U.S!
  • Hmmmm im worried that this wont be the only issue for those of us using the developer preview.
  • ok folks.. installed cyan update successfully. But there's a battery issue. My battery is draining very fast. its like from 100 % to 45 % in 30 mins. Any one else facing this issue??
  • LOL, now lets see the faces of all those miracle-waiting vocal stupids, who were spreading the BS on all channels, that "guys, its totally fine to have battery issues on beta OS... BUT DONT WORRY! The magic will come in the firmware, it will fix not only the current WP issues, but all issues of the planet automagically". I already told them: if the OS is leaking and sucks the battery dry, no firmware in the universe will workaround that. Now lets wait for their new myths.. at least we -who are not 15 yr old kiddies, but work in this industry- know what we should expect, and what is wishful thinking. Separator between gullible (and technically uneducated) masses and experienced poweruser.
  • What is this man...i was so excited for rolling out of Lumia cyan update... Its just irritating... :(
  • L1520 with DP in Canada getting the Cyan update as we speak
  • You got Cyan or just a Developer update...?
  • False alarm, looks like I only got a Developer update.
  • Who would have thought...
  • :/
  • From 8.1 Dev I got Cyan on my L625.Nothing like Bit locker and it works fine.Dont get this whole Bit Locker thing!!
  • Now how can we press Enter anyway? lol
  • Well, Microsoft did say that they wanted to combine Windows and Windows Phone, so that BSoD makes sense.
  • Please help. I'm confused reading all of this. I'm using 8.1DP what exactly should I do to get cyan?? I don't have bit locker in my phone.
  • I added Exchange account of my company to my L925 but deleted it after going thru this post. But my phone storage setting still says "Encrypted". Now the thing is, I dint install WP8.1 DP and have the default WP 8.0 on my phone. Do I still need to stay away from Cyan update??  Some help plz...
  • In your case, since you are not using the Dev Preview, you should be fine to accept the update when your phone tells you it's ready for download / installation, regardless of the encrypted state of your phone (just don't install the Dev Preview)
  • Guys I am using 8.1 preview developer but didn't see any "encrypted" word in my storage sense . So I downloads the cyan update it is safe for my phone.???? Please tell me.
  • You should be fine when the update comes. As with *any* update, though, it's probably good to keep a link to the Nokia recovery tool mentioned in the article handy... just in case. :-)
  • lumia 920 here in ksa registered to dev prev of windows 8.1, unencrypted. why still not receiving updates for cyan? anyone can provide me for some infos?
  • Check on the availability of the Cyan update with your specific carrier here: (click on your country / region and scroll down to your provider and your specific phone model).
  •   Thanks for your help provided in this discussion. What if I don't have bitlocker but I didn't get cyan? I Got Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 throught developer preview, but the firmware is still Lumia Black :-( Do you have any idea? Lumia 820...   thanks in advance
  • It'll come eventually. Just be patient, and remember that you already have most of the functionality from WP81. Microsoft started allowing it to roll out to phones enrolled in the Dev Preview a few days ago to some models. Of course, your carrier also has to already be sending out the new firmware for your model. I'm on AT&T with a Lumia 920, so I am waiting on both AT&T to approve the firmware update and for Microsoft to open the floodgates on Dev Preview Lumia 920 phones. (My wife has the Cyan firmware on her Lumia 1020 and I cannot say that there are any differences that would affect my daily usage of my phone... Sure, the data usage indicator at the top of the screen is nice, but I can wait for that).
  • Thanks for your kind answer. The fact is that my carrier has already approved Cyan update. But when I look for updates, I can't find any. Maybe like you said I have to wait for Microsoft to release the new update, the one fixing the problem with bitlocker (even though I don't have bitlocker)...
  • Smoothly updated my L925 device (encrypted storage) from WP8.0 to 8.1 cyan....
    Enjoying the change..!! Thank God I didnt jump to 8.1 DP 2 months back...
  • My phones (I have several Lumia 925) do NOT have Bitlocker enabled/activated or whatsoever. Hence my very simple question to Microsoft :
  • What if I don't have bitlocker but I didn't get cyan? I Got Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 throught developer preview, but the firmware is still Lumia Black :-( Do you have any idea?   thanks in advance
  • Hey all Lumia got cyan
  • Download recovery tool....n u'll get ur cyan